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This will not be a long blog post. I want to talk about something that can change your life in less than 60 seconds, Christian Woman. It is beautifully simple. Let me get to it: the key to Godly maturity, Godly peace, and intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ is hidden in your time set apart and interrupted with Him. I’m talking about time with Jesus.

I’ve tried it both ways, and this is the only key to knowing His will for your life and to knowing His peace and fellowship.

No two ways about it. You need that time with Jesus.

Something beautiful happens when I’m alone with the Lord. Lately, my place of choice is my deck. Seems He always shows up on the deck.

Back to my point. I don’t care what anybody says on the subject.

It is what it is. You simply can’t skimp on the Bible study and spending time directed and focused on the Lord.

Your Christian not-so-secret powers!

Have you ever thought about how valuable your faith is?  You know, the ability to hope, to rely on, and wholly trust in Jesus.  The enemy of our souls is after our faith. He understands its worth. Faith paralyzes him whereas doubt empowers the kingdom of hell.

Just today, I read a chapter in Thessalonians that – after all these years – I don’t recall EVER reading. Something happens in Bible study time – something special. After reading that scripture, I felt encouraged and empowered. My faith was emboldened

Bible study helps with faith…

If you read your Bible, you know about the shield of faith “which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one”.  No wonder he has a spiritual bullseye on your faith! Your faith is powerful, priceless, and crucial for spiritual warfare.

Remember when Jesus told Peter how the enemy wanted to destroy him?

In Luke 22:32, He says: “…But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail.”

It’s funny, that Jesus didn’t say something like “I prayed that Satan would leave you alone” or “I prayed you’d be able to understand things”.  No, He said, “…that your faith not fail”.

This should be our prayer in times of struggle, but we should also guard it before trouble comes.

Guard it by spending time with the Lord.

Ignore the whispers of the enemy that try to make you doubt and question God’s promises.  Fight Him with the Word of God when he threatens your Godly confidence, when he challenges your Godly choices, or when he smirks at your lifestyle.  If you don’t spend time with the Lord regularly, you’ll be too weak to resist.

His wicked voice may come from friends, mates, logic, or even the pulpit.  Refute it, ignore it…no…do don’t ignore it! Battle it with the Word of God every single day! Knock it down in Jesus’ name!  Know your Word, Know Your God, and hold on to your faith in Jesus!

Another Christian superpower…

That’s not it. You must also have a healthy prayer life. That “exhale” time means you’re still, you’re quiet and you’re listening. When I pray, I imagine Jesus unscrewing my head from my neck and pouring liquid power, strength, and love into my body. Does that sound weird? If so, sorry. Maybe I watch too many cartoons.

The point of it all…

So, today find time for just you and Jesus.

And no, I am NOT talking about the time you squeeze in for Him while you’re driving, working, exercising, or any other multitasking. You need to find “alone” time, “still” time with just Him.

Rise early or stay up late, Christian Woman.

But, whatever you … get alone with Him every day.

Prayer Music:

A Simple Plan for Time Alone with Jesus by Desiring God.com. Did you know John Piper founded this site? I did’t. I certainly trust it.

Read an article about how you might organize your time with Jesus: https://www.desiringgod.org/a-simple-plan-for-time-alone-with-jesus

2 thoughts on “Time with Jesus”

  1. Amen Sista. Once you have had a “taste of Him” early in the morning, you will never be the same. Intimacy with God is something that believers have forgotten about–it was His original plan for us in the Garden. I love St. Augustine’s quote: Thou hast made us for thyself, O lord, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in thee. Amen, Saint Augustine.

  2. Mmmm….this is SO true! Whenever I give time to God in the mornings, He gives it back to me in abundance. When I read and meditate on Scripture, I feel as if I’m having a conversation with God. I don’t always get that in prayer.

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