Wisdom for Women

Wisdom for Women

I had so much fun interviewing Eileen Epps Hamilton, the founder of In The Word Ministries and Morning Reflections podcast.  When I think about wisdom for women, she immediately comes to mind.

I had a few tech issues, but as always, God causes our hands to succeed.

It all worked out.  It was so crucial for me to continue through the challenges because wisdom for women is hard to come by in this day of puffed-up Christianity or self-gratifying faith.

The direction of the conversation was much rawer than I had thought. I had my “plans,” and the Holy Spirit had His. He won. He should always win.

After our interview/discussion of women, spiritual warfare, and other things, I went to work on my online workshop for this Saturday. It’s covering “How to Plan a Women’s Prayer Breakfast. My ebook will soon follow.

To God be the Glory!

Link: https://youtu.be/NP7CPXTMfJo
or click below.

Eileen Epps Hamilton - Wisdom for Women
Wisdom for Women
Wisdom for Women
Wisdom for Women  - Christian women
Wisdom for Women to learn and grow
Wisdom for Women
Yup new hair…color 🙂

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