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Beautiful in the eyes of God

Just as you are, you are beautiful in the eyes of God. Objectification of women in modern culture compromises the beauty of the Lord inside you. You have to know that you are already beautiful in the eyes of God and don’t need to make yourself appealing according to what popular culture dictates.

Christian woman, it’s all over the place! You know what I’m talking about. Girl. It’s a very, distinct, and particular challenge that affects just about every Christian woman in one way or another. Frankly, I’m sick of it. I’ll bet you are too.

Being beautiful in the eyes of the Lord means being true to yourself, true to God’s word, and not compromising your body or yourself to fit into any secular mold. Sure you can adorn one’s self, but true beauty is from the Holy Spirit.

This sensual culture is definitely a challenge Christian women face every single day. As a result of it, it’s easy to forget we are beautiful in the eyes of God already.

Either we are caught in the web of it’s deception ourselves or we are worried about girls growing up in it.

Either way, it is part of our reality for sure.

the beauty of the Lord and the challenges Christian women face

Stupid Companies don’t understand we’re beautiful in the eyes of God.

Big business has discovered – all too well – that mess is what sells.  Sadly, the suggestive ads and charged messages have become ingrained into our culture and socialization process.

We see the mess so much, it becomes “commonplace.” The ‘messages” become almost invisible to us or maybe we become immune to it’s poison.  

the beauty of the Lord and the challenges Christian women face

That’s why we see the “hot mess” we currently see!
Well, one of the reasons.

The result is what we currently see – confused young people, disgruntled older people, and a booming cosmetic surgery industry.

When did being appealing become more important than being smart or being a woman of integrity? When did it happen?

All I know is it did happen and continues to every day.

What amazes me is the ubiquity of it all. We can’t live twenty minutes of our lives without a sensually charged message on the radio, television, billboard or some other form of media.

It’s absolutely everywhere, and in my opinion, it is worse than ever. Don’t think for one moment it is not affecting us. It’s affecting our husbands, children, and families.

Leave the babies alone, Media!!!!!

A few weeks ago, I visited a Girl Scout troop. I designed an activity to help the girls critically think about the pressures women face to conform to the world’s standard of beauty.

Here’s what I did: I brought tons of magazines (I mean TONS!) to them. I wanted them to create their own collage of what beauty looks like in their opinion.

Well, what I found was kind of surprising! The magazines (i.e. Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day, Vogue, and others) had so many sexually-charged images of women I didn’t even want to give them to the girls!

All of them were advertisements for items like jewelry or perfume! Each used sensuality to convey a message. What’s up with that???

It’s no wonder lust is such a part of our Christian culture. Not only that: it’s a part of our Christian struggle. We see images to stimulated it all the time.

beautiful in the eyes of god

The Symptom and The Result
You may have heard the new excuse–I mean buzzword in our culture – “sexual addiction”. Is this even a “thing?” Maybe it is, but I still think it may get overused.

Most every man who cannot control his impulses cries this newly- coined disorder and runs off to rehab. Look, I’m no doctor, and maybe this thing exists. Still, I think it’s overused and used as a cop-out! What do you think?

Frankly, I find the issue of this struggle more spiritual than anything else, but, I’ll leave that to another topic and to people more qualified to diagnose such a thing.

Anyway, no matter what you think about my above comment, no one can deny the culpability of sensually charged media (including movies) and how they affect us all – particularly our men and boys.

According to the above-mentioned church- a Christian website helping those struggling with images on the topic we are discussing.

They state forty-seven percent of families say those images are a problem in their home. Not a small number, is it? That’s almost half!

Also, the reason I won’t type the word (or those 3 letters) is for search engine reasons. I don’t want that sort of traffic coming here!

For real though, these images are a serious issue that escalates from what can seem innocent into some lasting and damaging stronghold.

the beauty of the Lord and the challenges Christian women face

The Word…always return to the Word of God.

The Bible gives numerous warnings and directives for the Christian woman.

According to 1 Timothy 2:9, we’re to focus more on the inner than the outer.

In chapter 3, we learn how our persona and representation is linked to our husband’s ministry.

But ironically, nowhere, absolutely nowhere in scripture are we advised to be alluring physically or arousing to men. Nope!

Still, so many of us hinge our very self-worth on the ability to attract and draw attention.

We are more than what you see!

Even worse, as I mentioned the media perpetuates this thinking by narrowing women to objects defined by prominent body parts and sensual behavior. I get it in movies and tv shows, but how did it creep into the church?

Did moms stop telling girls how to present themselves to the world?

Did moms begin coming to church in such ways themselves?

Did they compromise their bodies in their homes by allowing inappropriate relationships with men?

I don’t know, but I know we compromised somewhere. We let it in.

It’s no wonder.

The world is busy trying to conform us into it’s image instead of the other way around. That’s why so many of us fall right into society’s cadence of measuring our “appeal” as power and status.

Renewing my mind is a process…

Make no mistake about it, Christian woman. The word of God defines me – and you – by a much higher standard in Christianity.

For instance, I must repeatedly tell myself time and time again that my ultimate sense of worth is rooted in who God is creating me to become in Him not by how I look on the outside.

The beauty of the Lord lives in me (and you) because He beautifies us with salvation!

Psalm 149:4-9 (KJV)
4 For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.

See, we are beautiful in the eyes of God because we are HIS!

I must say, it’s an ongoing practice and an ongoing discipline.

My ability to think, ponder, and conceptualize are great strengths (i.e. being smart) to the Kingdom of God.

My desire to give to my community [and even the world] is a beautiful thing. It makes me really gorgeous. It makes you gorgeous too!

How about my (and your) ability to care and pray for the hurting? WOW! That’s a beauty mark for sure! I’ll bet you got it as well!

I must remind (and recondition) myself daily to be who God tells me I am – not the Super Bowl commercials or the latest fashion wave.

A few scriptures are the cornerstone of my identity. One of them I quote often here on GodsyGirl.Com. Check it out below.

Romans 12:1-2 answers the challenge of living in our erotic society:

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship.”

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” (NIV)

Yeah, that’s it.

The Bible helps me as a Christian woman when I’m tempted to conform to this world’s pressure.

To be clear, I am a make a makeup girl. I love it, I wear it and I enjoy it. But, I know what makes me pretty. I know WHO makes me pretty. I accept I am beautiful in the eyes of God and I don’t need anyone else’s to validate that.

I hope it helps you too as you deal with this challenge of defining yourself by the standards of this stupid world.

Hold fast to true beauty inside you and all the things that make you beautiful in the eyes of God. Bank on what will last forever – your meek spirit and your Christian heart.

Don't pay attention to this world or the media. Embrace the beauty of the Lord living inside you - it's making your truly beautiful. You're beautiful in the eyes of God.

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