Life is hard but God is good

Life is hard but God is good

This morning during my quiet time with the Lord, I came across Jeremiah 32:27. It reads (in the ESV): “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?” Life is hard but God is good.

Regardless of your current struggle, problem, or trial, fight to remember who’s at the helm. Never forget who is really in charge. Keep your eyes on Jesus because He is still on the throne. He’s not in heaven panicking when your life gets hard, Girl. No way!

Life is hard, but God is so faithful!
Even in these times, focus on Jesus.

Do regular vision checks during life’s trials.

As we meander through difficult times, the easiest position to take is to magnify the problem over the actual Problem-Solver (Jesus). Honestly, it’s often our first reaction to focus on the problem, isn’t it?

What mountain-climber focuses on the cloud or a flying bird behind the mountain she intends to climb? Look, I’m no mountain climber, but I’ll bet she’ll focus on the mountain in front of her, right?

It makes sense though.

Yeah, it’s logical and natural to concentrate on the problems we face. But we – as Christians – can’t. Our eyes must be fixed on Jesus so we don’t forget when life is hard; God is still good. When we keep our eyes glued on Him, we stay energized and hopeful throughout the journey! Check your focus often, Christian Woman!

Besides focusing on your problems will only depress you and give you a sense of hopelessness. Who needs that?

Trust God in Hard times
You can feel alone in a struggle, but you are not.

Get your shield and sword! Don’t forget to guard your eyes too!

Girl, any seasoned Christian will tell you we are in a heated war of the mind and spirit.

You’re in a battle for your peace and your faith!

The entire time you’re fighting feverishly to trust God for what you are praying for all while keeping your faith strong.

Say to yourself: “Life is hard but God is good”

I understand it’s incredibly hard to exercise faith in what is unseen when you’re faced with a sad, hopeless present reality, right?

A perfect example is when your body is in severe pain. Man, is it tough to say “by His stripes, I am healed” and believe in healing. Not impossible, but it sure is tough, right?

Another example is when all hell breaks loose. Girl, it’s super hard to stay worshipful. It’s also hard to bless and forgive those that hurt you time and time again. Again, it’s very difficult but still absolutely necessary.

When you are facing a mountain
I know it is hard.

Why it’s so hard to have faith sometimes?

I totally understand why I have such a battle having faith in my hardest times. It’s so logical and makes perfect sense.

It’s because we live in 2 realities – a spiritual and a physical. It’s a mystery.

One part of the spiritual battle is believing God over what we see.  It’s holding fast to the truth that He is faithful.

That is a big part of your spiritual battle. Still, things will surface that will make you doubt what you say you believe. When it happens, you must fight!

Revisiting the example of healing again, when pain persists – mean when it’s horrible, can you believe and see yourself healed?

That’s part of the battle. It makes sense right? You’re fighting against logic and against what makes sense.

AGAIN…It’s so hard, Girl!

If anyone says this whole thing is easy, they are living in a fairyland. 

One of the hardest things to do in life is to believe purple when you see yellow. It works against the mind. That’s why it is so important to bolster and feed your spiritual self.

Consistent time in the word of God and spending time in His presence will help you build the spiritual muscles you need to believe for what you do not see. Check your vision.

The very substance of what you hope for is what you’re seeking. That’s what faith is creating …the substance, the very matter of what you hope for.

Again, it’s very difficult to live in these two realities.

You know, in my mind’s imagination, I believe Jesus understands when we battle logic against the spirit. I’m sure He had the same experience when He was on earth living as both God and man. Don’t you?

I love that the Bible says he was tempted just like we were in all things yet without sin. I always wondered if the yet without sin part was because he was God or just because he fought this same spirit/reality battle and won it.  What do you think? 

Struggling even when life is hard
Hard times are…hard.

Still, I understand the struggle, Christian woman.

I have it too!

You know, it’s not all our fault.

The enemy of our souls reminds us endlessly of all those burdens we cast at the feet of Jesus.

Just when you’ve worshiped, prayed, and released that problem; it often creeps right back into the corners of your mind – sometimes even before you can stand to your knees! Ugh!

But, don’t give up, Christian Sister!!!!

You cannot surrender, Christian woman! Remember, it’s a battle! Life is hard but God is good! Don’t forget. Arm yourself and fight the battle with your eyes focused on Him!

You have a choice to either surrender to the worries and doubt or to firmly trust God and hope against hope!

It’s very common to pray for what you want and then stress out about the very situation you just prayed for.

I get it. It’s the absolute wrong thing to do, but it’s easy to do nonetheless, isn’t it?

Again, I do it all the time until I get my bearings and strength from the Holy Spirit.

I continue to repeatedly affirm how hard this faith-walking is because I don’t want you to be too hard on yourself! If there is any time you need grace, it is in a battle!

You have to fight because life is hard but God is good!

Don’t relent to the sucker-punches …FIGHT on!

Look here: the enemy will do what he does because he wants to break you and conquer you. That’s his work. It’s his job.

He desperately wants to poke holes in your faith-walk in order to hurt you and to damage God’s reputation in the earth.

Think of your faith experience as a big old balloon. Your enemy is anxiously waiting in the wings for just the right opportunity to pop that balloon and let all the air out.  

He wants you to walk around with a deflated faith and a broken reality. If he can get you to that pitiful state of being, he understands no one will follow the Lord.

Neither will anyone listen to your witness.   I don’t mean to sound dramatic but your witness and your faith-walk are directly correlated to the Kingdom of God. Think about that.

When people see that you’re overwhelmed, and you are weakened by life’s trials the world is less likely to trust the Lord for themselves. And that event the enemy knows he is hurting God by hurting His daughter – YOU!

Fight as a strong Christian
Put the gloves on Christian woman!

Yup, God is good even when life is hard.

Can you see how big and important every struggle is?

It’s about so much more than you. It’s about the Lord too. It’s about His Kingdom. It’s about showing the world how faithful He is by coming through the harrowing battle with your faith intact.

The struggles are going to come, Girl. Don’t be surprised by that. The Bible tells us we shouldn’t think it strange when they do come. But they come with great benefits. They come with riches and treasures that will last into eternity.

1 Peter 4:12-13
12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:

13 But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.

So… fight on Christian sister. Fight on!

Don’t collapse on the battlefield just because you can’t see or figure your way out of the situation. Have faith! Expect those attacks while you wait.

But remember, you’re in a battle for your peace, Christian Sister. Have frequent “eye exams” to assess where you “fix your eyes”, and if necessary, re-align your gaze right back on the God who can bring life to anything.

As Mom Porter in Pittsburgh (my accountability) says “only God can unscramble scrambled eggs”. Life is hard but God is good!

He can remedy that problem at work,

He can heal your home.

He can direct and protect your children.

He can heal your body.

He can pay that bill.

He can find that mate.

He can touch any situation and turn it around when all seems hopeless. Life is hard but God is good!!!

What an incredibly faithful God we serve, right???

Nothing is too hard for Him, so trust Him to do it today and fight!

Life is hard but God is good. You just have to fight.
Fight in the spirit, Christian woman.

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  1. such a wonderful post! i pray that the eyes of all of our hearts continue to be enlightened, we so often forget that we are in a war and need to open those spiritual eyes, because it takes a different kind of “seeing” to navigate- the enemy does come to steal, kill and destroy BUT HE has come to give us LIFE, and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY! what a promise! oh what a hope we have in Jesus!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that we need to fix out eyes on Our Lord so that we may see what direction He has for us in any circumstance!

    Blessings & Giggles

  3. What a wonderful post! Now of course I want some eggs 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog, here to follow as well 🙂
    ~Melanie Keeping The Faith

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