Politics and faith

“…Government is the coming together of people, tikkun olam. Let’s collaborate in creation, the coming together of people through government, to do for one another collectively what they could not do as well or at all individually and privately…you can argue about it, you’ll differ about it, you might even fight about it, but it is not complicated intellectually.”

In Florida, an atheist organization is coming under fire for a string of billboards that assert: “One Nation – No God”. According to Fox News.Com, the organization says it wants the community to know during patriotic holidays “atheists are Americans too.” Politics and faith…are they parallels?

The question becomes are the lines of patriotism blurred when as it pertains to religion? In order to be considered truly patriotic, do we all have to agree in areas of faith, life, or ice cream flavor?

Politics and faith is a “thing” or is it?

Surely, you remember when President Obama was elected. The Body of Christ became incredibly divided. It was like the unity of one Body morphed into a distorted and twisted monster with two polarized sides and lots of “heads”.

Political emails threatened friendships and something as simple as a t-shirt created dissension among buddies.

Some Christians questioned the faith of other Christians simply because they voted for a Democrat or Republican. It was (or is?) a dark time.

Back to the billboard signs, I must say that these expressions are not new. This group has been erecting their signage for a while – as early as last year. However, the most recent one made national news because of its patriotic slant.

For me, I cannot separate my beliefs from my views.

I believe what I believe. It is what it is.

Still, that doesn’t mean I cannot sit down and have a burger with someone that believes differently, right?

I am a devoted Christ-follower. I love Him and am true to Him. Just because I don’t agree with a particular person, channel, or network doesn’t mean I’m not a Christian.

I’m “bugged” when the strength (or weakness) of my (or any Christian’s) faith enters a political dialogue. Politics and faith are not synonymous.

I am further “bugged” when people assume I believe a certain way because of my faith.

I am also bugged when people touch my hair – but that’s another conversation altogether. :/

So the questions remain, how rigid are the lines that connect our Christianity and our political views? Should the issue continue to arise? I’m not so sure.

In the end, I think faith and patriotism are two different things. I’m a Christian and my salvation isn’t going anywhere, but my political part may change over time.

What about you?


Fox News.Com

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1 thought on “Politics and faith”

  1. loved this post Godsy Girl! I know what you mean, What would happen if we listened more, and assumed less? What could happen if we chose to respectfully engage instead of immediatley drawing our own conclusions? How much could we break down common walls if we gave the other the benefit of the doubt? I wonder what would happen if we purposed it in our hearts to walk in the true meaning of love & respect…unity…..that is my goal sweet bella – hope you have a marvelous afternoon – just posted a new recipe at mangiabella for stuffed french toast with a side of augustine πŸ™‚

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