When people or life let you down

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Life can be disappointing…But, God always has plans.

Have you ever fallen into disappointment or despair?

I have.

It’s a sad and lonely place to be emotionally and spiritually. There are lots of reasons we experience this state of being. But, one of the most common is placing our faith in what is not faithful.

We are disheartened when people let us down. That’s only natural. Yet, we can minimize the pain a bit when we remember people are just…people. When we hinge our faith on mere human beings, or systems (created by human beings) when they fail, we are hurt. This hurt, if not remedied with the Word of God, can quickly turn to bitterness and even depression.

Neither are God’s will for you.

In my personal experience, I struggle with some of the conclusions of medical professionals. While they know more than I do, they do not know everything. Sometimes, I also struggle with some conclusions of well-meaning Christians. Some Christians believe I should just accept life at face value and not ask God for what I want. He said I can make my request known and I do. I go boldly to the thrown of grace.

We cannot and should not trust anyone 100% except Jesus Christ. He is the only infallible and 100 % faithful One. Time and time again, I have seen doctors say one thing only to come back a short time later saying “I’m not sure what happened, but you have improved.”

Yes, God is in control. He will never disappoint. Even when He gives something different than what we ask for, His peace soothes us through the sting of disappointment.

So, if your friends have not been there for you. Or they “leave you hanging”…it does not matter, trust God. He will never leave you.

Maybe the guy of your dreams didn’t marry you like he promised. God has someone better.

How to handle when people let you down

Perhaps, your husband has the compassion and sensitivity of sheet rock…it doesn’t matter. Keep your faith in God and count on Him and Him alone for what you need and you’ll be just fine. People will forever disappoint, cars will wear out and water is wet- all are part of life.

1. Let the nuts go. If people mistreated you, just release them. Forgive them. That doesn’t mean restored fellowship, but it does mean you let go of your pain and malice.

2. Tell no one. Little good comes from sharing someone else’s failure. It’s petty, pointless and changes little. Vent only if you must. Otherwise, tell God in your prayer time. After all, He’s the only one who can help anyway.

3. Know everyone is not your enemy. Sure some people are “dooty heads” trying to make others miserable. But, most people are not. You’ll only grow bitter if you think people are out to “get” you.

Again, release, tell no one and let go of bitterness.

Remember, GodsyGirl Girl, your faith is only as good as what you place it in. Place it in the One who never fails. Amen?

Note: Special thanks to Lynn. She knows why. 🙂

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When people let you down