A Free Cool Women’s Group Activity Idea

Women's group activity idea

This women’s group activity idea
is a “lead-in” activity you can use
to get everyone talking and smiling!

A women’s group activity prepares or “warms up” a small group for the topic they will explore. It should be low-risk so everyone feels comfortable participating in it. Initially, some women may feel uncomfortable disclosing too much about themselves or “looking” silly. This is why a low-risk activity is ideal at first. It also provides a chance for the group to get better acquainted.

It can be used online …if you adapt it a bit. I’ve written a blog post on how to have amazing virtual events! Click here to see it!

I’ve often shared here on GodsyGirl.Com that my profession is a training facilitator. Usually, I train workgroups, workplace teams, and other groups on how to manage change and work effectively together. I love my work! It is my creative “air.”

Well, the other day, while working on a teambuilding activity, I decided to create a Christian women’s group activity idea for ministry events. I hope you enjoy it during your next women’s small group.

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The Instructions for
This Women’s Group Activity

Women’s Group Activity Name: “What does this have to do with that?”

Time: 15-20 minutes

Materials Needed: random items women are familiar with using daily.

Sample items could be a hairpin, a hair roller, a spritz bottle, a ponytail holder, a nail file, perfume, an earring, a bracelet, hand cream, an expensive lotion bottle, etc.

Bring one item for each person. Bring a few extra items just in case you may have extra people.

Step 1 – Set up the activity for this women’s group activity idea

What to do: lay the items in a big pile on the table.

I like to lay the items out during our icebreaker or when the group is chatting before the session. Seeing them watching me laying out these random items cracks me up. I know they’re wondering what the heck I’m doing. I’m all about the drama!

With a straight face, I ignore them and just continue building the pile. It’s hilarious. The curiosity adds to an element of fun and mystery to the activity.

Step 2: Introduce the activity.

What to say:

“I would like each of you to come up and take an item from this pile. Just take whatever appeals to you to take.”

*say nothing more* 

Prepare for the chuckles and giggles.

Say: “Take a second to examine your item.”


Ask each of the following questions. Tell them they don’t need to answer aloud at this moment.

Be sure to pause between questions.

“What is the item you’re holding?”


“What is it’s intended purpose?”


“What is it used for?”

“Who uses it?”

Ask the ladies…

“Think about how your item relates to [insert your small group topic].”

Example: “Think about how your item relates to prayer” (If prayer is your small group topic).

[Give them about 20 seconds to ponder]

Step 4: Sharing the Experiences

Say something like:

“I’d like each of us to share how our item relates to our view of or experience with [insert small group topic here].

Tips for this women’s activity idea:

Remember, some people may need more time to relate their item to the topic. It’s OK.

Be patient and reaffirm EVERY RESPONSE. No answers are wrong or incorrect. It’s all about their perspective.

If you’d like to prime the participants or guide their replies, you could generate a list of potential answers to the question. It’s up to you.

Here are some examples you could use. I’ll use the example of prayer as a women’s activity topic.

How does prayer relate to these items?

Hairpin – “Hairpins hold the hair in place. Just as prayer holds us together.”

Ponytail holder – “See how flexible and adaptable this is? It works for someone with lots of hair and someone with not so much. Prayer is flexible and adaptable too. It meets us where we are”.

Perfume Bottle – “Women use this to make themselves smell better than their natural scent. Prayer makes us BE better than we naturally are”.

Tylenol bottle – “Nothing can soothe pain or anxiety like prayer.”

Candle – “A candle not only brings light to a space. It can also change the atmosphere by emitting beautiful aromas others can inhale and be blessed by taking in.

Prayer does the same for us. It illuminates our path as we hear from the Lord. He guides us and directs us. It makes us pleasant to be around because we are at peace as we cast our cares on the Lord.”

Pillow – “Prayer is our safe, soft place to land after life’s challenges have beaten us (that’s a good one, right?) It’s where our soul finds rest and peace.

Remember, don’t rush this process.

Allow people to think. The magic is in the unfolding of the experience, not rushing an assignment or task.

If you’re facilitating the activity, be sure to read my post on planning workshops for women. The adult-learning principles still apply.

Don’t forget …God created a variety of women.

Finally, remember everyone has a different personality and will engage differently.

Some will jump in with both legs! This might be the Orange temperament.

Another will fully engage but need to figure out how your motives and a few other elements of the group dynamic. This could be the Green personality.

Others will engage fully and value the organized structure of the activity. I’m talking about those with a Gold personality.

Then you have those who naturally connect with others. These sorts of activities are no problem for them as long as they feel everyone will be valued, heard, and respected. This is the Blue personality.

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Women’s group activities help the ladies relax so they can learn.

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  1. That’s awesome, Hattie. Praise God. Women’s ministry is so important. Wishing you guys the best. 🙂

  2. I’m going to use this activity in our group before presenting some prayer boxes that I’ve made for the Ministry. I’m looking forward to the Women to engage in this and have a prayer partner to share with them. I’ve prayed God’s blessings the things He want me to do.

  3. Thank you for this idea…it sounds like fun!

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