Joyce Meyer Bible Challenge

So, I had one of my sudden brainstorms the other day. As I was preparing for bed, I decided to do something that makes no sense at all. But then, again it makes all the sense in the world. Let me tell ya how me doing the Joyce Meyer Bible Challenge started.

First of all, nothing good comes from channel surfing, Christian Woman. Just kidding. Actually, it was cool to find this.

Joyce Meyer Bible Challenge began with a click of the button…

It started with a spontaneous channel surf moment. I landed on the Bible teacher, Joyce Meyer’s television program. I must admit, I don’t watch as often as in the past, but I will still catch her from time to time.

I know the “deep”, “learned” people of Christiandom don’t appreciate her very much. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve heard them blather on about her. But, I like her somewhat. As for the “nay-sayers”, I usually think, “You’d trade your liver for a 1/3 of her ministry influence and reach, so just hush”.

Anyhoo, Joyce has been a significant part of my Christian “child-training” for years. Remember the sermon about the grocery carts? That stuff helped me back in the day.

What an interesting “CHALL-UNGE”!

Well, she has issued a challenge for a meaningful, consistent Bible study experience. I know, right? Most mature Christians are already doing this and likely a lot more.

Even though I have a Bible study routine, I wanted “in”!

After all, Bible study rocks! I love the idea of doing it with tons of other people.

Maybe there will be a hashtag. Perhaps, a Facebook group!

I was super excited. I know why.

Something very powerful happens as God’s people unify (come together, unite, join) to seek Him. Search scripture (start with Esther) and you’ll see how unity impacts stuff.

With that, I want to be part of it!

As of now, I haven’t shared this new brainstorm with anyone else. I know I will hear the “blah blah” from the “deep” people in my life.

Let’s put them in category “A.

I love these folks, but many of them have not experienced a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. Sure, they love lots of rules, regulations, and logic in their Christian walk.

In their most private of times, I’ll bet they sigh and think “there must be more to it all than this”. Well, there is! You’re missing the Holy Spirit, Pumpkinhead!

Then ya have the other folks. Let’s call it category “B”. I know they will smirk at me, as well.

These jokers tend to view God’s word as nothing more than a spiritual puzzle or history book.

They live to explore backgrounds, languages, history, and cultures of the Bible. Knowing so much, somehow, they miss the point of it all. They miss the relationship with Jesus Christ! Category B people usually can’t even get victory over a cigar, so I don’t worry about them much.

I’m not finished! One more category!

Then there is category “C”… the folks who will grumble: “I spend time with God my own way”. But, they know they are lazy, inconsistent, and even trifling about their relationship with God’s Word. Easily distracted – they won’t make it.

Most of them are so busy working at the church to serve God; they don’t even know the “God of the church” in which they labor! Think about that.

I’ll tell ya. Full-disclosure – most of my Christian life has leaned in this direction. Yeah. I’m better now, but this has been my “m-o.”

You might hear them cynically mutter something like “it doesn’t take all that” and then retire to their self-righteous comforts. Ouch. Each word I type feels like a pin sticking into my brain.

Either way, I don’t care. I’m going to give a try.

No harm can be done when thousands (or millions) of God’s people unify and seek Him.

No harm at all…even if it took a woman to get the thousands (or millions) to do it! Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

I’ll be blogging about my 30-day experience, failings, and challenges in the future.

I don’t know if I will blog daily. But, I will post frequently. Pray for me! Better yet, join me and let me know if you do!

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