Having a blessed car ride

Driving can be either tremendously relaxing or incredibly stressful. No doubt about it, for the average person, it’s a necessary, unavoidable activity. Why not try to de-stress it a bit and make it more praise-worthy? Girl, it’s easy having a blessed car ride!

When I’m having a blessed car ride, this is what’s happening.

1. I maximize the moment! You can pray while you drive too, beautiful Christian woman!

For many of us, the only time we have peace and quiet is during our car rides. Instead of returning those telephone calls or listening to that song, consider focusing on praise and worship.

How about you put on a song that will reach down to the tippy toes of your soul and stimulate a rich, spiritual encounter with the Lord! It happens! Have you ever had amazing worship in your car? I know I have! Yay-yuh!

2. Disclaimer: I have car prayer (but its not the only time I pray!)

I’m not a big fan of limiting my prayer time to my car rides, but I do pray often while driving.

One drawback: I’ve found that while I’m commuting, I’m unable to completely focus on the Lord and hearing His voice.

I just don’t enjoy the same peaceful solitude behind the wheel as I do when I’m in a still, quiet room with the Lord.

It’s just better when He and I are together and I’m not focused on anything else.

Anyway, Jesus gave us a perfect example of “seizing” time with the Lord. Remember how He would always “steal” away to a mountain or get alone for prayer? I think we should too. Something happens in designated, quiet time with Jesus. I think that’s why the enemy works so hard to distract us from doing it.

Having a blessed car ride

As I’ve said, I LOVE CAR PRAYER!

Yeah, car prayer is ok, but not ideal. Protect your quiet time with Him at all costs! With that said, I do often use my car trips for communication with God. I’ll chat with Him about what’s on my heart; pray for other drivers or practice His presence. However, the “meat” of my prayer life is when I’m alone. I often let life get in the way – like most folks, but when I do, I’m cheating myself. Big time.

3. I try to focus on blessings, not curses.

Now you know as well as I do those other drivers can work your nerves and pierce your spiritual fruit!

The fruit of the spirit is definitely squeezed in traffic.

That being so, I’m teaching myself to bless those that “cut me off” or drive aggressively. Trust me, it can be tough. People can be so mean on the road. It’s sort of the same as online. Folks will express things and behave in a totally different way than they do in real life!

Nevertheless, when I pray for the “meanie” drivers, it keeps my heart clean and hopefully blesses their life in some small way. I usually pray something like:

“Lord, bless that person with your peace today. I pray that good things come their way and that they prosper in all they do as they rely on you. If they don’t know you personally, please send someone their way to introduce them to a relationship with you. In Jesus Name….”

By the time I’m finished praying, I’m usually not angry at them anymore! Plus, if my kid is in the car, it gives him a great example of grace, don’t you think?

Transparent honesty from
one Christian woman to another.

Now. Let’s be real. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way I’d wished. Yeah, I have times when I call a driver a “dootyhead” too. Girl, please.

I’m not perfect! I strive to be, but I’m not there yet. *hehehe*

Now tell me, what do you do during your rides to build your spirit?

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  1. Go the long way. Circle a block a few times…even if it means you might take more time. Never drive the same way more than twice in a row you start to notice things that you didn’t before. And it was a lot easier when gas was cheaper but I suggest driving the 435-loop once in a persons life. Something special starts to happen around the time you get to the airport portion.

  2. What do you do with chatty toddlers in the backseat? 🙂 Pray even harder?!

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