“Your Slip Is Showing”

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If you’re younger, you may not remember this or know what in the world I’m talking about when I reference a “slip.” See, years ago, it was commonplace for women to wear light undergarments called slips to keep their private stuff private. If yours was showing, you were a little compromised, and friends would say to you, “your slip is showing,” to help you not look like a nut. To give you some perspective, slips were these bothersome little things because they could shift and hang beneath the hem of your dress and make you look unkempt.

Seriously, women wore slips as undergarments because they provided an extra layer of modesty and helped prevent clothing from clinging to the body. Slips were typically made of lightweight fabrics such as silk or cotton, offering comfort and breathability.

They were designed to be worn underneath dresses and skirts, providing a smooth foundation and enhancing the overall silhouette.

Slips also played a functional role by absorbing sweat and preventing outer garments from becoming soiled.

Additionally, slips allowed for easier movement by reducing friction between the body and the clothing, making them a practical choice for daily wear.

Over time, slips have evolved in design and style, adapting to changing fashion trends, but their essential purpose has remained the same – to provide comfort, modesty, and a polished look for women’s attire.

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If you want to see the woes we had when we went “slipless” back in the day, simply Google “Princess Diana Sheer,” and you’ll instantly see why we wore them. Or, you can simply click this Today link and see an image of what we avoided by wearing slips. They were a necessary evil.

Telling another woman, “Your slip is showing,” was simply “girl code.”

So, someone would likely tell you: “Psst… your slip is showing.

It was a sign of friendship and definitely an indicator someone cared about you a little.

No way in the world would a good Christian sister wouldn’t let you walk around with your underwear hanging down!

Christian friendship means, “I got ya covered, Girl.”

Saying your slip is showing is covering your Christian sister.

As women and sisters in the Body of Christ, we must, likewise, have one another’s “back” in the same spirit of the “girl code.”

For example, if a sister is taken in a fault, instead of gossiping about her, looking at her sideways, or putting her down, we must love her enough to warn her and tell her when her “spiritual” underpinnings are not right.

Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens.

But, when we do help one another, it’s a good thing. In the best-case scenario, we will deepen our bond with the sister we help.

Better yet, we prevent the enemy from getting a stronghold on her life.

Hopefully, she will be there to do the same for us one day.

What a beautiful cycle, right?

Your Slip Is Showing

Don’t be one of those “ScardyCat Christians.

Nowadays, Christians hesitate to correct or rebuke others because they don’t want to be seen as judgmental. I hate that word! The word “judgmental” sucks the power from the Christian community.

Being scared to correct wrongs also keeps people in bondage.

In my younger days, I wish someone had the guts to tell me, “Hey, that’s wrong,” or “Slow down with that man.”

No one did.

They likely didn’t want to seem “judgmental.”

However, truthfully, judgment has its place in the Body of Christ.

Godly friendship and sisterhood
Godly friendship is an honest friendship

I’ve got a perfect example of Godly friendship in Galatians 4:11.

Peter was eating openly with the Gentiles (sinners). It was not a cool thing to do back then.

When the Jews (church folk) came around, Peter, being two-faced, quickly rejected the Gentiles.

That’s the equivalent of someone sneaking over to a friend’s house to have a beer every Friday only to say on Sunday, “I don’t drink.” Fake!

Anyway,  Paul was there to tell Peter his “slip” was showing so he (Peter) could correct the hypocritical behavior.

Another Example of Godly Friendship

Or, how about when Nathan went to David to tell him his “slip” was showing after David slept with Bathsheba? (Read 2 Samuel 12 for the scoop).

Because Nathan didn’t care so much about being seen as judgemental (mainly because it was his job to be), David was able to repent and continue toward his destiny and purpose.

Godly judgment is actually a kindness and is much better than secret love.

Godly friendship between Christian women means you look out for one another.
Tell the truth. Even if it hurts a little.

Lovingly Honest… that’s the friendship between Christian women.

Christian woman, be courageous enough to tell your sister if her “slip” is showing and be humble enough to receive the truth when yours is too.

Some will agree, some will disagree – but all should consider it.

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Honesty is the most important part of a Godly friendship.
We can support our sisters in good times and when things are awkward.

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