Trusting God completely

Trusting God completely

I’m having a difficult time right now. It prompted me to think about why we can’t put faith in the Lord during life’s hard times.

I’m trying to do what the title says:

Trusting God completely and having faith can be so hard. Why?

At this moment, several people I love are hurting from being mistreated, suffering from illness, or are just dealing with very difficult situations.

Everything in me wants to “fight” for them and make their chaos somehow disappear.

However, I know I am not God, and most certainly not the Holy Spirit. So, I must force myself to trust them to be the redeemers, deliverers, and indicators for my friends. Truth be told, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit don’t need me. They got this.

Trusting God is easier said than done.

When we love people, it’s only natural we want to “fix” things for them.

We want them happy, healthy, and whole at all times. God wants the same, but His pathway to getting them there sometimes takes them by way of struggle. He loves them so much, but some paths are necessary for maturation.

God is at work in their lives and has plans we can never understand in our limited, small finite existence.

His ways are so much higher than ours and we really have to trust that His plan for them is light-years better than any of our hopes for them.

When trusting God and having faith is hard, we gotta let it go. As we find ourselves worrying about those we love, we need to cast our cares, our worries, and our doubts on the Lord knowing He has everything under control regardless of how things appear.

We surrender, confident in the fact that He is working behind the scenes to bring victory for them.

Again, easier said than done when it comes to trusting God completely with our loved ones.

It is not always a “one and done” situation, is it?

Like forgiveness, surrendering our troubles is often times a process.

It’s difficult to “step aside” because, in the process of our surrender, we have a nasty habit of re-claiming situations and carrying the load all over again.

No problem. When that happens, all we have to do is cast them on the Lord all over again.

That’s all there is to it!

I’m determined to trust the Lord today.

So, I resolve right now, this minute, to trust God with the people I love and care about. I trust He will restore all that the enemy has stolen from them.

I trust Him to deliver them from all their troubles and heal them of all their diseases.

I trust Him to bring comfort by way of the Holy Spirit to all those grieving.

I trust Him to give me the strength to change my “little” attitude and replace my impatience with joy and my worry with peace.

Won’t you join me? Resolve with me -this very moment – to trade your heavy burdens for His light ones. Amen? So be it!

When your friend or loved one is having a hard time, it’s difficult to keep the faith. A speedy resolution just may not be God’s plan. Read some tips on trusting God completely.