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The Gold personality

The Gold Personality

The Gold personality description is characterized by its preference and ability toward organizing, structuring, and planning. The Gold term is ...
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The fun orange personality

Orange Personality Type

The Orange personality type is not one to hide in the rafters. No, way! They stand out! They tend to ...
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The Green Personality

Green Personality Description

In a recent post, I shared some terrific information about the True Colors Blue temperament. Did you read it? If ...
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what is a blue personality

What is the Blue personality type?

True Colors Blue is similar to Myers-Briggs' #ENFJ #ENFP #INFJ #INFP! Do you ever wonder why you do what you ...
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Yes, the the news depressing me

The news depressing me!

Hi Christian Sister! I don't normally write this frequently, but the news depressing me, Girl! I heard a news story ...
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Women's ministry activities

7 Creative Virtual or Online Women’s Ministry Activities

So, are you looking for virtual or online women's ministry activities for your Christian Women's Group? In this new world ...
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