What is my destiny?

What is my destiny in Christ?

I love the Biblical story of how King Saul got his jumpstart into being a king. Do you know the one I mean? It’s found in I Samuel 9 and has more twists and turns than my natural hair on a humid, rainy day. Seriously, I love this story so much that it is not uncommon for me to read it over and over. Even though his end was dubious, the launch of his kingdom was a perfect illustration of the Lord’s calculated “behind the scenes” working for our good. It’s so dope how God just laid out everything for his impending adventure!!!! If Saul is anything like you and me, I’ll bet at some point in his life, he likely wondered, “What is my destiny?” or “What am I here for?

The coolest part of this story is – if He ever did – God already had it laid out for Him unbeknownst to him and without any of his help!

Here’s how it all played out. What is my destiny?

Saul’s father told him to go and search for the family’s lost donkeys (v.3). It all started there. With something most of us hate – someone telling us what to do or giving us some stupid, mundane task.

What is my destiny? – Thought #1

Remember, obedience plays a role…in absolutely EVERYTHING!

In obedience, Saul began the journey to find the donkeys (his father told him to find them) with his servant beside him.

However, the two had no success finding the donkeys on their own. *sigh* Saul was so “done” and said they should go back home (v. 5)

But, the creative servant had a suggestion. It was a good suggestion, too. He recommended they go visit Samuel – the man of God – for advice on what to do.

That’s always a good idea, right? 


It is invariably a sage course of action to seek wise counsel from Godly people when you need it, and there is nothing wrong with doing so. It doesn’t make you any less intelligent.

In fact, it makes you more so. Look, we all need another point of view sometimes, and it is even better when it’s a Christian who has a little more life experience to boot.

Girl, ask me how I know!

I speak from personal experience when I say Biblical perspectives and advice can make a difference in your outlook and direction. Advice from the right people can help you answer the question, “What is my destiny?”

Disclaimer: Only make sure the people you turn to are indeed the real deal and their lives reflect a solid Godly example. Otherwise, you can end up in a worse mess than before and be derailed from your direction or your goals.

Also, make sure you go to someone who is genuinely your friend.

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Saul meets Samuel … and BOOM, BANG, POP!

God was already at work way before Saul embarked on his journey to find the donkeys.

As a matter of fact, the day before all this went down, the Lord told Samuel (the prophet) that Saul (the donkey finder) was headed his way and even disclosed to Samuel who Saul was to become (v. 15).

Are you with me? Do you follow?

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God’s plans aren’t last-minute, thrown-together stuff, either!

What is my destiny thought #2?

It might be set aside.

After hearing from God, the prophet orchestrated a super special meal just for Saul and had it “set aside” pending his arrival (v23). How’s that for details being all worked out???

When Saul learned God chose him to be King of Israel, he was blown away, absolutely “floored” by it all. He was in total shock! Wouldn’t you be????

I have a perfect example …from the movies!

One of the streaming services streams a show called “Designated Survivor” about an unsuspecting fellow who held an insignificant cabinet position. After a national tragedy, he learned he was to be the president of the United States! I thought of Saul when I saw that first episode. You gotta check it out, but it’s action-packed, so don’t watch it right before bed. 🙂


I get chills when I think of how Samuel presented a pre-prepared feast to Saul.

First, he seated Saul at the head of the table (v. 22) and said, “Here is what has been reserved… it has been kept for you until the appointed time” (vs. 24).

Are you “feeling” this with me??? As you wonder what is my destiny?, think about listening to Godly people. You never know what God has going on.

Back when Saul had undoubtedly no clue he’d even be searching for donkeys, God was already making provisions for his destiny. Wild, right? Could it be the very thing you’re praying for is already “in the works” for you, too?

It makes one wonder, doesn’t it? It also takes some pressure off, too, right?

When the “ordinary” isn’t genuinely ordinary…

Let’s backtrack.

In humility, Saul agreed to visit Samuel, the prophet.

That single encounter would change his life forever.

Think about it: during a simple assignment that originated with finding some dumb donkeys, Saul actually found his destiny!

He found God’s incredible plan for his life. Think about it.

It all began with an errand! While doing an uninspiring job for his dad, this dude got word of a kingdom he would HIMSELF lead! Right?

Hmmm…this could be true for us as well.

To be clear, I doubt we have a literal kingdom waiting for us, but who knows what your routine trip to Walmart can render? God could use it to answer that lifelong question of what is my destiny.

Yes! Who knows who you can “run into” or how you can be a blessing to someone?

What about being forced to do a menial task at work because your manager said it needs to be done? It could lead to something amazing!

Just imagine a simple trip to the local market can launch something mind-blowing in your life, just like this “job” did for Saul.

What is my destiny #3:

You may need to get your attitude in check, Sis!

I’ve already given you a lot to think about. Now, let me give you something else.

Had Saul not been obedient (to his father) and humble (to listen to someone “beneath” him – his servant), we would not have this beautiful story to feed our faith!

When Saul’s father told him to search for the donkeys, what if Saul had said “nope” or even assigned it to a servant?

Secondly, what if he had been too arrogant to follow the advice of a “lowly” servant and inquire of Samuel?

He would not have ever met the man of God and received what was “set aside” and “reserved” exclusively for him! 

This teaches me the importance of obedience in my job and my life. So many people may have a haughty attitude about doing what they are told by someone else.

Leaders are there for a reason.

Be obedient and NEVER think you’re too good to accept wisdom and sound counsel – regardless of from whom it derives.

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God’s plan is better than you can imagine!
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Maybe you’re stressing the wrong stuff…

Could it be we focus so much on worrying about our destiny when, in reality, God has a plan all in place?

Could we also miss out on obeying God’s commands (because we think they are small or insignificant) and miss out on His magnificent opportunity for us? We dismiss it, not knowing that one menial little task could lead us to greatness.

Girl, as you venture along life’s journey – running life’s “errands,” be obedient and humble – know that God is at work preparing your ‘set aside” and “reserved” destiny just like he did Saul’s.

Most of all, don’t assume you know what an experience will direct you to because, in the end, you honestly never know.

Finally, remember, you don’t have to manipulate anything, toil in vain, or stress out over your destiny.

Your “set aside” purpose is secure, protected by the armies of heaven and the Creator of all things.

God has it.

He will not lose it or cheat you out of it. You’ll receive what God has set aside just for you at the appointed time. Check out these Bible verses about destiny.

Honor God, be humble and obedient, and you’ll be fine! After all, it’s set aside and prepared for you!

Amen? Amen.

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what is my destiny
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