Training Up Your Children In Godliness

Your child can learn about Jesus at any age, right? Training Up Your Children In Godliness is a matter of making Jesus a part of the culture of your family. I think you also have to give them opportunities to become comfortable with and around God. That means church attendance, prayer time, and exposing them to Bible stories. Do you agree?

I’m so grateful my grandma, Mary, purchased a children’s Bible for me when I was a girl. I loved reading the stories and looking at all the bright, colorful illustrations. Little did I know, she was planting God’s Word in my heart without me knowing it.

Had she spent hours reading the King James Version Bible to me, I would have been bored and frustrated. However, I loved that big, purple book with all those vivid pictures!

I wish I could find it today! It’s likely at my mom’s, but the basement looks like something out of a murder horror movie.

Training Up Your Children In Godliness

Hey BubbaI am NOT going down there! Nope!

Still, that book made a HUGE impact on my spiritual formation.

Any way, reflecting got me thinking. About me as a mom and some things I can do for my little person to grow his faith in Jesus.

Many of them I did for my oldest too.

I hope they give you fresh ideas too.

Remember, even if you aren’t a mom, you can still have an impact on the life of a young person. Of course, you knew that already. 🙂

Here are my best tips for training Up Your Children In Godliness – Here ya go…

1. Present God in a way they can understand.

James 1:17 would confuse my three-year-old, but he clearly understands the concepts of light and dark. I explained that sunlight is “Jesus’ light”. I won’t go into the science of the light bulb and why it is artificial light. That’s too complex. Yet, the concept of Jesus’ light communicates to his little brain that God is associated with light and He makes it. Ironically, just this morning he asked “Mommy, can I have some of Jesus’ light in my room?

2. All little people love music.

Science has confirmed the power of the subconscious mind time and time again. While my children slept (and sleep), I always played quiet, anointed praise music on a very low volume. I’m no brain doctor, but I know meditating on the Word of God shapes and forms their little spirits in very real and positive ways.

My husband also sings Biblical songs to our little guy. His favorite is “Father Abraham”. :). My favorite part is seeing my husband do the movements. Hilarious!

3. Worship is a powerful tool.

Don’t be ashamed to worship in the company of your children. It teaches them the majesty and reality of God – up close and personal. Exciting still, they can witness how the environment changes as we worship Him. My tears used to frighten my now eighteen-year-old when he was a little guy, but he soon understood the tears were happy tears praising Jesus. Now, he worships too…with his gift and in his own way.

4. Let them see you pray. I used to wait until nap time and then close my door to pray. No more. I allow my little one to see me pray and read my Bible openly. It’s hilarious. He lines up his little toys around me and does his own thing while I study and pray.

His little eyes are always watching…

While I’m learning spiritual truths, he’s learning something too. Not long ago, he took my Bible and began to thumb through it. I quickly grabbed a pic (above)!

He was sitting exactly where I normally sit during my prayer time; he was even in the same position I take on the floor! These kids are watching, Christian Mom!

5. Explain Christian traditions.  At three, my little one fully understands the worldly concepts of Christmas – GIFTS! This is all well and good, but I have taken deliberate steps to explain the reason we celebrate this special day with gifts.

I ask “Why do we give gifts for Christmas?” His response is beautiful in its simplicity: “Because it’s Jesus’ birthday”. We’ll work on the theology later. He needn’t know now Jesus wasn’t born in December. That can wait.

Also, I have initiated a devotional that centers us before we begin our Christmas day activities. This keeps us all focused on Jesus and His presence in our lives. Furthermore, it’s one of the few times we’re all together in one place. It’s nice, and it’s sending a message that I hope goes through the generations.

Training Up Your Children In Godliness

Training Up Your Children In Godliness

Update: My kiddo is much older now, but our family still does our Christmas devotional. Only now, each year a different one of us gets to lead the devotional. My husband really loves it.

My son does a great job giving us our Christmas thought on Godliness.

Really would love to hear your tips for training up your kids in Godliness…especially teens! That’s what my little 3-year-old has turned into. 🙂

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