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My Christian lifestyle blog discussing life, faith, and FUN!

I’m so glad you found my blog baby. This is actually the first contemporary Christian women’s blog I created. It’s a quirky, fun Christian lifestyle blog.  I like to focus on living the Christian life with victory (as I figure out how to do it myself!) and even some fun lifestyle stuff too like hair and makeup.

The hair, food, and makeup stuff are fairly new in 2020, so we will see how it shows up and transforms.

First, let me tell you I’m wife to a wonderful, handsome and kind man.  He just happens to be a pastor.

I also have two kiddos (one old enough to have an MBA…and he does) the other one hopes to be in the NBA when he grows up. Wild, right? Who knows. It could happen.

Christian lifestyle blog
Why not get another hole in my head?

Girl, when I tell you I love Jesus Christ in a real and personal way, I mean it! I really do!

He is everything to me.

I practice God’s presence and make Him part of my entire life. It’s the only way I can get through the craziness of the world. I rely on Him in an insane way.

Christianity is journey.

This whole Christian woman thing…

My Christian walk is a journey and an adventure like no other! Sure, it’s full of ups, downs, twists, and turns.

Yeah, I hold on to the Lord like I’m on a roller coaster and I always land where I’m supposed to land by the grace of God. I want to remind you often that all battles pass, you just have to hang on.

As I “white-knuckle” my way through life, I strive to be more like Christ, I’m unlearning many things my legalistic Christian start taught me. I write about that a lot. No one should be in bondage to rules.

At the same time, I’m holding on to some of the relevant pieces it instilled in me like spiritual discipline and such. I genuinely thank the Church of God in Christ of the 70s and 80s for teaching me that.

Anyway, I believe in knowing God’s Word, praying long and hard, and speaking up for what is right.

The Assembly of God church (Sheffield Family Life Center) taught me about freedom in Jesus and those women could wear red lipstick and still be saved. Ha!

I’m currently affiliated with the Baptist denomination and enjoy the emphasis on theology and grace. It’s been quite a Christian journey. Expect lots of talk about that.

Blogging Christian women issues

 Why I started and created a Christian lifestyle blog…

I created GodsyGirl.Com back when I was a stay-at-home mom trying to figure out what being a pastor’s wife meant for me. I’m not the “normal” sort of pastor’s wife and I know it; and, I’m ok with it.

Blogging served as a journal for me.  It helped me reflect on my victories and continues to help me find ways to manage my current struggles.

Hang out with me on the web, Christian Woman!

I’m all over social media, but Twitter is my favorite. I’d love to share thoughts with you and learn from you as well! 

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