Your Destiny – what is my destiny?

what is my destiny?

Have you ever wondered: “Am I done?” or “what is my destiny?”

I know I have had that question during my life’s most difficult seasons. I’m thankful for a reason to dig deep into the concept of destiny and God’s plan for our lives. By the way, the opportunity came by way of an invitation to speak at a women’s event.

It was such a pleasure.

I hope and pray my time is it those wonderful ladies helped someone answer the important question: “what is my destiny”.

That was the topic they gave me to explore. I love that subject because “purpose” is a common concern for so many of us – “Is my life supposed to be like this” or “am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing with it?”

We’ve all wondered from time to time.

I know years ago, when I would “mess up”, I thought my bad choices had jeopardized my destiny. What hooey.

Thank God that is IMPOSSIBLE!  His sovereignty and grace prohibit such a thing.  We are sealed in Christ -locked in by the Holy Spirit! Great news, huh?

Her beginning didn’t match her end – Destiny

The young woman who invited me to speak is particularly special to me.  Her name is Melissa Robinson and I first met her way back when I worked at a nonprofit organization called YouthNet of Greater Kansas City.  However, after getting to know her, it was apparent that she was more than “just” another youth advocate. In fact, I later learned she shared the same love for Jesus Christ that I do. It connected us.

Even though she was very young, she reflected Godliness in her smile, her personality and her sweet, loving spirit.

I heard through the grapevine, she had a rough start in life, but who would know it now? She is a dynamic leader and an executive full of creative vision and prestige.

Her difficult beginnings likely prompted her to ask the question we all ask: “what is my destiny?”

Let me change lanes to look at destiny from another lens.

If it were possible, I’ll bet the rickety little country house in my featured pic would also wonder “what is my destiny?”

Look at that pic for a moment.

Not long ago, on a ministry trip to Houston, my hubby and I saw the house in the picture (above and below).

It looks so pitiful, doesn’t it?

It’s so weather-worn.

It doesn’t even have a firm foundation. Look at it; sitting on cinder blocks dreading the next strong wind.

Maybe someone still has some use or hope for that unsightly structure.  I dunno.

Either way, when we passed by it, it spoke to me. Figuratively, not literally – just so you know.  🙂

It captivated me somehow.  I couldn’t stop looking at it and wondering what sort of place it had been at one time.

Did a family once live there and make many happy memories? 

Could it be that a child took her first wobbly steps in that place?

Maybe someone’s sweet, old grandma once lived there and filled that home with loving memories of holiday dinners, birthday parties and other joyous occasions.

My video will light a fire in your spirit! Click below or here:

What is my destiny?
Check out this MEGA inspirational video to jumpstart moving toward your destiny!

But, look at it now.

Desolate, broken and weak… relying only on a few pitiful bricks to hold it up. Something tells me someone is holding out hope for that frail, little house. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be torn down? Who knows.

Have you ever been there in your life – weakened, war-torn and broken?

I have.

I remember life leaving me so emotionally shattered I could barely hold myself together to go to work each day. I remember feeling rejected. Feeling abandoned. Feeling deep mourning for losing what I thought was dear and irreplaceable.

Back then, my best days seemed long behind me and the only thing left was a gutted, shattered shell of myself. Me…barely standing like that old house. Being held together by “glue” in order to make it through a week. I felt “done”, over, hopeless.

Thank God!  He answers the  “what is my destiny?” question.

Even in my intense despair, God had a destiny for me. He had one I could have never, ever imagined. He had one full of joy, laughter, friendships and so much love. My best days were indeed ahead of me; not behind me as I once thought.

What looked like a place of sheer desolation morphed into a wonderful place of joy! Sort of like Naomi (Ruth’s mother-in-law) who thought her life’s bitterness was all that was left for her.

But, no!  She had a destiny. I’m so glad she hung on for it, aren’t you?

Just like Melissa the young lady who invited me to speak – she pressed past whatever was in her “start” and is finishing strong.

Just like me – a once grief-stricken, terribly shy, insecure girl blossomed into a woman full of hope, purpose and strength.

How about you?

What’s your story?  Are you feeling like the house barely standing or the renovated version of destiny walking in confidence and faith in Jesus?

Where do you find yourself? If you find yourself in the former, please hang on. You’re foundation is much stronger than a few cinder blocks, it’s rooted and deeply grounded in the Creator of the universe!

Brighter days are coming, Sweetie. This current trial will pass. You will emerge stronger in spirit and in faith, but only if you cling to the Lord and do things His way.

Don’t give up!!!!! You’re NOT done!

Find your time in God’s word (it really is life) and discover the power of worship (it will give you strength).

Well, when I spoke about destiny to the women at Melissa’s church, I mentioned I would post the scriptures on my blog, GodsyGirl. 🙂

Here they are, fresh from the Rescue Baptist WIA meeting in Kansas City, Missouri.

Romans 8:29 – 30, 12:6
Luke 1:26-42
Gen. 37-7
Hebrews 10:38
Gal. 6:7-8
Psalm 56:3

Thanks to the WIA president, Melissa and all the wonderful ladies in attendance.

Extra special love to my sisters and daughters from my church as well!

Remember, hang on.

what is my destiny?