4 Steps to Trusting God Completely

Trusting God completely

Trusting God completely and having faith can be so hard. Why? At this moment, several people I love are hurting from being mistreated, suffering from illness, or are just dealing with very difficult situations. Everything in me wants to “fight” for them and make their chaos somehow disappear. However, I know I am not God and most certainly not the Holy Spirit. So, I must force myself to trust them (God and the Holy Spirit) to be my friends’ redeemers, deliverers, and indicators. Truth be told, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit don’t need me. They got this.

Still am wavering between trust and surrender. It’s so hard. The stakes are high. I want everyone to be okay and to win by my definition of “winning.” I want them whole…by my definition of wholeness.

You know, there are those moments in life when what I want just doesn’t seem to align with what I really need or what’s ultimately best for me. It’s like having a serious craving for a massive slice of chocolate cake, but knowing that, I should probably stick to a healthier option.

Trusting God in these situations feels a bit like handing over the dessert menu to the Lord and saying, “You know what’s best, so surprise me.” It’s about letting go of my limited perspective and embracing the idea that a bigger plan is at play. So, I’m learning to sit back, relax, and trust that, in the end, God’s got my back, even when I’m not entirely sure what I want. Or when my limited view won’t render the best result in a situation.

For we know in part and we prophesy in part;

1 Corinthians 13:9

Trusting God is easier said than done.

When we love people, it’s only natural we want to “fix” things for them.

We want them always to be happy, healthy, and whole. God wants the same, but His pathway to getting them there sometimes takes them by way of struggle. He loves them so much, but some paths are necessary for maturation.

God is at work in their lives and has plans we can never understand in our limited, small, finite existence.

His ways are so much higher than ours, and we have to trust that His plan for them is infinitely better than all our hopes. In His infinite wisdom, He weaves the destiny of each one of us, guiding us towards purpose and fullness.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:8-9 (NIV)

Though we often long to fully comprehend the ways of the Lord, we can find comfort in the certainty that He cares for us and all those around us with unwavering love. Sometimes, it requires letting go of our ambitions and wholeheartedly trusting in Him, knowing He has the best plan for us and those we hold dear. In surrendering to His will, we find true peace and joy. Let us entrust to Him all our worries, longings, and desires, confident that He is working for our benefit, even when we may not fully understand.

How does “trusting God completely” look in real life?

I think trusting God in real life is like navigating a ship through stormy waters with an unwavering belief that the lighthouse will guide you safely to shore.

It’s about finding the strength to surrender control when faced with life’s turbulent seas, knowing that God’s plan may not always align with our immediate desires or expectations.

Yes, trusting God means having the patience to endure the darkest nights, confident that dawn will break. It involves seeking solace in prayer, finding support in a faith community, and drawing wisdom from scripture.

In real life, trusting God completely manifests as a resilient, unwavering faith that sustains us through trials and tribulations, ultimately leading us to a place of peace, purpose, and profound connection with Jesus.

When trusting God and having faith is hard, we gotta let it go. As we worry about those we love, we need to cast our cares, worries, and doubts on the Lord, knowing He has everything under control regardless of how things appear.

We must surrender, full of confidence, that God is working behind the scenes to bring victory for them. Even in the darkest moments of our lives, we can trust that God is tirelessly by our side.

When we trust God completely, this is what happens

He grants us strength, hope, and assurance when we need it the most. I’m a perfect witness to the fact that at that very moment, you feel you cannot make it another moment; He gives you everything you need to keep going.

When we let go of all our fears and worries, He’ll wrap us in His love and show us that His plans for us are way better than anything we can imagine. This usually happens in scripture. As you read your Bible, you’ll get this kind of insight.

The other side of the coin as you are trusting God completely. ..

When life becomes difficult, and we find ourselves facing hardships, it’s completely normal to question why God would allow such trials.

During these challenging times, maintaining trust in God can be incredibly tough even though he is giving you the strength, hope, and assurance I mentioned above.

You know, we may wonder about His plan – or if His plan for us is good.

We may wonder why we have to struggle or why we (or loved ones) must endure pain.

Let me tell you, these doubts and uncertainties are only natural, as we all seek relief and comfort when faced with adversity. Remember that you’re not weird in these feelings; it’s part of living in two realities – a spiritual reality and a natural one.

Another reason you might find it hard trusting God completely.

One reason is that the severity of adversity can make it difficult to trust in God. In times of intense tribulation, it is natural to question and doubt our beliefs and the existence of a higher power that can help us.

We may wonder why God allows us to suffer or why He does not intervene to resolve our problems immediately. I’ve felt that way.

Remember that faith involves trusting and believing even in moments of uncertainty and pain. It’s really the only time I can trust. When life is hunky dory, there is no reason to trust God, is it? We don’t grow during those times, I think. Well, maybe we do, but we don’t grow very much.

Embrace the pain – it may have a side benefit.

Adversity can be an opportunity to grow, strengthen our faith, and learn to trust in God despite the circumstances.

By facing trials with an attitude of humility and trust, we can discover that God is present even in the midst of our struggles and sufferings. Although it may be difficult, adversity can strengthen our relationship with God and help us develop a deeper and more authentic faith. Therefore, although it may be challenging, seeking to trust in God during difficult times can profoundly impact our spiritual and emotional lives.

One of our biggest roadblocks to trusting God completely

As you know, we humans, tend to seek immediate solutions to our problems. We love a quick fix!

I am old enough to remember when dinner was ALWAYS real food. Then came the 70s version of TV dinners. Man, I’ll tell you, while the TV dinners would feed us, they definitely didn’t nourish us. That weird substance they called fried chicken had nothing on my mama’s homemade fried chicken that came from that electric skillet or her big, black, heavy cast iron skillet. If you are wondering what a tv dinner looked like back then, click this link and go to MEtv.com to see how I lived my life.

Sure, the chicken came quicker and easier (for Mama), but the best things (her chicken) took time and tasted so much better.

Same thing goes with our trials.

Those that last a while render better results in our lives.

Trusting God often requires patience and a willingness to endure suffering for a greater purpose.

It’s tempting to seek quick fixes (like nasty TV dinners) in moments of distress rather than placing our faith in God’s timing and wisdom. This impatience can strain our ability to trust in His plan.

Trusting God completely during challenging times is not simple. It is not easy. It’s a journey. T

he intensity of suffering, the mysteries of God’s plan, and our desire for immediate relief can all contribute to the difficulty of trusting God completely in hard times. However, many find that their faith grows stronger in the midst of adversity as they learn to surrender control and rely on God’s love and guidance. I know I have found it to be so.

Again, it is easier said than done when trusting God completely with our lives or loved ones.

It is not always a “one and done” situation – trusting God completely, is it?

Forgiveness, trusting Him, and surrendering our troubles to Him are oftentimes processes.

It’s difficult to “step aside” immediately and just stop worrying because, in our surrender process, we have a nasty habit of re-claiming situations and carrying the load all over again.

No problem. When that happens, we all have to cast them on the Lord all over again.

That’s all there is to it!

I’m determined to trust the Lord today.

So, I resolve right now, this minute, to trust God with the people I love and care about. I trust God will restore all that the enemy has stolen from them.

I trust Him to deliver them from all their troubles and heal them of all their diseases.

I trust Him to bring comfort through the Holy Spirit to all those grieving.

I trust Jesus to give me the strength to change my “little” attitude and replace my impatience with joy and my worry with peace. Having faith in God and His unconditional love helps me overcome life’s difficulties and find solace in times of trial. By putting my trust in Him, I can experience an internal transformation that allows me to face each day with positivity and hope.

My relationship with Jesus brings me comfort and teaches me to love others generously, forgive, and find purpose in every circumstance. By following His principles and teachings, I can find deeper meaning in my life and live in harmony with others.

It’s important to remember that no situation is too big or too small to bring before Jesus. He desires to carry our burdens and help us find solutions. By praying and handing over our worries into His hands, we can experience His peace that surpasses all understanding.

Therefore, I invite everyone to trust Jesus and seek His guidance in every aspect of life. Trust in His unconditional love and transformative power, knowing He never forsakes us and is always willing to help. Dare to trust in Jesus and experience the wonder of His eternal grace and love!

Won’t you join me? Resolve with me -this very moment – to trade your heavy burdens for His light ones. Amen? So be it!

When your friend or loved one is having a hard time, it’s difficult to keep the faith. A speedy resolution just may not be God’s plan. Read some tips on trusting God completely.