Quickest way to forgive someone…

how to forgive someone who hurt you

Need to forgive someone, Christian woman? I’ve got the perfect way to how to forgive someone who hurt you! It’s practical and easy to remember. It helps me forgive just about anything. I call it the spiritual method of substitution. Don’t worry, it’s not any of that new-age weirdness. It’s more about taking advantage of the brain and how it works.

Here’s how it works and how to forgive someone who hurt you:

When you’re really angry or hurt and you can’t seem to forgive a person (like my episode at Hy-vee), all you have to do is:

Step 1: Think about what the person did to you. Did they betray you? Lie to/on you? Hurt you? Maybe they just didn’t love you the way you wanted them to. Get it in your mind.

Step 2: Whatever the infraction, substitute yourself in the position of the offender and ask “have I ever done that to someone else?” Maybe in another form? Did I ever disappoint someone I cared about? Did I mislead someone in my life? Maybe I took something that didn’t belong to me or shared a secret.

Unless you are perfect, I’ll bet at some point (in your lifetime) you’ve been guilty of something rather similar – at least on some level.

Surely, you’ve hurt someone in your life span.

It may have been on the playground, but I’ll bet you’ve done it. Hmmmm…when you did it, didn’t you want forgiveness? Sure you did. Did you want God’s forgiveness? Have you ever wanted His forgiveness?

You know, sometimes the one we hurt most with our failures is God.

Maybe He’s the one you rejected, mistreated or ignored. Maybe you didn’t keep a promise to Him. Perhaps, you ignored Him or His feelings (and He does have them).

Either way, you’ve been guilty and you craved forgiveness, right? What a feeling to know He has it in abundance!

Shouldn’t you have that kind of grace to forgive too-whether or not the guilty party asks for it or not?

Once I do this activity, it’s easy to forgive most anything with the Method of Substitution.

It works, try it.

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  1. great post – I once heard that holding on to unforgiveness is like taking poison every day and expecting the other person to die….I also heard that to forgive is to set the prisoner free, and then discover the prisoner was you…..oh there is far too much bitterness taking root in lives today sweet bella….let us throw off everything that hinders and run the race, passionately! forgive as we would like to be forgiven, YES!

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