What you prayed for

When you get exactly what you pray for and don't want it

Hey, do you know what a sister cousin is? It’s a cousin whom you love very much and she is almost like a sister to you. The only thing that says different is genetics. Well, my sister cousin wrote something and I wanted to share it on my Christian woman’s lifestyle blog. I predict it will bless you as much as it blessed me. At least I hope so.

If you’re going through a hard time right now, I’ll bet it will touch you too.

Especially if you are in the position of having prayed for something only to receive it and find it to be a little more complicated than you initially imagined.

Curve Balls … Yeah we get ’em.

As I was reading what she wrote, I thought of the children of Israel and how they prayed for a King. God wanted to be their King, but, nah, they had other plans. Ever been there? I have – plenty of times. Funny how we always think we know better than God, right?

Anyway, they prayed for a king.

Then came Saul and you know how that ended. In the end, they got what they prayed for – a king.

Even though Saul was a cuckoo-nut, that wasn’t the end of it.

God always turns things around in our favor and works everything according to His plan. In spite of a crazy Saul (that “one” we asked for), He always has a “David” (i.e. good outcome) in the plan.

The best part is He will sustain you until your David emerges!

Enough of my musing about prayer, cousins, and stuff. Now, I want you to take a moment to read what my brilliant cousin, Angela wrote! Be blessed.

BUT GOD…..I prayed for it
By Angela Evans

Most of us Christians or not know the meaning of prayer. Whatever religion you speak of each one has its own version of what prayer means. I found myself lately questioning some things I’ve prayed for.

Earlier this year I lost my dear sweet mother. I remember laying at her bedside the last days praying to God. I prayed for her to have peace as her body started to shut down and prepare for transition. Weeks prior or maybe even a couple of months before I knew her time was winding down.

There are many reasons we pray. In different seasons in our lives, we find a multitude of reasons why we find ourselves praying.

Ultimately it is that vertical communication we have with God. The intimacy of it is so personal, Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name. Those profound words are the start of the Lord’s prayer. I remember every night before going to bed my mother would have me recite the Lord’s prayer.

That was the beginning of my prayer life.

I’m sure we can relate to those times we had to pray out to God for help. He’s such a merciful God, and he allows us to cast our cares on him. In 2020, I remember praying to God for a husband.

I have prayed that prayer many times in my life, but this time was different. I was serious about petitioning to God that I was ready to meet my husband. I had been to singles conferences and had ministers and prophets pray of me over for years but I remained singled into October 2020.

It all went so fast. But, we both knew God had put us together.

Within 3 months I had met my husband, got engaged, and was married in a short length of time. We had the quick version of getting to know each other. So here we are months into the marriage still learning each other.

Our relationship has been like a tennis game hit or miss. Our nephew, Kalvin provided us with excellent counseling prior to getting married. We practiced abstinence until we were joined in holy matrimony.

We’ve bumped our heads several times. Disagreements, financial differences, and blended family adjustments. Yes, arguments have flared up. Just true frustration. Both questioned our marriage just a year in. Even a few times I felt the need to pack up and leave and dissolve the marriage.

And then this happened.

It was very clear while I was processing some thoughts in my head.

And then this happened. It was very clear while I was processing some thoughts in my head. The spirit jumped in and said BUT, YOU PRAYED FOR IT. My God how clear did I hear those words.  

I’m sure many are like me you have prayed for things and God has blessed you, but once you received the blessing you start questioning God.  Don’t you know if you prayed for it God is going to give you a lifetime protection warranty?  It may break, or even fall apart but its still covered by the giver. Such a word!!!

I stopped by on my way to heaven to let you know because you prayed for it to go back to God and say: Hey daddy its Angela (place your name) remember that blessing you gave me? I’ve some issues with it.  

I don’t want to give it back, but the warranty says you can make some adjustments. It also states in some cases you can take it back to the manufacturer.

God is our manufacturer.

Pray and trust God.

Don’t get frustrated if your path has a few bumpy rocks along the way. Keep pushing and trusting God and take him at his word.  

Remember, you prayed for it.

What have you prayed for and then received … with complications?

When you pray for something and get it...

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