A Wife’s Prayer by Pamela Hines

A Wife's Prayer by Pamela Hines
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Let’s talk qualities of a
good wife!

I am so loving this book because it really does guide you in praying for your husband.

Along the way you also learn some practical tips and the qualities of a good wife – based on God’s Word! Yay-Yuh!

I’ve had this book for years, but have never cracked it open. Not sure why. Do you have books like that? You buy them and then don’t read them right away?

Anyway, it’s not necessarily a chronological-type book. It’s almost like a topical book of prayers. I LOVE books like that!

This one guides you through various chapters focused on interceding for your husband in a variety of areas in his life.

Want to hear something wild?

I wrote the previous blog post (“Praying for your Husband” before I even REMEMBERED I had this book by Pamela Hines. That’s insane, right?

God is so real. He shows up in our lives in so many ways.

Be sure to check it out, it covers:

  • wives submitting to husbands and what it looks like in REAL LIFE
  • details about the beautiful opening prayer in the book
  • What honoring your husband looks like IN REAL LIFE! This part will blow your mind!!! She outlines it so wonderfully!

Best part of A Wife’s Prayer by Pamela Hines

  • I’ll end with a prayer for you.

Hey, being a Godly wife is not for chumps or punks. Only the strong survive.

It takes work, energy, discipline, and endurance. Everyone can’t do it. That’s why so many marriages may fall apart in my opinion.

When husband’s fail and are unfaithful, it’s their fault. I’m not giving them a “pass”. But, common-sense will make ya agree with me in the end. Let me know.

Tips for deacons wives

Being a Good Wife…Not a Perfect One!

I actually created this wife’s t-shirt.

You’ll love wearing this tee!

Here’s another wifey t-shirt….

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Be blessed and have a terrific day, evening or night!

Qualities of a good wife and a prayerful wife

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