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I began reading the YOUversion chronological Bible reading plan on my iPad yesterday. If you didn’t know, it’s a yearly plan to read the entire Bible. Frankly, I don’t care if I manage to get through it in a year. It’s not a race for me. I just want to read through the Bible during this season of my life. In my mind, the YOUversion Bible reading plan is going to be more about exploring God and seeing Him in action.

YouVersion Bible, also known as the Bible App, shines as a beloved and widely embraced mobile application that grants users access to the Bible in numerous translations and languages. This exceptional platform boasts a vast library of reading plans, devotionals, and study resources, all intended to ignite a passion for Scripture and foster a deeper understanding of its teachings. With many features like audio versions, highlighting, and social sharing,

YouVersion Bible has seamlessly transformed into a versatile tool that empowers Christians worldwide, enabling them to engage in daily Bible reading, thorough study, and abundant spiritual growth on their mobile devices and computers. It is a digital haven where individuals can connect with God’s Word and cultivate a genuine sense of community through shared faith experiences.

Anyway, I love the app; you can download it to your phone or any electronic device. It is free and super helpful. This is what the icon looks like:

What people say about YOUversion Bible reading plan – (Well, what they say about the app)

Reviews for the YouVersion Bible app are generally positive and commend its accessibility, vast selection of Bible translations, and a wide range of features. Users often praise the app for its user-friendly interface, which makes reading and studying the Bible more convenient.

Many people like me appreciate the availability of reading plans, devotionals, and audio versions that enhance their engagement with Scripture.

Additionally, the app’s social features, such as the ability to share verses and notes with friends, foster a sense of community among users.

While there may be occasional complaints about technical issues or the presentation of certain translations, the overall consensus is that the YouVersion Bible app is a valuable and versatile tool for those seeking to deepen their faith and understanding of the Bible in the digital age.

Who is behind the YouVersion Bible App?

The YouVersion Bible app is a product of Life.Church is a multisite Christian church based in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA. Life.Church is known for its innovative approach to ministry and its use of technology to reach a global audience. I’ve visited a location near me. it was interesting. The praise and worship was live and was a blessing. However, the sermon was livestreamed. I thought that was interesting. I still like the Youversion Bible reading plan.

Nevertheless, the YouVersion Bible app was created by the church as a tool to make the Bible more accessible to people worldwide. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular Bible apps, with millions of users and a wide range of features and translations available. Life.Church continues to develop and maintain the app, aiming to provide a valuable resource for individuals and communities seeking to engage with the Bible.

What I hope to accomplish with the YOUversion Bible reading plan…

More than anything, I want to refresh my love for scripture. Also, my husband’s recent sermon series re-ignited my interest in the Old Testament.

Christian Woman, I forgot how much I love the Old Testament! The YOUversion Bible Reading Plan is re-introducing me to it! With all those stories that are so rich and multi-faceted, you can find yourself or someone you know and just about every story. You also get to see how marvelous God is and how He works in the lives of his people. Totally dope, right??? I do not mean any disrespect, but The New Housewives franchise has nothing on the Old Testament! Talk about drama – it is there!

Sorry. I’m always looking for a reason to say new slang like “dope.” But I have to be careful because yesterday I said “hella” and I’m not sure I knew what it meant. Oh well. My kid did know and was shocked I used it.

Old people should stay in old people’s lane, I guess. Oh well. Back to the YOUversion Bible reading plan and my love of the Old Testament.

You won’t be bored…the Old Testament brings “reality show” heat!

You know, back in the day, the first time I began really diving into the Old Testament. I thought, “If this story was on Netflix, it would DEFINITELY be rated MA- for mature audiences only.” *Haha*

Seriously, though, there’s some spicy stuff up in there. I guess that’s the way life is – spicy and crazy sometimes.

Trust me, you won’t be bored reading the Old Testament of the Bible… UNLESS you read it in the King James.

The Old Testament of the Bible is seriously fascinating, like, seriously.

As I mentioned, it’s got all these amazing stories, histories, prophecies, and moral lessons that have totally shaped Western civilization and religious thinking.

And the characters, Girl! From Adam and Eve to Moses and David, they’re so relatable and inspiring, you know?

I think it gives us a peek into how humanity’s relationship with God evolved and shows us the ups and downs of faith, redemption, and the consequences of our actions. We can find ourselves and our own lives in many of those ups and downs.

Let me tell you, it’s like a crazy mix of creation myths and epic sagas that you can dig into forever. There is so much to explore, interpret, and reflect on. It is timeless and keeps on grabbing your attention!

The best way to read the Old Testament

To really enjoy it, read it in a solid, modern-day translation like “The Message,” the ESV, or the NIV. For sure, you’ll understand it so much better.

Easy-to-read Bible translations have many benefits. They help more people understand the teachings and stories in the Bible. These translations make the wisdom and insights of Scripture accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or age. They also make it easier to connect with the Word of God and apply it to our lives. They are especially helpful for those new to the faith, young readers, or anyone who wants a clearer understanding of the Bible’s message. Using an easy-to-read translation can make our experience with the sacred text more meaningful and transformative.

Another thing about the Old Testament, it makes me feel so grateful I was born in this dispensation. Such a blessing to know that I don’t need any in-between person such as a priest or judge.

I can go directly and boldly through to the throne of God when I need him. I can’t take this for granted even when I’m having one of my stubborn bone-head moments. Grace always reminds me Jesus loves me and that He has a plan.

Right now, I’m studying Samuel’s life.

What I liked about the Old Testament and the YouVersion Bible…

Okay, so I began my experience in Genesis chapters one through three. Initially, I expected boredom reading such familiar chapters.

But, the Holy Spirit impressed me how God, in all His power and wisdom, orders everything perfectly. I was reminded of His endless power, matchless wisdom, and awesome greatness.

In fact, that very evening, my mom had a challenge at her home, and I was reminded (again) of God’s perfect control and sovereignty, which I had read about earlier in the YOUversion Bible reading plan.

In the Old Testament, God’s almighty power is consistently showcased through a multitude of awe-inspiring displays. God shows up and shows out in the Old Testament!

From the creation account in Genesis, where He spoke the universe into existence, to the parting of the Red Sea during the Exodus, God’s omnipotence is unmistakable.

His power is demonstrated in the miraculous victories granted to His people, as seen in the story of David and Goliath. Moreover, His ability to control nature, as exhibited through the plagues of Egypt or the calming of the storm in Jonah, underscores

His supreme authority over all creation. Throughout the Old Testament, God’s almighty power serves as a reminder of His sovereignty, His faithfulness to His promises, and His boundless capacity to bring about His divine purposes in the world.

If He can order the earth and space, He can certainly care for my most beloved family member. Praise God for His Word and the comfort He provides in His Word!

Another important thing:

The YOUversion Bible reading plan will share the Old Testament with New Testament scriptures. I’m not sure if I like this because of how much I like the stories. Oh well. We shall see. I am enjoying it now. But I think I’ll need to go back to my paper Bible soon. I miss turning pages, and you can use the YOUversion Bible reading plan. *sigh*

When I quit! 🙂

Update: Girl, you know I didn’t finish it. Hmmm… I may have a problem or just a personality type that hates too much structure. I’ll go with the latter. 🙂 My personality type in True Colors is Green and then Orange.

The “True Colors” personality temperament system often associates the color orange with individuals who have a “Builder” temperament. People with the orange temperament are typically described as adventurous, spontaneous, and action-oriented. They thrive on excitement and enjoy taking risks, making them natural problem solvers and innovators. So, I took the risk but didn’t finish it. I got bored with it.

They tend to be practical, hands-on learners who prefer tangible experiences over theory. While they may sometimes act impulsively, they also bring energy and enthusiasm to any group or project. Orange temperament individuals are known for their ability to adapt to change and their strong desire for freedom and autonomy, making them valuable contributors in various settings.

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