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Wigs for black women over 40

Since transitioning GodsyGirl to a lifestyle blog, I have come to enjoy sharing different sides of my life. I’ve talked about my crochet braids, my recipes, and now … my WIG ADDICTION!  Yes, I said addiction. Although I have lots of hair, I love wearing different looks and different hairstyles. Wigs make that happen for me. In fact, my hairstyle is nothing more than an accessory to my outfit. That’s why one day I can be bright blonde and another day a sassy brunette. I like them so much that I had to find the best wig sites for African Americans and women like me.

In fact, it’s a myth Black women wear wigs because we hate our hair. It’s more about fashion, style, and versatility.  Another benefit of wigs for Black women is wigs can serve as a protective hairstyle. I think curly hair is dryer than straight hair. It requires more moisture and care. As a result, wigs are a terrific way to give our hair a rest and allow it to just “be.” 

As I share some of my favorite styles to wear, I’ll tell you where I purchase them and about how much I paid for them. I can’t tell you exactly how much I pay because I usually don’t remember. You know, I have so many and didn’t keep the receipts. 🙂

I found one of the best wig sites for African-Americans

Let’s start with my favorite right now. Girl, I can’t say enough about this company:

Luvme Hair

If you’re on Facebook, I bet you’ve seen the ads for Luvme. The ads feature very natural-looking wigs with hairlines that require no effort of plucking or bleaching. Sometimes, wig-wearers have to pluck the hairline of a wig in order to mimic the look of a natural (or your real) hairline. This is a time-consuming process, but it is worth it in the end. I haven’t mastered this, but I find my wigs look more real when I invest the time to remove some of the hair from the edges.

Bleaching is often called “bleaching the knots” often done to lighten the lace or remove the weird holes some wigs have around the scalp and hairline. Often, I’ll use an adhesive called Scar Away on my wigs for Black women to make my scalp look natural. You can buy it from Amazon, which makes a difference (see below). It makes the scalp area look so natural.

Back to Luvme Hair – one of the best wig sites for African Americans

For months, I had noticed their advertisements on Facebook. But I wasn’t sure if they were one of the best wig sites for African Americans or if they were some sort of scam. That’s why I did my due diligence and checked them out on the Better Business Bureau’s website: https://www.bbb.org/search. Another resource is to search “Facebook scams” or something like that on Facebook. Luvme seemed like a safe gamble, so I went for it.

It worked out well for the most part. Let me explain why I say it that way.

The first wig I purchased from them didn’t look good on me at all. It wasn’t the company’s fault; it was mine. See, I picked the wig based on how it looked on a model whose face was a completely different shape than mine. The wig on her was adorable, but on me, it looked like a wet dog or someone from a Saturday Night Live sketch. See for yourself below!

Best wig sites for african americans and cute wigs for black women

As you likely know, these wigs come from all over the world. Quite literally so. So you really never know how they’ve been handled before they’ve gotten to you. As a result, I ALMOST always wash mine. I do for several reasons, but the top two are because I want to clean the unit. After all, it’s going on my head, right? And secondly, I find that it makes the wig look a little more natural. It washes off that top “shiny” layer that’s often on synthetic wigs. You don’t have that so much when you use human hair. Either way,  I feel more comfortable washing them and examining them before wearing them. Do you do that, too?

All in all, cleaned up, washed or not, this is a wig FAIL for me. But, I didn’t stop using the vendor, Luvme hair. I just didn’t like the style.

best wig sites for African-American
My wig hanging on the rail but they are still one of best wig sites for African-American

Take Two…

After some contemplation, I went on to buy the unit below. How cute is this one??? It’s natural and looks like my actual hair texture.

Click now and check out LuvMe Hair. I do get a discount if you make a purchase. 🙂 The one below is “180% Density Frontal Lace Wig Glueless Pre Plucked × 1”. If you search the site, it may or may not be available. The stock changes frequently.

Also, I did color this wig with Dark and Lovely’s Honey Blonde. It barely lifted the color, but it lightened it enough for me.

Me wearing my favorite wig for African-American women.
best wig sites for African-American
How to pick a black woman's wig
Christian lifestyle blogger sharing best wig sites for African-American

This really one of the most talented and best wig sites for African-American ladies. I’m unsure if women of other ethnicities could wear their wigs, but I think they can.


This is one of my favorites, too. I wear this almost every day. It’s light and comfortable. I’m new to the middle part. I think it makes my face look longer and my forehead bigger. What do you think?

Cute highlighted wig from one of the best wig sites for African-American

The Long and SHORT of it…wigs, that is!

I absolutely love short hair. But it doesn’t always look good on me. This is why I stopped cutting my hair off years ago. There’s nothing worse than having a bad short haircut only to find it makes you look like a crack addict or person with a mental “issue.”

Which is another reason I love my wigs! I can change my look on a dime without feeling committed or stuck in any hairstyle. Who has time for that? Feeling “stuck” in a bad haircut is for the birds.

Check out these “short,” cute looks below. Aren’t they adorable???? They almost make me want to cut my hair off. But I can’t…because I’ll get bored with it after a while. *sigh*

Cute short wig from best wig sites for African-American
Short hair; don’t care!
Short wigs for Black women
I cut this one – see how much I chopped up above on the left.
Amazon best wig sites for African-American wigs

The “It’s a Wig! HH Molly wig is the one I’m wearing in the collage second from the left. It makes me look like a church mother…an old one. the second one is the one you see me wearing in the other pics.

If you’re interested in the cutest of the short haircuts (above), you can get the FreeTress Equal Wig – Erica on Amazon – like I did. The link is here.

The middle picture (below) is a half wig from Sam’s Beauty and you can see it here. If you are purchasing a wig for the first time, I recommend beginning with a half wig. It doesn’t (necessarily) cover your entire head and may be more comfortable.

All the wigs I wear are comfortable. They must be. But, if you’re not a “wig wearer”, you might want to try the half wig style just to see how you feel about wearing them. One of the best wig sites for African-American half-wigs is Sam’s Beauty. They have so many options!

Hey, I wear wigs because they are fun! I don’t want to wear anything that interferes with my day or makes me feel itchy or restricted. You shouldn’t either.

Another benefit is I enjoy looking like a totally different person on a whim.

Funny story.

One Sunday, I wore one of the short wigs above to church. I had a mask on, and my hubby was preaching. I said something like, “Preach, Pastor!” and my husband said “That’s right, Sister!” Ha! he didn’t even know it was me! haha



Above I included a collage with my real hair…the hair that grows out of my head. You know, it’s because of the wigs, my natural hair is so healthy.

affordable wig sites for African-American

Wait…check out the braids!

Finally, I almost forgot to include the braided wig. I’m not fond of the hairline on this. I may trim them a bit for a more natural look. What do you think?

Cute braided wig on a women over 40

The braids one gives me LIFE! I LOVE IT – except for the hairline and lace. Plus, it’s a little heavy. If you want to see it, I got it from Amazon. Amazon is no doubt one of my “go to” online sites and is, in my opinion, one of the best wig sites for African-American women.

Curly wig for black women
These are oldies. I couldn’t tell ya where I got them. But, I know the one on the left is a Bobbi Boss. It was a middle part.

Do you wear wigs for fashion, change, and fun? Tell me!

Thanks for reading, and be blessed!

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