The power of Christ to make you whole

the power of Christ

Have you ever questioned the power of Christ to make you better? I must admit I have in various seasons of my life when I felt irreparably broken and like a Christian failure.

I’ve struggled with searching for love in the arms of men who didn’t love me back. That was futile.

Hey, I’ve struggled with trying to find wholeness in partying and foolishness. That just exhausted me and left me feeling empty

I’ve struggled with being bitter, angry, and dark inside.  That led to depression.

Really. I could go on and on. I doubted the power of Christ in various seasons of my life. I’m so glad He puts up with me. I’ve made so many mistakes and messes in my life. At times, I wondered if the power of Christ could fix someone like me.

This was before I accepted Christ and after. After accepting the Lord Jesus as my Savior, I thought I would be like the smiling Christians in my church with no problems or temptations.

Funny, right?

Little did I know that they faced challenges and temptations just like me. Some pretended to be happy, while others understood the ability of Jesus to forgive and transform them. I still needed to discover this for myself.

Anyway, after I accepted Jesus, I still wondered: does He have the power to fix me?  To mend all my broken pieces? I’ve asked for help, but I remained…well… ME!

Jesus can make you 100% whole!

I can now say almost 30 years later, the power of Christ really can make you whole!  He doesn’t remove all temptations. He doesn’t make you some perfect “Pollyannish” person. He just makes you whole and teaches you who you are in Him.

Being whole by the power of Christ means you will have broken areas of your life.  

One of my favorite scriptures is John 6:12. It goes like this: 

12 When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.

In this all too familiar scene, Jesus fed a multitude of folks, and each one was satisfied. 

That’s just like Him, right? 

Then,  He said: “Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.

Jesus is so amazing!!! Plus, He’s not wasteful! He values the fragments and broken pieces. He loves the part of you that is left over after the world has chewed you up. Don’t be ashamed of those pieces. They are part of you and part of the tool you will use to testify of God’s love and the power of Christ.

power of Christ is real

It’s available for the asking!

Why walk around broken?

Sadly, in spite of all the power Christ has, too many of us continue to walk around, allowing our fragmented little “pieces” to make us feel less than who we are in God. We let them define us. We do this all while trying to be good wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters, and ministry leaders.

We don’t have to because Jesus cares about the broken pieces!!!!

The spiritual brokenness of the past (or sometimes in the recent present) shouldn’t cripple us emotionally and spiritually.

If we let it hold us back, we may become depressed, bitter, judgmental, critical, self-righteous, mean, and uncompassionate – all because we nurture unnecessary broken “pieces” in the interiors of our spirit. That state of brokenness inhibits us in the long haul.

You don’t have to be that way!

Jesus “sees” or notices our kind of brokenness because He is super-sensitive to fragmented things, as demonstrated in the above scripture.

He doesn’t just discard them as useless or some sort of “waste.” He doesn’t discard us.

Instead, the power of Christ heals and brings wholeness so that nothing is ever lost in our lives.

Oh yeah, the best part is that He has the supernatural power to take the pieces of our lives, pain, and disappointment and mold them into something better than ever. Isn’t that good news?

Maybe you’re a bunch of small pieces now.

I have a thought to bring this home fo you.

Imagine for a moment you purchased a set of shelves for your home.

You carry into your home that long, heavy, skinny box. As you carry it, you hear the small pieces inside jingle and jangle; you wonder how in the world all those pieces will morph into the shelves depicted on the box.

Nevertheless, you go ahead and open it. Eagerly, you begin to sort out the pieces and analyze what pieces do what.

As you remove the box’s contents, what is the first thing you search for?

The corner piece? The screw? Bubble wrap?

NO! You look for the instructions (or at least you do if you have any sense!)

The instructions are the only logical way to produce the item you saw displayed at the store. You simply can’t do it without them!

When you need God's Peace

We are like those unassembled shelves.

In our brokenness, we’re a bunch of “pieces” jingling around in the box. Let’s call the box our bodies. Inside us are anxiety, stress, and, sometimes, a broken heart. We are broken from the past hurts or from the mistakes we have made.

We don’t need to be, though.

God created us to be whole. Additionally, He carefully planned happiness, wholeness, and peacefulness for our lives. We just have to know how to access it.

Consider this state of wholeness as the “image” of the completed shelves on the box. It’s your desired end result.

How to reach our “assembled state of being”…

You have only one way to get to your own desired end result. It’s by 1) knowing what it looks like and 2) reading your spiritual instructions so you can reach it.

You know where I’m heading and exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, I’m talking about the Word of God.

The Bible is our divine set of personalized “instructions” that will get us to the completely assembled state of wholeness we all crave. The power of Christ works in these Spirit-breathed words to make us completely whole in Him.

It will conform us to the image of Christ. 

Christ power to fix your life

How assembly works…

Read His Word every single day – even when you don’t feel like it. You can listen to it – it doesn’t matter. You just need the Word in your life so God’s assembly can ensue.

Treat your Bible time almost like a spiritual ‘prescription’ for wholeness.  Actually, that’s what it is, really.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the instructive elements of scripture and do what it says.  Again, even when you don’t feel like it, do it!

Note: God brings healing in a myriad of ways. Sometimes, it’s supernatural. Other times, He uses mental health professionals, medication, and scientific methods. Keep an open mind about how He chooses to assemble your life in the power of Christ.

Regardless of how He decides to heal you, trust Him and always stay in close contact with His Word (your instructions). He will heal you and make you whole.

Thanks for reading. I love you!

Jesus Christ has the power to make you whole.

Have you ever doubted the power of Christ to make you whole?

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