Reviving My Prayer Life

Tips for praying each day

Let’s talk about prayer for a minute. #prayer 

Talking to the Lord or praying each day.

Before I continue, let me be clear as to what I mean. As I mention prayer, I’m referring to designated, set aside time that includes Bible Study and communion (through prayer) with Jesus Christ. I’m talking about that time you reserve or preserve for Him.

I’m NOT referring to praying in your car on your way to work.Nor am I referring to the times you run into the bathroom and pray for a few seconds while you pee. Sorry, but that alone doesn’t constitute a strong prayer life…unless you drink a lot of water. Just kiddn ‘.

I am also NOT referring to a fleeting thought in which you tag on the word “Lord” and consider yourself having prayed that day. You know like “it is so cold outside. Lord, it’s cold”.

What sort of prayer I am talking about here…

I’m talking about what some call “devotions”, what others call “quiet time” and what my grandma used to call “time with the Lord”.

I’m talking about the block of time a mature (or maturing) Christian sets aside during her day to be alone with, learn from, and hear from God.

I’m talking about communion and fellowship, Girl.

Clear? Good. Let’s continue on.

Now is a great time to say, I’m not big on comparisons when it comes to prayer. My -all too wise – husband often says “comparisons are useless in a world of individuals.

I agree.

Comparing your prayer time with someone else’s (especially it’s duration) is a waste of energy and sort of silly.

It’s childish and it’s carnal. Prayer time is personal and customized for each person by the Holy Spirit.

In one season of life, you may pray hours at a time.  I’m talking  literally! When I was a little girl, I remember the “old saints” doing this on Tuesday mornings.  Few people can live productive lives and pray for hours on end.  That’s not always possible. But, some seasons you may.

Other times, prayer will last only 30 minutes of your quiet time.

No “set” equation exists.

So, I don’t compare myself to others ever. I don’t even compare myself to myself.

Things change too often.

how to pray

Regardless how long or how frequent you pray; it’s easy to grow complacent and lazy in its practice over time.

Doing the same things in your life, the same way, at the same time can grow monotonous.

Prayer is no different.

I personally believe all relationships (even ours with God) require maintenance, monitoring and tweaking from time to time.

Sometimes it’s good to mix things up a bit, it will make the prayer time richer and more pleasant.

Prayer is so necessary for intimacy with God. It is so important to include that special tome in your day. It’s for our own good.

God, Himself, doesn’t need us to designate prayer time as much as our sensibilities need it. In other words, we don’t pray to do God any favors, but praying can put us in God’s favor.

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Without a consistent prayer time, life’s challenges can make us grow dull, weak and we will feel defeated.

Prayer is like a spiritual IV that supplies much needed nourishment and medication.

It delivers what we need to get us through our daily lives. It also strengthens us and gives us direction. We can’t do without it – plain and simple.

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 I challenge you (and myself) to move past mindlessly talking to God and rattling off a laundry list of wants needs and “hope to gets”. I further challenge us all to advance toward falling in love with Him all over again. Prayer is the conduit for that.


Hearing Him speak. Listening…waiting…noticing…admiring…

Bake to the basics,

The first step to falling in love with Jesus again is to designate time with Him.

Look, I know you’re busy, but you absolutely must find the time.

Just like you must find the time to brush your teeth or take a shower. For your own good, I pray you’re not too busy for either of those activities.

Similarly, you can’t be too busy for time alone with God–free of telephones, TVs, kids and tablets. This time with Him energizes you and provides the strength you need for current struggles and the battles that lie ahead.

The second step is to ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

Aaaah…the precious Holy Spirit.

He will guide you in connecting or reconnecting with your Heavenly Father.

Obey as He leads you in a journey through scripture. He directs you and helps you to make your request. He intercedes for you according to God’s will. He will also let you know when you should just sit…say nothing and bask in the presence of the Most High and when you should cry out for God to move.

The silent thing happens to me sometimes during prayer. God teaches me to just be still. No asking, no worship, just stillness in His most Holy presence. The Holy Spirit guides.

Yes, Holy Spirit is an absolutely necessary part of your Christian experience. Seek Him and allow Him to guide you to your first love.

The third step is to confess your sin of complacency (and any other sins lingering in your life). You know, I think there is far too little teaching on confession and repentance in today’s church.

Confessing our sins to the Lord keeps our hearts sensitive to God’s laws and ways. If we ignore sins, we grow hard-hearted and we set ourselves up to do it again and again.

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It’s kind of like a spot on your carpet. When you first notice it, you’re appalled, almost irritated by it. But, if it stays there long enough, you get used to it. It becomes “normal” and before long you don’t even notice it at all. It becomes just a normal part of the room. The same goes with sin. Don’t let your sin be like that stain on the carpet.

Confess it.

Then, repent of it.

Get rid of it.

Repentance means to turn from or away.

For years, I thought it meant nothing more than saying “Sorry, Lord”. Now, I understand that repentance, at least in the context of which I am speaking, is explained very well in the Strong’s Concordance.

It defines this type of action as a “change of mind by which we turn from, desist from, etc.”

So, if you have neglected your prayer time, it’s ok. Well, sort of. I just mean not need to live in condemnation.

All we need to do is repent of forsaking that precious time and move forward. If you have been “going through the motions” because you’re bored, we can repent of allowing it to become common, ordinary or dry while trusting the Holy Spirit to breathe life into your prayer time.

I hope this conversation prompts you to refresh your prayer life.

Trust me; you need to be close to the Lord in an intimate, real and personal way to navigate this sordid life.

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  1. Praise God, Michelle! It’s always a journey of discovery for us all. Many blessings!!! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. Great article on prayer. God was just speaking to me about my prayer life this morning. I know He sent this my way today.

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