Where is God when you need Him?

where is God when you need Him?

Sometimes, it can appear God is doing nothing to help in our situations. It can seem as though He is asleep at the wheel, gone out to lunch, or even on an extended vacation. Good thing we are not saved by what “appears” to be so or what things “seem” like. Where is God when you need Him? I’ll tell you where He is – He is right in the struggle with you.

Christian Woman, we have a much more solid foundation than feelings or appearances. The Word of God clearly states that God is a God who neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is always in control and fully aware of what goes on in the lives of men – especially those who belong to Him.

When my kiddo started kindergarten, I was so nervous about leaving him. Even though he was excited beyond words, I was worried about him.

Would he make friends?

Would he miss me?

Would he want something and not get it?

All these questions plagued me. In fact, one day, I decided to park in a part of the school parking so that he couldn’t see me. I watched him on the playground, looking around. He looked so small on that playground, wearing that big old backpack. My heart went out to my baby standing there all alone.

It wasn’t long before another kid walked over to him and started talking to him. About 3 minutes later, his backpack was on the ground, and he was ripping and running with the other kids.

I think God does a variation of what I did. In our scary times, He is watching – in full control – and there should we need him just as I was in full control of the situation with my baby. Girl had he passed out or something, I was right there! In other words, I would have been right there if he needed me.

Like me, God would be right there if we need Him.

Where is God when you need Him?

Don’t let the enemy fool or deceive you with that “where is/was God” crap. He is with you.

That type of thinking angers me, and I know it must frustrate the Lord too. I won’t pretend I haven’t felt that way myself. It doesn’t matter; it’s still stupid, faithless thinking! God is so gracious to put up with us, don’t you think?

Yeah, for sure.

Thankfully, He still knows we are but flesh. It’s so cool. He’s so patient with us.

Can God leave you?

Do you know what else I love? I love that the Bible contains stories of people who could have easily felt forgotten and thought God was on hiatus.

For example, when Moses went up to the mountain, the children of Israel had to wonder, “What the heck is going on?” I know one or two of them asked, “Where is God when you need Him?” because they made a god out of a calf!

I’m sure that trek up the mountain (and what happened subsequently) didn’t take only five minutes. I’ll bet some REAL time has passed.

I have too much time to think and too little faith. What a bad combination. They likely thought, “our link to God has been gone an awfully long time.” That’s when the whole golden calf debacle happened.

Then, there is Joseph. I know he must have asked about God’s location at one time or another. Maybe not out loud, but maybe? Who wouldn’t?

Each hour, minute, and day He was in that prison cell (for a faulty” wrap”), he had to wonder if the God of Israel was still on top of things. After all, he was human. So, he had to have a minuscule millisecond of doubt, right?

The best example of all!

Finally, as Jesus went to the cross, you know many were shaking their heads, thinking, “Surely if this Jesus fellow was God, he would do SOMETHING!!!”

I could hear them now: “Girrrrrl…and he had me almost believing he was God too. NOW look at him!”

But we know the victorious conclusion of each of these stories. God was there!!! He was in charge!!!!

The entire time, He was executing His plans of action in the midst of each of these situations, even when it didn’t “seem” like it.

Babies sometimes wonder about God.

More often than not, the people doubting God have immature spiritual minds or limited experience with Him. When my brother was told he had six weeks left to live, folks thought I was insane to challenge a world-renowned doctor. They looked at me as crazy when I trusted God for a miracle. I did, and my brother is alive now.

As I update this blog post, I’m thrilled to say it has been over eight years since that diagnosis of doom. In fact, even the doctor was surprised and became a family friend! You wouldn’t believe the people who called me “unrealistic” and “detached from reality.” It hurt me a little.

Nevertheless, I quickly decided it was OK because, as Christians, we live in a different reality – ours is a faith reality.

Still wondering where God is when you need Him?

Don’t listen to people who limit Jesus!

Folks may know tons of scripture supporting God’s faithfulness, and they may be involved in their local church, but they are nothing more than baby, infantile Christians groping through life with a type of Godliness but denying the power thereof. Believers should be BELIEVERS, in my humble opinion!

Otherwise, they are like those “doubters” with no capacity to fathom the depth of God’s works and ability.

Instead, they do the best they can with their limited carnal knowledge, trying to “fix” situations on their own or, at the very least, trying to figure them out.

No! Christianity is a walk of faith.

Pardon my passion, but let me tell you something. True maturity is realized when one relinquishes the need to figure God out.

He is the God of the universe and exists far beyond our limited comprehension.

We are called to worship, serve, and obey Him – that’s it. His ways are too far above ours to even attempt to understand Him.

Again, we must trust Him regardless of how things “look.” After all, faith is the cornerstone of Christianity. Actually, sometimes, it’s also the most difficult part of it. Faith is essential to ensure the peace of God reigns and guards our hearts. So, close your spiritual eyes, Christian Lady, and just fall back into the arms of a loving God.

Trust that He is strong and powerful enough to take excellent care of you. You need not wonder “Where is God when you need Him?”

I know where God is when you feel left alone… HE’S RIGHT WHERE HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE…ON THE THRONE!

No amount of fighting, worrying, or striving can accomplish one iota of what faith in the all-powerful God can do. Be still and know that He is God in three beautiful persons.

Jesus intercedes for you, the Holy Spirit guides energizes, and directs you, and the Father is the great I AM. You’re covered. The God of the universe can do anything. Anything.

Finding God – We still have a part to play.

God moves as His people pray, and as His people pray, He moves (How clever, I must remind myself of that often). 🙂 Please don’t doubt for one minute that God is working everything out. It may “appear” like all hell has broken loose and no one is at the helm. But this is not your Christian reality. Turn off the television, stop listening to people with limited faith, and trust your God to work in impossible situations.

He can.

Remember, we live for Him and not the other way around.

Until God does make HIS final decision, you pray He will open your eyes so that you may see with eyes of faith.

Be encouraged, and remember, I love you!

where is God when you need Him?

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