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Planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfast or Christian Event
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Click below and check out this second to none resource for planning your next women’s prayer breakfast!

The online workshop on how to plan a women’s prayer breakfast has passed. Don’t worry!

Here are a few tips to help you in the planning process of your women’s prayer breakfast.

1. Girrrrrl, I suggest you have a team if at all possible. I don’t care if it is your husband, your kids, or your dog who comprises your team. You need help.

2. Pick a free venue, if possible. Your church is a great (and likely the best option).  Get on Facebook and social media and ask your friends about available places. Someone may know a person who owns a space or can help. That happened to me once!  A team member’s cousin owned an event space and gave it to us for free!  Social media is powerful.

3. Decide what your prayer breakfast will accomplish. Do this all-important step first.  If you don’t, you could have a “fun” event that accomplishes nothing you hoped it would.  Begin with asking your self: “What is my one-sentence goal for this event?”  Starting with a one-sentence goal helps you create a starting point – one that is unmuddied and uncomplicated. Craft your goal in a way that you will be able to measure it’s success.  

Here is a sample goal I could measure later:
I want 100 women to attend my prayer breakfast and 50 to sign up for our church mailing list.” 

4. How much of a “breakfast” is it? Pastries and coffee? Eggs, bacon, pancakes – define what you want and need breakfast portion to be. Consider what will you feed people during your women’s prayer breakfast?

5. Establish a budget and cut corners as many corners as you can. Utilize Dollar Tree, Walmart and your mom’s attic. I’ll never forget during one planning meeting when a helper disclosed her mom was a wedding planner.  She let us use ALL of her resources FOR FREE!  Cut “them” corners, Sis!  If you do, you can put money where you really want to – like food, decor, giveaways, etc.

6. Invite surrounding churches. Invite the pastor’s wife or first lady to your event personally. By “personally” I mean an invitation with her name on it – “NOT just to “Pastor’s Wife”.  It couldn’t hurt to invite her to bring some women from her church too!

That’s it for now.  You can grab my book (e-book or hard copy) from Amazon for detailed, step-by-step guidance on planning your women’s prayer breakfast. Click here

For more information, take the next training and we can let’s talk this out together.



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Get some useful tips for planning a women's prayer breakfast

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