Season of Christian Reboot

Spiritual reboot

Crazy times, right?

Sis, the last thing you need is a long blog post right now, so my encouragement will be frequent and shorter than usual. Or at least that’s my intent. 🙂

As I get encouragement from the Lord, I’m going to post it here in hopes of encouraging you too. Does that sound good?

You’ll also see pics of scriptures that resonate with me and the Holy Spirit is using to get me through all this.

Time for your spiritual reboot

From my knees to your ears

The Holy Spirit of God is real. He speaks. He leads and He comforts.

It’s pretty cool, right????

The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives inside you and covers you with His baptism. You can be immersed in it… in Him. Covered in Him. Hidden in Him.

A fresh opportunity for us all to start over.

This trial is God is re-booting us all.

We, as Christians, have become spiritually fat, arrogant, and independent. All this is Him giving us another chance, as a country, and as Christians to return to Him in a fresh, new way. It’s reboot season, Baby. Be sure you don’t waste it, OK?

Our time on this earth is short. He’s soon coming.

Here is what I have for you…what the Holy Spirit is telling me personally…

First, don’t run to what doesn’t [really] matter.

If you’ve neglected time with Him, this moment -when all is still- is your chance to reboot and re-connect. What a gift!!!!!!!

So, be sure to eat good “food” during this season of reboot.

Don’t feed only on Netflix at this important reboot time.

Chile, TV can’t help you. (Yeah, I said “Chile” 🙂 *hehehe*

Also, don’t use this time only to try new recipes, sew new projects or do your hobby. Those things are only fleeting sources of peace – they feel good for the moment, then you feel empty again.

C’mon, I’m not a fanatic!

Sure, you can do those fun things, but not all day and night! Don’t let them be all-consuming. NOOOOOO!

If you only use those things (Netflix, hobbies, etc.) to fill your time, you’ll fall into fear, depression, or anxiety.

Girl, those things are nothing more than spiritual “junk food”, they do not provide sustenance nor spiritual nutrition. They won’t give you the strength, encouragement, or power you need during this reboot.

They’re just “fun” things to “munch” on but, can’t be all you ingest.

Instead, intentionally use this time to draw nigh to God afresh.

During this still time, you can fall in love with the Lord all over again. Just like at the beginning of your faith walk, when you first met Him. Reboot.

Spiritual reset of my Christian spirit
You’ll have what you need as you trust in the Lord; Be wise. But, TRUST!
Here is the skinny on what I’m doing during my spiritually reboot…

1. Commanding myself to worship.

I’m turning on my praise and worship music (sometimes it’s even Andy Mineo’s old stuff like “You can’t stop me!”) to force my mind to focus on the Lord and to command or “order” the environment in my home.

I am going make (I.E. FORCE) myself worship no matter what because worship is warfare!

It’s battling for your spiritual state of being and even your mood.

Turn off TV for about five minutes or more and turn on something praise-worthy.

Do this throughout the day!

If you have kids, this is soooooo good for them too.

Not only are you being a good example, but you’re placing a spiritual narrative in their mind. They need words of power to rise up in their spirit when they are scared.

Don't worry during this hard time.
Don’t worry during these times! Jesus is STILL your Deliverer!!!

2. Get alone with the Lord.

In years of late, I’ve been praying on the floor or on my bed. Sometimes I even lay flat on the floor like a cuckcoo!

Today, I felt led to assume the old-fashioned traditional posture for prayer – on my knees.

NOTE: This is just what God leads me to do. But, I want you to do what He tells you to do.

Bottom line: “up” your prayer game right now.

Now, more than ever, you need a word from God and you need comfort. In these days to come, pray more than you ever have. Click To Tweet

3. Praise God now for keeping you healthy, healed, and for the conclusion of all this.

In faith, worship Him for carrying you, and everyone, through this. If you’ve tested positive for something, praise Him for restoring your health! Praise Him in advance!

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Mark 11:24

Just because they say “it’s going to be worse” doesn’t mean it has to.

Those are man’s words! Pray it WILL NOT!!!!

Whose report will you believe, Sister in Christ?

My answer: I will believe the report of the Lord.

Just like Ron Kenoly’s song of old:

“His report says
I am healed
His report says
I am filled
His report says
I am free
His report says victory”

Are you old enough to remember that song? Tell me in the comments.

Keep looking UP!!!!!
Spiritually reboot NOW!!!!!

Look, I love you and I don’t doubt we are going to be OK.

We will.

Trust Jesus and turn to Him now for YOUR reboot. Start over.

You have fresh grace, forgiveness, and acceptance…just like any other day, but, you also may now have more time in this season.

Don’t worry about past mistakes.

Start over, and reboot, NOW! Even if you have to continue to work and do your job to take care of others. Reboot.

Psalms build faith in your spiritual reboot time.
You will dwell securely…if you know the Lord and trust in Him.

Say what?

You’re not a Christian?

If you have never known the Lord as our Savior, surrender your life to Him now. Yes, I said NOW!!!!

Tell Him you believe in your heart that He is Lord. Speak it with your lips.

Listen, He is real, whether you believe it or not. That little something in your gut telling you He’s real … LISTEN TO IT!!!!

Ponder this: You can’t see gravity, but it’s real. Say, for instance, you don’t believe in gravity….doesn’t matter. You will soon find it to be real.

Don’t test gravity and don’t test the Lord.

You’ll see discover He’s real and I want that to be a joyous time for you and not the most horrible thing imaginable. Don’t reject Him.


You’ll be sorry if you do.

Give your life over to Him NOW. You can figure out the rest later. Just surrender. He loves you so much and nothing you do or did can change that. He accepts you.

I found this from Teen Missions International.

The steps to salvation!

Spiritual Reboot

I mentioned Andy Mineo earlier. I love his work…especially his first few albums. This is my favorite!

Talk to me… what is God saying to YOU during this season? Comment below! <3

About now, you need a little humor about all this. Of course, God’s people will deliver!

You gotta tell me if this cracked ya up too! Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Season of Christian Reboot”

  1. Thank you so much, Maria. Wow. Your comment made my heart flutter. I so appreciate your prayer for me and kind words. Seriously. Day made! 🙂 <3

  2. Amen! You’re not alone! I really believe so many Christians have gotten very comfortable and even in a “rut”…MYSELF INCLUDED! 🙂

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your comments. Thanks for taking the time to encourage me here. I love you!

  3. Good Morning Sis! Once again I thank you for your inspiration and words of encouragement. I must say this definitely is my season to spiritually RE-BOOT. I’m ashamed to say, but I’d been slacking in my prayer life (not praying as often) and hadn’t been reading my Word like I should neither. There’s no specific reason why I wasn’t, just being lazy I guess. Before this madness with the virus, the Lord had been telling me I needed to get back to spending time with Him and studying His Word. Sis. Teri, I believe what all you stated was confirmation for me in that I NEED to do better, and God giving me a second chance, which I’m truly grateful. Further, with all that’s happening in the world right now, I believe also it’s God’s way of getting every one’s attention.

  4. Thank you for your words and Godly wisdom. I too am using this time to be closer to our Lord and have found such loving peace in this time. I pray and ask the Lord to guide you in order to preach his word to us. Stay safe, I love you

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