Challenges Christian women face

Challenges christian women face

Yeah, let’s discuss the challenges women face today in these crazy days in which we live – and they are crazy. They confused us so much and give us, as Christian women, so many decisions to make.

My GodsyGirl blog is a Christian lifestyle blog for all about women growing in the Lord and finding their way in leadership ministry. We can’t talk about leadership without talking about the challenges that often accompany it. Here’s my rant…I mean a list of challenges women face today. 🙂

The challenges women face today are dumb sexist men, navigating our sexuality, workplaces that don’t value us, families who embed negative messages into our minds, whether or not to work outside the home or be stay-at-home mothers, being single mothers and raising children alone and figuring out our paths as single women with no children.

Let’s talk about each one and please be encouraged!

Dumb men are #1 of the challenges women face today.

Remember when you were a girl and what the girls used to call the crazy, wild boys on the playground in 3rd or 4th grade? Remember, we called them dumb.

“Dumb boys” still exist in our world today – they just have beards, mortgages, and mustaches.

The funny thing is some of those dumb boys grew into dumb men and now you have to work with them!

You know the sort I mean. The ones whose egos are as expansive as the universe itself and [they] still believe (in their pea) brains they are smarter than “girls”.  That’s the sort of men to which I’m referring. 

I’ll be honest, I used to get frustrated by those types of guys who would ignore or even downplay my ideas only to use them themselves in church meetings. Now, I’m like “whatever”. 

I’m a “whatever” girl, especially in church activities.  I figure as long as the work is done and my idea helps, who cares if I get credit or not?  God sees.  Am I wrong for that mentality?

The office is different! I’m a beast at work!

Now, hold up, in the workplace, I have a totally different stance.  I refuse to be disrespected and have my ideas hijacked by anyone. 

OK.  With that said, yeah, the first of the challenges women face today is men who don’t value or appreciate their contributions.

Hear me out…please hear my heart.

Before you twist your face all up and label me a heretic or a feminist, let me make myself crystal clear.

I’m not a man-hating Christian woman.

I’m not talking about all men. No way.

Who I’m referring to are those dudes who never matured past 4th grade. They, in their own insecurity,  feel the need to appear superior to women and/or disrespect them. 

Men of this variety mistakenly think their male status alone qualifies them for leadership.

Such crazy thinking, right? Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

As you know, it takes so much more than an appendage to be a good leader. Narrow-minded…silly…ignorant is just a few words I call this mindset of thinking women have little or limited contributions.

Don’t let him intimidate you in church meetings! Ha!

Christian culture has, for better or for the worst, defined us, women, very narrowly for years and years.

Most of us have been restricted to the more oppressive menial roles of servant-hood. I don’t use the word “servant” in a slavery sense. No, I’m referring to it as more of a maid or housekeeping function.

I know God has called ALL of us to be service-minded, regardless of gender. However, women traditionally get stuck with the stinky jobs that usually lean toward the domestic.

For example, during an event, it is often assumed women want to handle all things food and cleaning. Granted, sometimes we do, but people can’t limit us to that role, right?

They also [sometimes] assume we will handle all the décor and decoration as well. Sometimes we do; but again, we are more than that.

Our place isn’t always decorating stuff. It gets on my nerves a little that this happens.

We have so much more to contribute than the traditional “girly” things. Besides, I know some men – and they are real men – who can dress twenty times better than most women and can likely decorate an event space with a flair we women couldn’t begin to touch.

Along the same lines, I have friends who are REAL men who can not only outdress me, but they can decorate circles around me too! It’s more about personality than gender. I have another theory, I’ll save that for later.

Wait! Some men can cook too!!!!

As for the food, Honey, I know men – especially a few deacons at my church – who can cook ten times better than most women! Still, when planning an event, it’s not uncommon to think of the ladies first for food tasks.

Free your mind and the rest will follow! Maybe men should at least ask us if we want to do those things before appointing us in those roles, don’t you think?

For real. We don’t always mind preparing meals or cleaning the kitchens at church events.

The problem arises when men just assume we are going to or that we should do it.

It’s that gender-based assumption that bothers me.

I certainly understand many women are skilled in these roles, but in addition to personality, I think it could be about nurture than nature too.

Here is my second theory about why we are good at cooking, cleaning, etc. It’s because girls are socialized (taught) to believe these tasks are our “jobs” so we have had lots of practice in them. That’s why we’re good at it! It’s not because it’s “our” place to do “women’s” work.

Another thing: we are more than just the softer sex

Women can be great comforters.

God has blessed us with a sort of emotional intelligence most men don’t have naturally. We can certainly encourage others in spiritual trials, but we are also thinkers too.

We are also strategizers planners, speakers, organizers, and more. We will discover our “place” when some men in the church stop trying to tell us where it is based on their misinterpreted idea of scriptures and personal bias. 

“You may be an ignoramous…”

Ignorance of the scripture is a big reason for this behavior because it perpetuates age-old misunderstandings between Christian genders.

In spite of God’s hierarchy, gender doesn’t limit us in the body of Christ. Brothers can think they are better than their sisters based on misinterpreted scriptures. I think that might be part of the reason we are not often invited to the table.

Making room for women in the planning and stratagem is the wisest choice leadership can make. We’re more than cards, flowers, streamers, and hugs. We are leaders too!

challenges facing Christian women today

God’s order…I get it…

Look, I understand God’s structure, but some men take that structure to a place I don’t even think God intended it!

God is NOT biased by Jew, Greek, male, or female.  He will use whom He wants however He wants to use them.

Yes, I understand, He designed a structure to organize a system – but I don’t think He intended it to oppress women, do you?

Get your foot off my throat, Man!

Note: I’m not really as angry as I sound. 

I’m just passionate (yeah, that’s what I’ll call it:) about how Christian men misuse their authority under the guise of religion.

 Secondly, I should say I’m not talking about anyone in particular. I’m actually conjuring up sour memories from years past and from stories I hear (to this day) from women leaders.

If a man has a problem with female leadership, he needs to just step down (or step aside) because we are here and we are here to stay. 

We are not going anywhere. 

Check out my podcast!

We often bring something special to the process.

Most churches are full of women because, oftentimes, it’s built into our spiritual DNA to trust God even when isn’t illogical to do so. 

Women also tend to know how to stay the course. We know how to work hard, serve, help, and lead without ego interference or territory issues.  

I know. I know, this is not 100% the case, but allow me to speak generally. 

All this to say, God placed us here and He gave us skills to contribute. Recognize that, fellas!

Do we step over men to fill the gap or wait for them to step up?

This one gets folks angry. In fact, I’m sure the above comments have as well.  Since you’re already mad, let me continue.

Anyway, strong women in ministry ruffle some people’s “feathers” more than drinking corn liquor in a church parking lot (where the heck did that analogy come from?)

Help, but don’t speak…

Anyway, folks don’t like women preachers. This is my point.

I was shocked to learn some parts of the world don’t have men willing to stand up (to assume) the risks of teaching the Bible.

So women do the job. Sometimes, women here in the United States may step over unqualified, unmotivated men, and reach people with the Gospel. Personally, I’m glad they do. I don’t judge them for that.

It’s not my place to judge women who say they are called to preach. I leave that to them and God.

Women in Ministry…yep, on the list of challenges facing Christian women today.

This is definitely one element of “Christiandom” I had to include in my list of ” Challenges Facing Christian Women“. Mainly, because everybody (and their mama) is being “called” to be a pastor – including the ladies.

It’s true!

Did you know scores of modern-day Christian women assume non-traditional leadership roles in churches and ministries?

For some, this new open-mindedness is refreshing and indicative of a fresh move of God in our generation, in my opinion.

But, Girl, for others it is the epitome of absolute Armageddon! Some folks hate this threat to the patriarchal status quo of male leadership in the church. They are not diggin’ it at all!

Girl, get off my TV!

To further complicate the issue, some modern-day female leaders have fallen shamefully short in ministry. As my grandma (on my dad’s side) would say, “they can’t preach themselves out of a paper bag”.

Yup, and many of them have paraded their theological weakness on national television and this reflects on all women preachers.

Those women try to hide their incompetence behind loud voices, flashy clothes, and manufactured confidence. Still, it is what it is. Further, it hurts, no damages, the entire conversation about women pastors.

Is it just those women preachers or ALL of them?

Just because some can’t cut the mustard, does that mean the whole cannot? Does that make it unbiblical? Help me think through this because it is one of the biggest challenges facing Christian women today.

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Let’s look at this challenge from two perspectives for a minute.

First, some would say the Bible gives several examples of women in ministerial roles.

Others would counter that argument by declaring that none of those Christian women were pastors or senior pastors – thereby squashing the very idea of women in pastoral leadership. Complex, right? This is totally one of the challenges women face today.

The tale of two girlfriends…

When in doubt, ask your girls. Well, sometimes, anyway.

Okay. So, one of my girlfriends, a college-educated, seasoned Christian celebrated her twenty-ninth birthday last Spring. She’s fairly young.

When I asked her opinion about women pastors, she paused to ponder the question. She’s a thoughtful, pensive person that way. That’s just who she is.

After I asked my question, I could see the “wheels” of her brain spinning. I sipped my coffee and looked around to give her a moment to process.

After a few seconds of pondering, she said with a sigh, “if God cannot find a man suitable for leadership, I think He will choose a willing woman.”


I guess that would be one vote “for” women pastors. Later in the same week, I asked another friend in her mid-forties the same question.

Just so you know, her denomination ordains and develops women as ministerial leaders. She articulated her opinion this way: “Teri, where does it end? We cannot re-write the Bible to suit our culture – our culture must be re-designed to suit the Bible.

Boom! Bam! Hmmm… The funny part is [again] her denomination ordains women as pastors and she doesn’t believe women should occupy that role!!!!!

See why this is one of the confusing challenges facing Christian women today.

Should women be pastors

Is pastoral ministry only for males or dudes? How does a contemporary Christian woman reconcile the myriad of issues and determine on which side of the line she stands?

I talked to two of my very smart friends and each had good points and strong support for their views.

Anything you do, you have to do with confidence knowing it’s what God calls you to do.

During a Christian women’s panel featured in the article “Priscilla Shirer discusses challenges Christian women face working in Hollywood” By Leah MarieAnn Klett from the Christian Post Reporter, Cindy Bond, CEO of Mission Pictures International said of anything you pursue: “If this is truly your calling, where God has given you peace of knowing that you’re in the lane you’re supposed to be, don’t give up,” she went on to say in the article “When preparation meets opportunity, and when you get that chance, be prepared.” She was talking about doing whatever God is calling you to do in entertainment, but I think it applies to ministry too.

My personal opinion about this challenge women face today

It’s without reservation I tell you I’ve been blessed by women ministers. I haven’t listened to her for years, but Joyce Meyer has blessed me. She was a huge part of my spiritual maturation process as a young Christian.

But, she’s not the only one. I’ve been blessed also by Priscilla Shire, yet scared to death by Paula White.

No angry women allowed.

To be clear, I’m not referencing or “egging on” the contingent of women who are bitter, angry, and upset with men and, as a result, steal leadership roles.

You know those women exist. Back when I was younger, people used to call them the “spirit of Jezabel.” I just called them sour and bitter because they seemed to be incredibly angry at all men.

Women, in these roles, never seemed to trust men to take lead. They would second guess and challenge them every step of the way.

That’s not what I’m referring to here. I’m advocating for women who see a gap and step in to fill it. Not out of bitterness, but out of necessity. Maybe that should have made my list of challenges women face today. Bitterness is an issue many women face day in and day out.

Advice for my Christian sisters…

Stop allowing men to make you feel substandard only because you’re a woman.

The measure of your strength is not how much you submit to a man (other than your marriage), but how much you submit to God. I think the latter influences the former.

If you have something to say – say it.  Don’t feel intimidated. Be present! 

Your opinion matters just as much as your boyfriend’s, husband’s, manager’s, or family member’s opinions. The same goes for men you serve alongside on church boards, ministries, and committees. You have acquired knowledge, experience, or creativity that is useful to the process. Don’t sit on it. 

If you’re on a board or committee, you have a right to contribute and be heard. Exercise it and earn respect. 

If you are in a relationship, demand what you want to be happy.  

Do you need more time from him? Then, say it.

Maybe you need less time? Then, say that too. Speak up!

I don’t think you need to be argumentative or anything, simply state what you want.

Be willing to compromise. Relationships are “give a little; get a little”. That’s my opinion. But you’ll never “get” anything if you remain silent

The only caveat: If the Holy Spirit tells you to be null and still, then, by all means, do be quiet. 

Remember, in this post, I’m talking about generalities. 

Challenges women face today #2 – Our sexuality in this world

Pop culture has snuck into the church.  We may have allowed the world (i.e. the carnal, natural way the sin nature thinks) to define what should really be defined only by scripture.

Television and media can warp our perspectives too and conform us to the” popular” way of doing things.

As you well know, the popular way is often in direct opposition to God’s way.

For instance, if not careful, we can begin to dress in ways that awaken carnal/worldly desires in weak men. We may not do it intentionally, it’s just that we mess up and follow the trends. Be careful of the trends and the messages they send.

My sexuality is NOT my power.

There are some nutmos who think women’s ability to tantalize is actually a feminine superpower. Stupid. If that’s the case, then what happens when I’m 80? Does that mean I’ve lost my power? No, keep that dumb thinking.

Many men already come to church broken and struggling. It doesn’t help when we trigger… oh well… you know what I mean.

Focus on your husband

As a Christian woman, it is my job to love you and your husband – but not literally. I SHOULD love you, my Sister, enough in the Lord to want to protect you and your husband.

Here’s the thing. Some parts of my body are only for my husband to see; not for me to showcase to yours!

No way! I want to be a woman of integrity. I respect women too much to potentially expose myself in a way that tempts their husbands to see me in impure thoughts. In other words, I’ll keep my sexiness (and I do have it) for my husband (and he loves it).

I hope Christian men are strong enough to keep their minds from going left; but if not, I don’t want to make it easier for them to twist and turn in that direction.

I know it’s old-fashioned, but this is why I cover my knees if my skirt is short and I cover my cleavage.

I have too much respect for myself and too much love for my Christian brothers.  No, I want to be a woman of virtue – inside and out.

Regardless of what is airing on television or on the radio, we cannot define ourselves by this place (the world). Our citizenship is NOT here; we can’t behave like it is.

Further, we can’t dress like it, talk like it or act like it either.

We have to present ourselves with dignity without compromising. Also, the blessings of our gender are so compromised today.  You know, it’s a good thing to be a woman. I love the mystery, style, and allure God embedded in my DNA as a female.

So, nowadays people not born women are accepted as such. Yes, all this can be confusing. Figuring out and managing our sensual identity role is indeed one of the biggest challenges Christian women face.

What I think…

Stop thinking sex equates to love. This is a challenge a lot of women struggle with within relationships and out in the world.

Dumb men take advantage of this…

So many dumb men are “savvy ” in one area: they understand how wounded most women are and how much these women seek love and validation.  In turn, they use that knowledge to their dumb advantage and misuse women with it.

Disrespecting women is a form of superiority.

Honestly, I fell for this one for many years.

It wasn’t until I truly discovered the love of the Lord I stopped falling into fornication beds and falling for those kinds of duds (not dudes; DUDS!).

Want to know something funny?

I had been a Christian for a minute (actually a few years) before I recognized the power of the Holy Spirit to say “No, I’m better than that… you want me, you marry me FIRST!

Don’t get me wrong, not falling for the “I love you” line can be so hard when it comes from a gorgeous guy you love and hope to marry.

However, if he loves you…I mean really loves you…he will commit to you in every way – emotionally, physically, and maritally (I know that’s not a word). I made it up, I think.

It’s a challenge, I know, but it’s the best course of action.  In fact, it’s God’s course of action.

Think of it: what about your individual, personal intimacy is going to draw him to spend his entire life with you?


You cannot “sex” him to the altar. If so, that’s another problem altogether and another blog post.

Read my personal story on this subject. I’m so glad I figured this out and waited for the right guy.

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Challenges women face today: Dumb women is #3.

Why can’t women just get along with one another? Seriously. 

Yep, dealing with other women is notable challenge women endure. It never ceases to amaze me how many women behave just as insecurely as their male counterparts when it comes to working together or doing relationships.

I think an insecure woman fears some other woman will “one-up” her. As a result of her own insecurity, she puts her “foot” on the throat of the woman who intimates her.

On the other side of the spectrum, a secure woman sees another woman for what she is: a beautiful and valuable asset. 

Shameful many women managers, leaders, or even friends don’t understand this.

Instead, some women feel the need to compete. What’s that about? It’s so “dumb!”

Women comparing themselves to other women

Lots of women feel threatened because they compare themselves to women who could have easily been friends – had they not been so petty. 

Some of the things they compare are [one another’s] complexions, bodies, hair, clothes, cars, mates, homes, skills – you name it.

Such a waste of time, right? Idiots. 

You can never be anyone else regardless of how hard you try, so why not just be the best version of “you” and move on?

Yep, dumb women are jealous which leads them to hurt other women’s chances of being/feeling victorious, successful, or secure.

I fell for that one too when I was younger.

It’s so stupid. Why can’t another woman shine and you shine too? You both can sparkle!

Have you ever been involved in an environment where women are envious, back-biting, and mean girls?

Do you even know what I mean?

I know some of them act foolishly because they are wounded and frail, but it’s still dumb. It’s still a challenge women face, right?

Why can’t all women be friends…or at least friendly?

Along the same lines, so many women never learned how to be true friends to other women.

Instead, they focus so much on themselves and their own interest.  They never got around to learning how to be good sisters to other women. This is dumb.

Alternatively, they sport an almost male-like bravado or material things in order to hide insecurity.

So sad. Friendship is not self-serving or competitive- it’s collaborative.

It is a two-way dynamic, which means: ‘I do things you like, you do things I like and if we ever have to do something neither of us likes, it’s OK because we have one another.

For sure, real friendship is sharing and doing life … free of hidden agendas and secret motives.

It’s a challenge hanging out with women who never learned to be solid, loyal friends.

Challenges women face today:

Dumb workplaces. That makes challenge  #4.

Jobs aren’t so much dumb as the power brokers who lead them. Believe me: I’ve already referenced so many of the issues that contribute to the challenges already in this blog post. 

Again, some dumb males are incredibly threatened by smart women in the workplace. Therein, lies the heart of the challenge, right?

Inequity from a male is a bit easier to stomach (because I’m used to it). What’s hardest for me is when it comes from a female. That throws me completely off. It’s like a professional sucker punch.  I guess it’s because I expect more from women.


I often worry that gone are the days when women in leadership positions “looked out” for one another. What do you think? I hope I am wrong. 

Thankfully, I know it can’t be true altogether. I must believe it’s not true for the most part in order to feel hopeful for the future.

Still, like, as I mentioned, I know some women feel they must hold other women back in order to propel themselves forward. You know what I’m going to say: it’s dumb! Once again I ask...why can’t we all win?

As a woman, I don’t need to “jock” for attention, play dirty office politics, or kiss bottoms to move ahead.  If a person has a problem with me because… I’m me… too bad.  The problem is her’s or his and not mine.

When in a meeting, I’m going to say what I need to say and do my work with excellence.  Christian Woman, it’s too much effort to “dummy” down for less secure women or men.

Trust me; it only frustrates you to try.  It is utterly exhausting playing the background to someone’s foreground. I tried it and it doesn’t feel good at all.

What if your boss is jealous or intimidated by you? 

When I deal with that type of situation with another coworker, I cling to my identity in Christ. I will not be robbed of it!  I walk in love with her/him – always willing to help him/her, but I do the job I was hired to do.

It’s my job to not intentionally “outshine” her or “under shine” myself. It’s a balance.

Dumb family finishes off my list of challenges women face today.

Challenge # 4 – Women’s families create a heck of a stressful mess! 

Sometimes, your family is your biggest ally and your biggest enemy at the same time.  They can hinder you by just being themselves.  Family culture is indeed a challenge women face today.

Growing past it and re-defining yourself can be daunting and very hard. But, it’s necessary work.

Our families teach us to view the world. If their lenses are faulty, they can pass on that "weak" vision to us. Share on X

Our families socialize (or train) us on how to view the world around us.

If their lens is faulty or dirty, it can totally thwart our view of the world and our place in it.

Usually, a re-programming must happen; a new way of thinking.

For example:

Just because your mom habitually had children without being married, doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You can give your children a solid start with two committed parents.

Just because no one stayed married in your family doesn’t condemn you to one divorce after another after another. You can have a healthy, enduring marriage,

Just because your dad was an alcoholic doesn’t mean you must be one. You can write your own story, Christian Sister.

Just because your brothers and sisters rejected higher education doesn’t mean you can’t graduate. You can be an educated woman.

Just because your mom was a self-righteous church member doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. You can walk in love and grace.

Our families’ “noise” works to hinder our success. If we don’t silence it, it can follow us our entire lives.

challenges christian women face in ministry

Remember, believe what God says!

If your family fed you insults, lies, and criticism, you can ignore it. You may hear their “you can’ts” in the back of your mind.

I know I do sometimes. At any rate, I have to replace those thoughts quickly. 

For instance, we can hear their “you’re not pretty like your sister” or “you act just like your daddy” sort of accusations, but don’t let them fester in your mind. Click the mental “delete” button and keep it moving. 

If their hurtful words play over and over in your mind like a scratched CD, simply stop the CD; write your own script in your head. Pen your own rhymes!

Create your own positive noise so you’re not tempted to play those mental recordings of bad family culture, OK? Find scriptures to replace those negative noises. Post them, and put them on your phone. Refer to them often. 

It’s a serious challenge to deprogram the negative words our families have put into our minds, but we can do it! It’s about knowing God’s Word and the power it gives you to change and succeed!

What if you cannot avoid your family…

Even if you have to be around their toxicity; determined not to let their “stuff” seep into the creases of your minds. Replace each negative thought with what God says about you. If you don’t do it verbally, do it mentally.

For instance, if your grandmother says “You’re getting old and no man will want you”, you say to yourself something like “the Lord orders my steps.”

Conquer that mountain!

In the end, people are our biggest challenges. Those we’re related to and those we aren’t. Remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood. This means in the truth, the enemy of our souls uses people to inhibit us.

I think challenges exist to be overcome just as every mountain is meant to be climbed by someone.

Master managing the challenges; you can do it with the power of the Holy Spirit!

What do you think? I’d love to hear below.

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If you’re a Chrisitan mom, do you stay home or not?

Challenge #5 – Should moms work outside the home or what?

A few years ago, an interesting debate emerged. It’s been on morning talk shows and folks have even written books about it.

Here is the debate: many women in today’s culture are asking “What is my role – lover, homemaker, provider, or all of the above?” 

On top of all the other pressures and challenges we face as women, we also have to ask: “What does God want me to do and be – a mom, a professional, or both?

Such a hard question, right? I think it’s a little easier to figure it out when you and your husband are the only factors making the decision. Nevertheless, when you throw God into the mix, it gets all the more complicated.

In a WebMD article, Dr. Cara Gardenswartz, a clinical psychologist in independent practice in Beverly Hills, California says “It used to be more popular and widely accepted for moms to work,” says Cara, “There’s been a backlash because right now, there’s actually more status to not be a working mom.”

Where do women fit in modern-day ministry and why the heck can't we all agree? Does it even matter?

Yeah, in Beverly Hills that may be true. In my community, status aside, you have no choice whether or not to work. To take adequate care of one’s family, women must work. No other option exists. In fact, in my social circle, if you stay at home and still live comfortably, you’re like a cultural unicorn – rare and uncommon.

Challenge # 6 – Being a single mom

Single Motherhood is HARD! With that said, let me tell you why I think and experience this truth.

Along with the regular stresses of parenting alone, single moms may also have financial burdens to think about.

Another part of their challenge is the normal desire to have a social life. Add to that awkwardness of not fitting into the church social structure and you have serious difficulties to deal with as a single mother.

Let me talk about fitting into a church social group first. It’s VERY difficult. Don’t worry, I’ll tell ya why. 🙂

Consider this: single moms have additional responsibilities the traditional single woman (i.e. without kids) does not likely have. Hence, the singles ministry only meets her needs slightly.

As an illustration, when the church singles group plans a ski trip or something, it’s hard for her to attend. She has kids for crying out loud!

Poor thing. At the same time, she can’t really relate and comfortably fit in with the couples in the marriage ministry either. She’s stuck!

Let’s be real about jealous wives too! It’s a thing!

Honey, most wives, in my past experience, didn’t want me anywhere near their husbands. Not that I wanted to be near them anyway, but I sensed the wives’ discomfort.

As a single mom, I felt I fit NOWHERE and it kept me from the mainstream church community events which made me vulnerable to loneliness and other temptations. This is a genuine problem for Christian single moms.

It took me a while, but I finally realized I had a place in the Kingdom of God…even if I didn’t have a place in my home church.

Challenge 7: Not being discouraged as a single woman with no children.

Speaking of social unicorns, these women are unique. I’m talking about the unmarried woman, with no children. She may want to be married, but be a little wary of what she observes in today’s Christian culture.

Rightfully so, the soaring divorce rate (among Christian marriages and including clergy) may make her ‘gun shy’ about marrying at all.

She may also see how hard it is for single moms too. What’s a woman to do? Planning their future is clearly one of the challenges Christian women face.

For this very reason, many women opt to have children without [the potential disappointment] of marriage. However, such a life choice is not God’s plan and creates a myriad of troubles and consequences that can delay or threaten a women’s future success.

On the other hand, if she does NOT marry, then she must contend with loneliness, the risk of fornication, and a host of other issues. So sad.

I guess I’ll end this long blog post about the challenges women face today by saying Christian women struggle with many of the same pressures as other women.

We cannot ignore these challenges in our Christian community. I think churches have a responsibility to make the church welcoming for everyone. Don’t you?×1024.png
REAL TALK! Challenges Christian women face in life and ministry

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