I am thankful to God

I am thankful to God and I must tell you that I don’t always “act” as though I am. As an ordinary Christian woman, I get frustrated and down like everyone else. The one thing that helps me most is to remind myself how blessed I truly am.

Jesus provides and that’s one reason I am thankful to God

Have you noticed how easy it is to focus on the material “stuff” in our lives and forget they are merely blessings from the Great One? For instance, we can easily take our homes for granted; just drive up, get out, and forget the blessing it really is.

Think of your car and how it takes you to and fro almost effortlessly. You turn the key and it just “starts.” Easy to take for granted.

Doctor “Schmoctor – I’m still I am thankful to God

Or your doctor? Think of how physicians study the body (shaped by God) and direct us toward healthy practices and remedies to “fix” what ails us.

These things (and people) are simply created resources supplied by a gracious God. He alone holds every one of our bodily cells into place. That’s something to praise Him for, right?

Jesus gave it all to you…

He alone is the source of all good things in our lives. The Creator of everything – only HE occupies that esteemed position in the universe. He alone keeps your heart beating, your lungs expanding, and your home from danger.

Shucks, I even believe He keeps your car from needing expensive repairs and your clothes from wearing out. Think of the children of Israel and read Malachi 3:11.

For sure, He has everything you need!

He is your Savior, your mind-regulator, and the basis for everything you need and have the benefit of using.

If you get a bad medical report, fix your hope in the Source.

Lose your job; re-align your expectations onto the Living God.

Marriage falling apart? Trust the Mender of broken hearts. He’s your Everything and He supplies EVERYTHING!

Eyes upward, Girl!

Keep your eyes focused on God and HIS role as Jehovah Jireh in your life. Your car is nice, but without God’s provision, you’d be walking. For those walking: your legs are great, but without God giving you the ability to walk, you couldn’t get to where you need to be.

Your job is a blessing, but the very job that gets on your nerves is a divine provision many would dream of having. He’s your faithful Supplier!

I’m not finished…
The husband that makes your skin itch from time to time is someone’s dream.

Thank God for him. Someone out there would trade places with you so fast that your head would spin.  

Sure, along the same lines, your children may bring some stress, but somewhere a woman wishes she had your “kid” problem. Seriously.

Think about it.

God has provided beautifully for your life. His promises outweigh anything that can be said or happen on this earth. He has the final verdict and the power to make crooked roads straight! Praise Him for it all and take nothing for granted today.

He’s in wondrous control and He’s got you covered. He’s going to give you everything you need to get through life, I promise. Just focus on those blessings and trust Him every single step of the way.

Trust Jesus and be Thankful

I love this sermon from Dr. David Jeremiah.

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  1. God is Amazing! Thank you for the beautiful reminders of the simple things He has done to make my life His.

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