Cursing Christians…is it ok?

Is it OK for Christians to curse?

Are you old enough to remember back in the 70s when George Jefferson (from the old TV sitcom “The Jeffersons”) would say the word “H-E-L-L” and it was a big, huge deal?  I do. *hahaha* Clearly, swearing and cursing is 1000 times worse on television now. Girl, TV shows can say so many fowl words these days. I almost shudder watching network TV! What they say now makes George Jefferson seem mild. Anyway, I’m wondering should Christians curse?

Mean Christians cursing

Yeah, but, what about cursing Christians? Is it ok?

Some Christians say it is fine to curse and use profanity willy-nilly. What do you say? I’ll give you my take. Hey, it’s my blog, right?

In my opinion, people who condone profanity usually do it themselves either regularly or at least occasionally. So in a way, they say “it’s ok” because they are justifying their own behavior. That’s my first thought.

Secondly, cursing has nothing to do with salvation.

In my younger days (I was a new Christian), I used to think that people who cursed were not saved at all. HEATHENS!

I don’t believe that so much anymore. I just believe that they choose to remain at a level of Christianity that doesn’t put them above reproach.

As you know, Christians are often at a different point of discovery and figuring things out.

When Christians curse, it can weaken their testimony terribly. It’s a problem.

Who am I to judge them in the process of growing and maturing. At the same time, I will say it is harder to lead someone to the Lord when you curse like a sailor. I’m just saying.

In the end, we’re all really in a process of maturing.

 cursing Christians
Nothing inviting about a Christian using profanity.

So, you can be saved if you curse; but you are a poor, terrible, horrible witness.

I think cursing is reflective of the fact some Christians may have conformed to this world and it’s a way of doing things more so than they have the Kingdom of God.

Cursing is definitely how unsaved individuals express frustration, anger, and anxiety. They have no recourse, no Holy Spirit inside them, and no Word of God to regenerate them. I expect nothing less from them. After all, they are powerless.

At the same time, Christians are different.

We have the very same power that raised Christ from the dead living right inside us. It’s giving us the strength to eschew common sins just as Jesus’ death gave us keys to the Kingdom. We don’t have to be “suckers” to the world’s strongholds. We are free in Jesus!

Cursing Christians likely need more discipleship so they can control their impulses.

What Christian wants to fail?

Most Christians genuinely want to be more Christ-like. They wanna be good Christians.

No Christian wakes up in the morning and says “let me see how UN-Christ-like I can be today.

Nah, everyone wants to do and be better. Many folks just don’t know there is a “better” way. They don’t know we can be in control of our mouths, bodies, and inclinations.

Most folks who falter, just don’t understand (or utilize) the power inside them. Jesus died to give it to us. Why not make the effort?

Remember, our citizenship is not here, so we don’t live like the people here. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know that.

Some churches have gone super “soft” on equipping new Christians so they never, ever grow.

It’s really sad because it usurps power from God’s ability to change their lives and it also results in immature, weak Christians walking around making lots of unnecessary messes.

 cursing Christians

About the human thing…

Often times, you will hear a “cursing Christian” say something like:

“….but, I’m only human”.

True, still, I quickly tell them that it is a “cop-out” of monumental proportion. It’s the king of all cop-outs!

We are ALL only human, but we strive to live on a higher platform for God.

We tithe, we serve and we live according to His other statues, right? We set aside other elements of being “human” to be like Him and to be children who resemble our Father. That’s the goal.

What is less “human” than giving your tithe not knowing exactly where it’s going? Don’t buy that cop-out. We do things all the time against human nature.

Christians ok to curse?

Dude! You stink!!!!!

For example, it is very human to exude bodily gases, right? However, we don’t go around burping and tooting in public while excusing it by saying: ” I’m only human!”

Get outta here!

No, we exercise discipline so that we may fit in the social norms of the time. It would be rude and distasteful to toot in public (although some do).

 cursing Christians

Sorry.  I couldn’t resist being silly for a moment. Back to the point: we do NOT go around doing other “human” things because they would make us undesirable to be around, right? We use discipline at that dinner party so we don’t let one rip.

Same goes for godliness. We have to exercise discipline so we will fit into the “kingdom of God” norms and so we will represent Him well in the world!

How do we do cursing Christians change?

How do we change and adapt ourselves to the Kingdom of God and the ways of the Lord?

First. We have to stop living on a steady diet of the world’s “junk food”. Junk in; junk out.

I’m sorry, but this means we cannot continually feed our minds carnal, worldly-driven substances (profane songs in our ear, constant R-rated movies, etc) and expect to think and act like Jesus Christ.

All about diet…spiritual diet

Here’s an example. Imagine you eat Oreo cookies all of the time – like 7 days a week. How yummy they are while you’re crunching them, but in time, you will have weak physical strength.

You will be so lethargic and tired that you won’t be able to perform the duties of your day. Your entire life will be affected.

Same goes if you feast and continually “eat” music and watch television shows that propagate ideologies contrary to God’s way of living.

You will be entertained for the moment (while you’re crunching on it). But, just like in the “cookie” analogy, you will be so weak emotionally and spiritually that you won’t have the strength to effectively walk the Christian walk.

You’ll be saved, just a little useless.

I’m going “there”

I’m sorry. I have to say it: tv shows can work totally against what the Holy Spirit is trying to do in us.

Seeing repeated sexual images, mean-spirited actions and twisted lifestyles are going to eventually thwart the way we begin to see the world and how we behave. Definitely, it will affect our speech and responses. Cursing Christians usually frequently watch tv shows and movies with cursing in them.

When we do, cursing becomes less repugnant. It becomes sort of “ok.” Our senses are dulled.

I’m not saying that Christians who watch those shows are going to hell or anything crazy like that.

What I will say is if you “take in” what the Bible calls wicked on a regular, ongoing basis, your concept of what is “normal” and what is “right” will change.

Be careful with those kinds of things. Those are the little foxes Jesus warned us about.

Enjoy TV as entertainment, but be careful about what you choose to watch regularly. It will affect you.

Is it OK for Christians to curse?

Keep the proportions right.

Spend most of your time on the nourishing “food” of God’s Word, praise and worship, prayer, and Christian fellowship. Guard your heart. Remember, junk in will result in junk out.

A brain is a machine with a subconscious component. When you watch things, they go into your subconscious mind.

Honestly, I think that’s why curse words unexpectedly slip out of some people – when they least expect it. It’s all about what’s going on the inside.

That’s why we have to “re-decorate” our interior with Godly principles.

Being a Christian is like chipping away old paint and applying a fresh coat of new. You can have cracked paint on your wall, but if you want to paint over it, you need to chip it away, maybe sand the area…and THEN paint. You can’t just put new paint on top of cracked, ragged surfaces.

Your “old paint” is your old way of doing things. It’s the world’s way of doing things. You hit me; I hit you…that sort of stuff. You can’t just “paint” a new life on top of the cracked old one. I think you have to smooth the surface with a regular, consistent time learning about God and His way of doing things- including His way of talking.

At least that’s what worked for me.

Christians cursing- reprogram your mind with God's word.

A good “programming” of the mental/spiritual computer

How to program your mind, spirit and our mouths.

Learning about how Jesus responded in specific situations.

Learning about how Scriptures tell us to think and act and what the Kingdom of God deems as “normal”.

Jesus must define our “normal”. Not Empire or “The Real Housewives or the OWN network shows.

Changing your outer-self begins with crucifying and changing your inner self first. Then your words will match up with the new “program.”

Things that helped me shift my “program”:

1) learning about Him

2) doing what He says and

3) infusing His Word in your heart

Christian woman, I promise you, you do these things consistently and genuinely, you will notice the curse words will be less common. Eventually, they will likely go away altogether…over time. Again, I’m living proof.

Again, how does this happen?

Why? Because your spirit will grow more and more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and you’ll begin to hear Him say things “like don’t say that” or “don’t do that“.

It happens to me all the time.

Heck, this entire blog post happened to me. Over twenty-five years ago, I had such a horribly potty mouth. I’d like to tell you it went away overnight. It didn’t.

It was me actively re-conforming myself from the ungodly way of living to the Godly way. The Holy Spirit did the rest as I listened to Him and allowed Him to guide my life. It took time.

He still guides me.

Sometimes, I listen to Him better than I do other times. Remember, it’s a process.

At any rate, I thank God that He is patient with my “hot mess” self. 🙂

I’m thankful when I stump my toe…nothing “weird” comes out anymore. He’s conforming me little by little by little.

What do you think about cursing Christians? Agree or disagree?

Christians cursing

Scriptures for cursing Christians….

Ephesians 4:29 “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only…”

Colossians 3:8 “But now you must also rid yourselves of ….as these: anger, rage….filthy language from your lips”

Jame 3:9-12  “With it we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse those who are made in the likeness of God. 

From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this ought not to be so. 

Does a spring pour forth from the same opening both fresh and brackish water? 

Can a fig tree, my brothers and sisters, yield olives, or a grapevine figs? No more can salt water yield fresh.”

Cursing Christians. Is it thing?

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