The Gold Personality

Organized Gold personality

The Gold personality description is characterized by its preference and ability toward organizing, structuring, and planning. The Gold term is derived from True Color’s International and has been around since the 1980s. This personality is associated with the MBTI ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ, and ISFJ.

The Gold personality description wouldn’t be complete without words like concrete, organized, precision, or responsible. These are just a few characteristics that embody the old personality description. Dependability and excellence drive this personality and are linked to their sense of fulfillment. You may hear a Gold temperament say something like, “it’s tried and true; let’s stick with it.” They see no value in change for the sake of change. Variety is okay, but they approach it a bit more cautiously than other temperaments. In fact, they likely would prefer to keep things the same and make calculated changes over time improving what exists rather than just make knee-jerk changes.

You can fix it…really.

When you see life, you see the chaos within it. I think it’s a give that you can see the “cracks” so they can be fixed.  Usually, you’re the one doing the repair because you’re super good at organizing and seeing how things should flow. You likely can look at something and just know where things should go to maximize the space. You have a strong spatial intelligence built right into your personality. Cool, huh?

You are also an AMAZING leader! At times, they may call you bossy, but you’re just getting things done. The Gold personality has the ability to set priorities.

If this is you, that’s why you’re an excellent list maker.

Those lists keep you on track and help you focus on the pressing issues and the individuals who are impacted or involved.  

You might be a little critical.

While you don’t mean any harm, you freely offer critique and advice so things can be better and people can do better. Efficiency is big for you and you just want to help people operate more efficiently. This may offend some people, so be careful. What can I say? You’re a Gold! Of course, you will be considerate… because appropriateness rings through to your very core. Offending people is not your motive when offering feedback or opinions. But, you likely do. 

Description of the gold personality description ESTJ, ESFJ,ISTJ, ISFJ
Good as Gold! That’s what you are!

Don’t let people take advantage of you or your Gold personality!

Just like the Blue Temperament, you’re likely to be burdened by others. Saying “no’ might be difficult for you because you’re so kind, dutiful, respectful, and helpful. People know they can count on you, so those jokers will come to you time and time again. Sometimes, it can be just too much. Take care of yourself. Then and only then you can help others.

My personal confession: My Gold friends are the first people usually invited to my “get-togethers.” 

Being around me, they know I’m going to crack them up all evening and offer engaging conversation. But, what thing I’m not going to do easily is keep things running smoothly. I may forget to restock the ice bucket or replenish the snack table because I’m chatting, giggling, and having fun. But, they are usually just going to do those things because that’s who they are – people of order and structure.

what is a blue personality
Ever wonder what is a Blue personality?

A perfect example is my bestie, Cheryle. She keeps me so organized. She has for years. When I’m about to go nuts, she methodically asks questions that help me think through whatever is going on intelligently.

Let’s talk about relationships and the Gold personality type

In relationships, be careful of that “fix it” mode and giving too much advice.  People can be turned off by it in spite of all your good intentions. The best practice is to share your feedback when asked. When you see something. “wrong”, take a few breaths and just embrace silence. The saying “nobody asked you” was created for a reason. Likely, the first person who ever said it had a Gold in their life! Ha!

Remember, you’re a valuable part of a work team, social circle, and family. You bring the stability we all need to improve and learn to be better. Never change.

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