A Spiritual warfare prayer

spiritual warfare prayer

Everyone has spiritual battles from time to time. We all have battles and need to pray a spiritual warfare prayer during some of life’s challenges. While this is true, staying strong and fighting the good fight of faith is important. In this post, I’ll tell you how I approach spiritual struggles and share a spiritual warfare prayer for protection at the end.

Christian Woman, if you’re not currently in a spiritual trial, trust me, one is coming. It’s the cycle of spiritual life. The enemy attacks God’s children. We fall into temptation. Some we love become ill. I could go on; for certain, some sort of battle is coming into your life if not already there.

Let me jump right in and share some ways I handle my spiritual trials. Again, later, I’ll share a spiritual warfare prayer.

I hope this post on a spiritual warfare prayer helps you be a bit more prepared, equipped, and ready for whatever lies ahead.

Topic 1: Be careful of people in your spiritual warfare season.

Chrisitan Woman, you have got to know which people to hold close and which ones to keep at a distance while you’re going through your hard time. Some may think the “Lord I lay me don’t o sleep” prayer is a spiritual warfare prayer!

Let’s face it: some people in your life are not the best resources during trouble or when you’re in spiritual warfare.

You gotta know the difference between those who can pray prayers that reach the very realms of heaven and those who are only good for a trip to Burger King.

Not all relationships are created equal, Christian Woman.

Just like not everyone has the same access (to everything) at the Pentagon, everyone shouldn’t have the same access to the sensitive areas of your personal life.

Choose close friends wisely. Again, not everyone has access to top-secret documents at the Pentagon, nor should everyone have access to the top secrets of your spiritual battle.

Some people are simply not spiritually mature enough to walk through the hard times with you. Who knows, maybe one day they will, but until then, guard your spirit and your heart. Protect them both.

Just like natural babies make messes, so do “spiritual” babies. They don’t know any better. They inject doubt, negativity, faithless words, and even earthy “logic” into an already trying situation. They say things like, “Why give all that money to the church when you can’t pay all your bills now?”

They don’t fully understand Godly principles yet, so they can’t reinforce your faith in them. Share sparingly.

Nah, in a battle, you need strong folks who can believe God with you.

Someone who sees the “invisible” by faith should be your “go-to” person. That’s who you confide in- someone who believes God’s promises over what they “see” “think” or “feel”.

Topic 2: Be Proactive

2. Store up your strength.

You know, when it comes to taking multivitamins, I’m the worst. In fact, I hate taking any kind of pill. I’m that person who resorts to vitamins only after my throat becomes sore or my nose begins to run. Bad.

As you know, by that point, it is usually too late for vitamins to help much. The immune system has already been compromised.

Do you know where I’m headed?

Standing strong in trouble and spiritual warfare prayers for protection is still my topics.

Your best defense, both spiritually and naturally, is a good offense. As a result, you really do need to spend time in God’s Word and hear His voice long before the bad times hit.

This way, when the fiery darts (of the enemy) come, you’re fully prepared for them. You’re already strengthened; your spirit is already resolute.

The “muscles” have already been built. This reminds me of something. My husband is a fierce vitamin popper.

He takes them every day and often in the middle of the day. It’s no wonder he rarely gets sick.

When a germ hits our house, I’m the first to get it.

My husband never does, and I think it’s because he is so full of vitamins the germ doesn’t have a fighting chance! Store up your spiritual strength the same way!

Don’t worry. God has built extra special grace into your Christian walk.

As usual, Jesus has us covered! He’s your protection, Christian Lady!

No matter how many “spiritual” vitamins you’ve missed over the course of your day, week, month, or decade, all you have to do is…throw yourself into God’s presence and allow Him to work His supernatural wonders!

Topic 3: Dive into the Word of God!

Meditate on it.

Inhale it. Treat it like spiritual bread!

Stay in His presence by displaying scriptures so you can easily see them.

Enter them into your phone calendar so they just pop up on a future date or keep worship music rolling.

Keep God’s presence close. This means turning your TV off and turning on a sound Bible teacher or sermon. The strength you’ll glean will give you the sustenance to get through your trial- day by day…moment by moment – step by step.

Hey, in a life trial, the weekly television show “Yellowstone” cannot help you; that old rerun has nothing to offer you. Turn that mess off and spend time with the Lord!

That can do much more than simply distract you from your troubles. It will help.

Walk and behave in faith, too.

spiritual warfare prayer for protection

Topic 4: Trust God and tell your face.

One day, right in the midst of a life trial, the Holy Spirit asked me, “Do you believe everything will be okay?” I’ll never forget it. In my spirit, I responded in the affirmative. He then said, “Then act like it, look like it, and speak like it?”


I knew exactly what He was referring to.

While telling others God was working things out in my situation, I was walking around looking like a sad, hopeless, pitiful, helpless little sheep without a shepherd.

In fact, I’m sure sometimes I weaken my own faith through my actions. I’m talking about those times when I would lay around in a dark room, watching sad movies, feeling sorry for myself. After all, who can be joyful in depressed environments? It’s difficult, if not impossible! That’s how I behaved, but not for long!

Sister! After that word from the Holy Spirit, I instantly got my hair together, put on some makeup, and wore a smile composed completely of faith. After that, when people asked how things were going in my situation, I replied with the Word of God or praise to the Holy God of the universe.

I activated my faith and brought my outer self into alignment with my inner self. Does that make sense?

Here’s what I’ve said so far in a short and “snappy” list:

1. Monitor who has a “front-row seat” in your tribulation. Not everyone can carry you through trials on the wings of faith.

2. Feed your spirit with the Word. Search, write down, and keep the Word close at all times. Keep it as part of the atmosphere around you.

3. Don’t articulate (say) that you’re trusting God while appearing defeated. Smile and reflect on Kingdom victory!

This trial will pass. Hang in there.

My spiritual warfare prayer for protection:

Father, I’m having struggles and attacks that are spiritual. I’m so thankful you already provided for my victory against these attacks, so I don’t have to worry about doing much but accepting and walking in the victory you’ve already won for me on the cross.

Heavenly Father, I thank you. I am more than a conqueror in you through all the things I go through. Greater is you who dwell inside me than he that is in this world. As a result, I reject fear and stand in your authority.

I will not entertain the foolishness of the enemy nor his “bad news” or “bad reports” about my life. Just as Jesus kept those conversations with the enemy short, so will I. And I will meditate on your awesome works and not on the silly things the enemy is doing for attention. He is already defeated and is like a toothless bulldog with a chain around his neck, barking and making noise.

I declare in Jesus’ name the enemy must “Go!” and I draw a spiritual bloodline in the sand. The Blood of Jesus is against you, Satan, and I will not be moved by anything you attempt to do.

I know who I am in Jesus, and I am not panicked, frightened, hindered, or bothered with you, Enemy.

Instead, I am in total peace and trusting the heavenly hosts to deal with you. In Jesus’ name and authority, I release angels to war on my behalf as I stand resolutely on the Word of God.

Don’t forget this, Christian Woman…

Lastly, I say, “Peace be still,” and trust you, Lord, 100 percent!

Have your way and deliver for namesake. Let the world see the salvation of the Lord on my behalf so more people will know you and worship you for themselves! Use me, Lord. Use ALL this, Lord, for your glory! Amen!

Hey, sometimes God allows trials. The main thing is to stay strong in Him and not lean on your own understanding. Trust Him, glorify Him, and don’t allow the enemy’s punches to distract you from your purpose, Christian Lady. Hang in there! I pray this spiritual warfare prayer inspires you.

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