YOUversion Bible Reading Plan

Yesterday, I began reading the YOU version chronological Bible reading plan on my iPad. If you didn’t know, it’s a yearly plan to read the entire Bible. Frankly, I don’t care if I manage to get through it in a year. It’s not a race for me. The YOUversion Bible reading plan is more about exploring God and seeing Him in action.

Anyway, I love the app and you can download it to your phone or any electronic device.

What I hope to accomplish with the YOUversion Bible reading plan…

More than anything, I want to refresh my love for scripture. Also, my husband’s recent sermon series re-ignited my interest in the Old Testament.

Christian Woman, I forgot how much I love the Old Testament! The stories are so rich and multi-faceted and he can find yourself or someone you know and just about every story. You also get to see how marvelous God is and how He works in the lives of his people. Totally dope, right???

Sorry. I’m always looking for a reason to say new slang like “dope.” But, I have to be careful because yesterday I said “hella” and I’m not sure I knew what it meant. Oh well. My kid did know and was shocked I used it.

Old people should stay in old people lane, I guess. Oh well. Back to the YOUversion Bible reading plan and my love of the Old Testament.

You won’t be bored…the Old Testament brings “reality show” heat!

You know, back in the day, the first time I begin really diving into the Old Testament. I was thinking “if this story was on Netflix, it would DEFINITELY be rated MA- for mature audiences only” *Haha*

Seriously though, there’s some spicy stuff up in there. I guess that’s the way life is – spicy and crazy sometimes.

Trust me, you won’t be bored reading the Old Testament of the Bible… UNLESS you read it in the King James.

The best way to read the Old Testament

To really enjoy it, read it in a solid, modern-day translation like “The Message”, the ESV or the NIV. For sure, you’ll understand it so much better.

Another thing about the Old Testament, it makes me feel so grateful I was born in this dispensation. Such a blessing to know that I don’t need any in-between person such as a priest or judge.

I can go directly and boldly through to the throne of God when I need him. This is something I can’t take for granted even when I’m having one of my stubborn bone-head moments. Grace always reminds me Iā€™m loved by Jesus and that He has a plan.

What I liked about the Old Testament and the YouVersion Bible…

Ok, so I began my experience in Genesis chapters one through three. Initially, I expected boredom reading such familiar chapters.

But, the Holy Spirit impressed on me how God, in all His power and wisdom, orders everything so perfectly. I was reminded of His endless power, His matchless wisdom, and His awesome greatness.

In fact, that very evening my mom had a challenge at her home and I was reminded (again) of God’s perfect control and sovereignty that I had read about earlier.

If He can order the earth and space, He can certainly take care of my most beloved family member. Praise God for His Word and the comfort He provides in His Word!

When I quit! šŸ™‚

Update: Girl, you know I didn’t finish it. Hmmm… I may have a problem or just a personality type that hates too much structure. I’ll go with the latter. šŸ™‚ My personality type in True Colors is Green and, then Orange.

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