Trusting God

Jesus is a mighty healer

Trusting God…is easy when you think of this:

Jesus is a strong and powerful Healer and Restorer. He always has been faithful, and He always will be. God moves as His people pray.  I don’t think He’s limited to our prayers, but I know one hundred percent He moves as we pray. He hears our cries in the deepest, darkest times of our lives.  He hears our cries from the mountaintops.  He’s with us and loves us, and that is why we must learn how to trust God completely because trusting God is the only way we can live in peace and please Him.

He is true to His word and never ceases or fails to perform it. I love the fact that anything that happens on earth, He foreknew.  It didn’t take Him by surprise. He’s never in heaven awe-struck by the affairs of men. This makes trusting God so much easier for me.

Knowing that He’s not confused, disabled, or baffled.

Think about it: He is powerful beyond measure. Close. Closer than your next breath and far more dependable. On Him, you can trust. No matter what you are going through today, know He is very acquainted with you and your entire situation.

I hope these words have encouraged you and reminded you of who He is and how reliable He is.

Trusting God is a journey.

Trusting God completely has been an ongoing journey of surrender and faith in my life. It begins with acknowledging that I am not in control of everything and accepting the uncertainties that come my way. I’ve learned (and am continuing to learn) to relinquish my fears and doubts, embracing a deep sense of faith that God’s plan is far greater than my understanding.

Prayer has been my anchor, providing a channel through which I express my hopes, fears, and gratitude, trusting that God hears and understands my heart. Moreover, studying scripture and immersing myself in the teachings of love, forgiveness, and trust has strengthened my belief in God’s unwavering presence.

Learning to let go of my desires for instant answers and outcomes, I am discovering the beauty of patience and divine timing. Through life’s trials and triumphs (and I am in the midst of one now), I’ve found solace in the knowledge that God’s love is unconditional and His wisdom surpasses all understanding.

Let’s be clear: learning how to trust God completely, for me, is an ongoing process of surrender, gratitude, and unwavering faith in His divine plan, even when I cannot see the road ahead clearly.

What does trusting God look like?

When we think about how to trust God completely, we have to think about faith.

Walking in faith as a Christian involves living out one’s beliefs and trusting in God’s guidance even in challenging circumstances. Here are some examples of how Christians demonstrate their faith through actions:

  1. Prayer and Meditation: Part of trusting God is spending our time praying to Him and knowing He hears – even though we don’t see Him. That is why we engage in regular prayer and meditation, seeking a deeper connection with Him and relying on His wisdom and strength in our daily lives. We get wisdom from the Bible and meditate on those truths, knowing they will strengthen us spiritually.

  2. Acts of Kindness and Charity: We trust God completely when we demonstrate our faith through acts of kindness, charity, and service to others. This includes volunteering in ministry when we don’t know what we are doing, giving to the church and tithing, and helping those in need when we need help ourselves.

  3. Forgiveness: We practice forgiveness, following Jesus’ example, and extending grace to those who have wronged us. This act of letting go of grudges and showing mercy is a profound manifestation of faith. It signifies we trust God to handle everything in our lives.

  4. Studying Scripture: We read and study the Bible daily to gain a deeper understanding of our faith and to apply its teachings in our lives. Scripture provides guidance on moral and ethical decisions, serving as a foundation for their actions.

  5. Trusting God in Adversity: Learning how to trust God completely means we trust God during difficult times. This may involve enduring hardships with patience and hope, believing that God has a purpose even in the midst of suffering.

  6. Living with Integrity: Trusting God completely means we can live with honesty, integrity, and moral uprightness in all aspects of our lives. We don’t feel the need to cheat, gossip, or manipulate because we trust God completely to handle our lives and our future. This includes being truthful, just, and fair in their interactions with others.

  7. Sharing the Gospel: Spreading the message of God’s love, salvation, and grace is a key indicator of trusting God completely. This act of evangelism is a way of fulfilling the Great Commission and helping others find a relationship with God. It can be scary to put ourselves out “there” like that, but we trust that the Holy Spirit will lead and bring the desired outcome according to God’s will.

  8. Gratitude and Contentment: We can be content with what we have because we believe God has something eternal and much better for us. We, in faith, express our gratitude for God’s blessings and find contentment in our circumstances, recognizing that true fulfillment comes from a relationship with God rather than material possessions or worldly achievements.

  9. Seeking God’s Will: The epitome of how to trust God completely is to lean back into His will for our lives. That is why we make decisions in alignment with God’s will, seeking His guidance and wisdom in major life choices. Trusting in His plan, we move forward with faith, believing that He directs our paths.

As we think about how to trust God completely, I hope the above examples show you how faith touches just about every part of our Christian walk. Do you see it?

Nobody is perfect.

Perfection isn’t necessary.

You don’t have to be perfect to learn how to trust God completely!

He doesn’t care about your abilities, weaknesses, or mishaps. You couldn’t impress the God of the universe even if you wanted to! So, don’t try. Just accept His love. Take your trust journey one day at a time.

If you have surrendered your life to Him, you are His. He’s called you by name. You are joint-heir with Christ and entitled to all the benefits of son-ship.

Trusting God with health issues

Doctors can give us great news and a clean bill of health. Other times, they can say something that changes the course of our lives.

That happened to me when an accidental X-ray revealed nodules. I had to have a biopsy. I tried to stay positive. I tried to lean on God’s Word, but I was frightened. I was scared.

In fact, I cried during the entire biopsy. The doctor tried to comfort me, and the best nurse I had ever encountered held my hand the entire time. I’ll never forget it.

The worst part was that I had to wait several days before I learned the outcome of the biopsy. It was a battle unlike any other. Fighting the negative thoughts and endeavoring to stand on scripture at the same time was so hard.

Ironically, a sweet girl wrote a little song for me, and she didn’t know what I was going through. It blessed me so much. I couldn’t find it, but here is a link to her channel:

Anyway, during that time, I learned I had to trust God more than I trusted the medical profession.

Your doctor is a resource but not the source.  God is your Healer. He is the Source. Indeed, you should listen to your doctor but know he/she is not your exclusive source of health.  A good physician will tell you the same. They are resources.  God, the triune Creator of all things, is your Source.

Regardless of who [or what] the Lord uses to manifest the healing, He will heal. Regardless of how He manifests it, He can.

Don’t rest your confidence completely on your doctor.

Doctors are wonderful people who have studied hard and practiced their healing arts. I thank God for them. But they are not the end-all.

How to trust Jesus more than your doctor.

1. I know I’m repeating this, but I want you to get it: remember, your medical professional is just a man/woman.  Sure, they have more knowledge than you and have studied the body, but they are not infallible. God is.

He has baffled many a doctor, and His will shall prevail. A doctor once said I couldn’t walk because I had no hip socket. I walk.

Trust God.  Trust His word and His promises. He has the final say. Trust God to heal you

You know, once a doctor told my brother he would be dead in 8 weeks. That was 5 years ago. A doctor told me my little boy would have breathing issues. He doesn’t. God is the last word.

2. After you state and determine to trust Jesus more than your prognosis, reach for your spiritual “hard hat.” Doubt will soon rain down on you like hail the size of golf balls.  Be prepared for these attacks of the enemy by having scriptures on your tongue.  He will plant, whisper, and guide people your way to tempt you to doubt God’s promises. Don’t fall for it. Believe.

3. Internalize the Word of God. Turn off the TV or some pointless music. Saturate yourself in God’s Word. Read it. Memorize it. Play it in the form of music. The TV show Scandal is not going to help you now.

Some popular shows will plant more death in your heart than in life.

Drown yourself in God’s word. Then, when #2 (above) happens, you can speak it to battle the lies of the enemy.  You’ll quench his each and every fiery dart. Remember, Jesus used the Word to defeat Satan. The Word is your mighty sword in the spirit. Use it. Yield it, but first…KNOW IT!


Pastor Stanley is with Jesus now, but this is a great sermon on trusting God.

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