Trust is all you need…

put your trust in me

Jesus says: “put your trust in me”

I was just thinking. Life moves in swoops and strokes. Sometimes life can be calm – or at least calm for us – and then [SWOOP!] it can change in a moment’s time. Suddenly, it’s chaotic and scary. Regardless of what is going on, Jesus says “put your trust in me.”

The other day, my mom was rushed to the hospital on a heart attack scare.

Praise God she didn’t have one, but she’s remaining there for a battery of tests.

Several years ago, this very trial would have tossed me into a tailspin of worry and anxiety.

You see, most of my immediate family died suddenly of heart failure. So you can understand why fear would grip my life at the very thought of losing my remaining family members.

But God.

Jesus Christ has shown me time and time again that He’s in control of my life.

He’s handling my destiny.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, takes Him by surprise. Isn’t that wonderful?

This means when troubles arise, God is not in heaven running around with His hands in the air screaming “What are we going to do???

No way, He’s resting on His throne protecting us, guiding us, and comforting us by the power of his Holy Spirit. Our job is to simply trust Him and stay close in times of doubt, pain, and weariness.

That’s it. So, I trust Him. I wait. I’m in the hospital writing and declaring I’m going to trust God for my mom’s healing.

“Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord have never forsaken those who seek you” Psalm 9:10

Update: Mom came home. I’m grateful.

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This is the perfect song to remind you that you can trust Jesus! Ironically, I found this song years after I wrote this post! Wild, right?

Also: mom is still driving and living her best life! She’s 84 years young as I updated this. πŸ™‚

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