So Easy to Love Him

Have you heard the song in this video? So easy to love Him. Yes, it’s a statement and a song!

It’s called “So Easy to Love Him” and is one of my favorite songs – here sung by Rev. Isaac Pitre. Be sure to listen until the end! Listen to the end and
I dare you to not praise Him!

It really is so easy to love Him!

Bishop Joseph Garlington also sang it. I think it was on Israel Houghton’s CD.

It’s no secret I love worship! 

I don’t like it simply because it makes me tap my foot or bob my head. I love it for the fellowship and connection I feel to the Father.  

When I worship, everything else just seems to shrink and disappear. I also feel a closeness to the Lord when I praise Him. He seems so near. 

Do you know what I mean?  

Worshiping Jesus is amazing…no matter how you do it, what
culture you come from or which church you attend.

Worshipping is organic, natural, and sometimes even uncontrollable at times. Just like with Pastor Pitre in the above video. When you really know God, you can’t help it.

It’s like He’s calling you, beckoning you to “connect” with Him. It’s so beautiful.

Some people think folks should worship “a certain way”. I don’t. I think worship is personal and really none of my business. If you sit next to me and worship at the same moment – it’s your business. It’s between you and Jesus.

Let’s not let our differences prevent us from blessing one another.
God is too big for that and so are you! Amen? Amen.

Just know the Bible for YOURSELF and you’ll be secure enough to
worship with Christians that may be just a bit different from you.

Worship God in your OWN way…just be sure it’s in spirit and truth.

Isaac Pitre Ministries…check out Pastor Pitre!

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  1. Very seldom have I heard a pastor that can actually sing. So this was a blessing! 🙂

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