2 Awesome Prayer Breakfast Agendas

Prayer Breakfast Sample Agenda

Planning a successful women’s prayer breakfast agenda requires preparation, organization, and strategic execution. Use my sample agenda template to get started quickly and easily and create the perfect meeting plan to engage attendees and meet all of your goals. A prayer breakfast agenda is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides a clear structure and timeline for everything that will happen during the prayer breakfast. It ensures that the event runs smoothly and efficiently. That’s what you want!

By outlining the sequence of activities, speakers, and activities, an agenda helps participants and planners stay organized and on track, reducing the chances of confusion or delays.

It also allows for better time management, ensuring that each part of the breakfast receives the appropriate amount of attention and that there is enough time for breaks and transitions. You can’t be without one.

Agendas communicate.

Also, your prayer breakfast agenda serves as a valuable communication tool. It conveys essential information to attendees, such as the topics to be covered, the order of presentations, and the duration of each segment.

Have you read my posts on the Gold temperament? If not, click here to read it. This personality type craves order and organization. They need to know what you’ve planned and when it will occur.

This transparency helps them and all attendees prepare for the event adequately, mentally, and logistically.

Attendees can even come equipped with the necessary materials, questions, and expectations, which enhances their overall engagement and participation.

Additionally, an agenda allows your team of organizers to set expectations and manage the event flow effectively, aligning everyone’s understanding of what will transpire.

Your prayer breakfast agenda plays a key role in ensuring the success of the prayer breakfast by providing structure, facilitating communication, and enhancing the overall experience for participants. Without it – you could end up with chaos and disorder. Who wants that?

Plan a women's prayer breakfast
sample of women's prayer breakfast book

Discover everything you need to know about planning a women’s prayer breakfast step-by-step in the book “Planning Amazing Women’s Prayer Breakfast.” It is no longer available on Amazon. They take entirely too much of the profit, so I will make it available upon request. I will sell it only digitally (via PDF) for $3.99. If you would like a copy, please get in touch with me.

Don’t stress about designing your prayer breakfast agenda.

I know putting together a successful agenda for a women’s ministry meeting can be daunting, but I will provide you with some of the essential things to think about to create an effective agenda below.

There are a million ways to plan a prayer breakfast. It can be formal, informal, casual, or a morning picnic. Regardless of your format, several elements of the prayer breakfast are worth considering.  This prayer breakfast agenda will give you ideas and inspire your creativity.

Let’s begin with establishing your goal for the women’s prayer breakfast agenda. I mean, the goals or targets so you will know your event is successful.

I. Begin with the Logic of Your Prayer Breakfast Agenda

Define the goal for your women’s prayer breakfast agenda

The goal of your women’s prayer breakfast is likely “prayer.” But I challenge you to think about it a bit more deeply. To get the heart of why you’re planning this women’s ministry event, ask yourself and, ultimately, your team:

  1. Why do I want to plan this event?
  2. Why would women come to it? What will they get from it?
  3. What do I want the attendees to leave with or leave knowing?
  4. What do you want the women attendees to say about the event after they leave?

Defining the prayer breakfast agenda is interconnected with the answers to the questions listed above. After you and your women’s ministry team answer the questions, do a wordsmithing activity to develop an event goal.


Say your answers to the questions are:

  1. Why do I want to plan this event? To encourage women to pray more in their daily lives.
  2. Why would women come to it? What will they get from it? Fellowship, information, and tips to strengthen their prayer lives.
  3. What do I want the attendees to leave with or know? They should know Bible scriptures on prayer and new techniques for incorporating prayer in their daily lives.
  4. What do you want the women attendees to say about the event after they leave? “I had so much f meeting new people and learning practical ways to pray more throughout the day.
Women's ministry resources

A possible goal for your women’s prayer breakfast agenda is:

A fun, fellowship event that encourages 100 women to find creative ways to incorporate prayer into their daily lives based on the scriptural admonition to pray.

You can use post-even evaluations or pledge cards to know if you have 100 women committed to praying using the techniques they learned. Social media is also an excellent way to measure this goal. Create a Facebook group or ask the women to follow your Facebook profile (not page – pages are tricky). Then, you can post reminders and conversations confirming women are meeting the event goal.

To create a successful women’s prayer breakfast, it is vital to develop an organized prayer breakfast agenda that considers everyone’s needs and preferences.

II. Next, the structure of the prayer breakfast agenda

I. Food Setup (1 hour)

Be sure to keep your overall event theme in mind as you decorate the food and beverage tables!

Try to bring decorative elements from the centerpieces to these extra tables, too.  So often, folks spend time on their attendee tables and neglect the registration and food tables.  They can be pretty, too, right?

Remember: you want your theme (and colors) to be consistent throughout every single part of the event.

Assign two people to set up and oversee the food table.

I buy most of my decor from Dollar Tree.

The “manual labor” part of your prayer breakfast agenda…

II. Pre-event Set-up/Decorations (2-3 hours)

Doing your decorations can be tricky.

It always seems something is forgotten or doesn’t look like planned.  

I think it’s a good idea to go ahead and do a mock trial run of your decor before the event. 

What I like to do is a sample centerpiece. Then, the day of, me and my team know how things will look. 

Have everyone take a pic of the centerpiece on their phone so they know exactly how it should look on the day of the women’s prayer breakfast

This is the main reason the pre-event walk-through is so essential.  Planning ahead saves so much trouble on the actual day of the event.

Divide the areas of the room into task zones (i.e., tables, registration tables, walls, stage, etc.).

Place two (maybe three) people on each task/zone if possible. 

If not, make sure you pad more time into the process.

Again, trial runs are helpful, and so is gaining access to the venue the night before the women’s prayer breakfast or women’s event. 

If you can get in there, set up as much of the decor as possible the night before. Also, ask if you can leave items in the kitchen and such. Trust me, Honey; it’s a lifesaver!

Here are ideas from an event planning professional:

III. Welcome (3-5 minutes)

Now, it’s time for the fun!

Your event has started! Yaay! Plan how you want to springboard the way the women feel about being there. What emotions do you want to evoke with your welcome? Do you want it fun and lively or subdued and pensive?

Planning this element will guide the women to mentally transition into the event milieu or mood f the event. This part of your planning sets the tone.  

Did you know when people enter a new place, their brains are typically in the “fight or flight” mode? 

Entering a new space is something of a low-dose stress process that begins in the brain. Long story short, your welcome can alleviate some stress when entering a room full of folks. Learn more here.

Have a hearty welcome that tells people what to expect so they can be put to ease. Especially those with personalities that require order and a “need to know.”

 IV. Prayer (2 minutes)

How can you really place a time limit on prayer?  It’s difficult, but you have to.

Whomever you select to open the prayer breakfast should have an idea of how long you want them to pray.

Otherwise, you run the risk of someone having what I call an “American Idol” moment. This is when people hijack the prayer time with prayers for everything from hungry children in third-world countries to praying for the nation’s youth.

Yes, prayer is imperative, but it shouldn’t be equivalent to one’s own personal prayer time. This is public prayer and should be direct and succinct. Don’t you think?

Decide how long the prayer should be and ask the person praying to accommodate. Warning: If they say, “No, I can’t guarantee it because the Holy Spirit might move me.” Select another person. If the Holy Spirit moves, He will let you know too.

I’m reminded of when I’m out to dinner with friends, and a person is asked to bless the food and pray for all the kids in China and the national debt, and the dinner is cold by the time they are finished praying! Leave your “laundry prayer list” for your personal prayer time. *hahaha*

No need to hold people hostage with long, exhaustive prayers during the event.

Share the prayer goal with the prayer person and ask the prayer person to set the mood based on what God has given you for the event.

The point of the event is to teach about prayer, right?

Note: I do envision women’s retreats as being more appropriate for long prayer times.

Anyway, use this particular prayer time (during breakfast) to ask for God’s covering, blessing, and anointing over the event. Make sure your pray-er saves praying for gun control, war, and global food shortages for their private prayer time.

V. Food (15-30 minutes and then keep it moving)

In reality, I like allowing people maybe 15-20 minutes to get their food, sit down…exhale …and begin eating.

People eat at different speeds, so designating an entire 60 minutes of “dead time” only for eating could be a waste of time. 

Folks can eat and do something else!  Maybe you can have icebreakers at the table or some fun game they can play. This is totally up to you.

You’ll know the best mode of service (buffet, self-service, etc.) for your prayer breakfast. Buffets take longer than having the food come to them.

If the buffet is your only option, speed things up and have someone call tables to get their plates incrementally; this will avoid long lines. But, it does leave some tables idle and means some folks will be done eating while others are just beginning. The activities or some entertainment could make the time go by faster.

Still, everyone HATES long lines! But I have an idea.

If you have lines, encourage people to chat [while in line] about what they want to get out of the women’s prayer breakfast. After the meal, allow some to share what was said while in line.

Or, to pass the time, you could periodically use the mic to broadcast specific “get to know you” questions. You could also have a soloist, giveaways, or something active happening to keep moods high and spirits lifted.

Prayer breakfast agenda

 VI. Praise and Worship Moment (5-7 minutes)

You can choose to have a person/people lead corporate praise and worship (this is my favorite), or you can opt for something else.

I love praise and worship! It unifies a room full of strangers like nothing else can.

Another option is a praise dance presentation.

The purpose is to lift hearts from earth toward heaven.

 VII. Speaker (30-45 minutes)

In a perfect world, people should be finished eating (mostly) by the time the speaker begins. 

It’s okay to be finishing their last bites, but you don’t want much clanking of silverware and stirring of coffee while the speaker is trying to impart.

prayer breakfast for women
Random: I love the colors on this plate. Your event can be beautiful too!

VIII. Thank yous, door prize(s) and acknowledgements (5-10 minutes)

Now is a good time to acknowledge the people who made the event possible.  Doing it toward the end is valuable, in my opinion, because people have seen their faces, and pointing them out is a bit more meaningful to everyone involved.  

Door prizes at the end are a slight motivation for people to stick around, and it ends the event on a very high note.

Along the same lines, if you have any special guests, point them out to the group (guests from other churches, first ladies, minister’s wives, etc.). 

It’s not a bad idea to alert them of your acknowledgment prior…again, it will help them stay at the event and ensure they aren’t picking their teeth when you announce them. 🙂

 IX. Clean-up (2 hours)

Ideally, your team has been cleaning up during the event.  

If not, you may need a total of two hours to clear the tables, grab tablecloths, pack items into boxes, load cars, wipe tables, sweep floors, etc.

It’s not a bad idea to have husbands, friends, and families come after the event for the sole purpose of helping to clean up! Give them some of the leftover food! My boys used to love helping for that very reason.

Well, that is all I have.

agenda for a women's prayer breakfast

What’s missing from this prayer breakfast sample agenda? What other ideas do you have?

View other prayer breakfast resources here!

Speaking at a Christian women’s conference or retreat? Learn how to deliver your information in the way adults learn best! Watch this free video class today or pin for later!

As you meet with your team to plan your women’s ministry event, please remember to have an agenda for those meetings as well. On my other blog, I’ve outlined some key roles you want on your ministry team. Click here to see the roles and ensure you have all the necessary people in place.

Each meeting should include activities tailored to both the purpose of the gathering and your potential attendees’ interests. These can range from scheduled speakers and interactive prayers or praise sessions to fun icebreakers for the team or even simply time allotted to have meaningful conversations with each other. Planning meetings are more than the “work.” As your team engages with one another and has fun – creativity flows!

Consider including engaging activities that promote creativity, restful reflection, and spiritual growth among participants.

2 types of women’s prayer breakfast agendas in “outline” format

Agenda Outline # 1: The Basic Agenda

I. Opening Introduction

II. Prayer
(Corporate or everyone at the same time.)

III. Praise and Worship
(Tip: don’t rush this portion, but don’t let it go on forever, either.)

IV. Solo (Optional)

V. Food and table at the networking
(Consider some low-risk-not too personal- icebreakers and activities to get people acquainted).VI. Speaker (Not too long. It’s okay to leave people wanting more.)

VI. Speaker
(Tip: don’t let them go too long. It’s okay to leave people wanting more.)

VII. Call to Action: (What will ladies do with the information received from the speaker or for the ministry?)

VIII. Prayer Time
(I.e.individual time to ponder, pray and reflect on the call to action)

IX. Evaluation of the breakfast
(Tip: a simple one-answer assessment would be great to get feedback on your effectiveness)

X. Give-a-ways

XI. Ending Prayer

Agenda Outline #2

I wouldn’t use this agenda as it is. I’m a pretty non-traditional person. So, I like to more “out of the box” with my events.

Being the “jeans and tennis shoes kinda gal” I am, I find many women’s prayer breakfasts a weird combination of “boring” and “busy.” That’s just me.

If your audience is more of the traditional sort, the one above is perfect.

However, if you’re like me and want to get this poppin’, consider my second example of an agenda.

Planning a Women's Prayer Breakfast
Steps to Planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfast

Agenda Outline Option #2: A Jazzier Agenda

If I were going less traditional, I’d have it flow something like this:

I. Skit from the audience (to set the mood and surprise the ladies)

II. Super high-energy praise and worship or up-tempo worship

III. Welcome

IV. Foodservice

V. Brief speaker on a single topic or scripture

VI. Small group activity to be done in groups of three or in tables

VII. Prayer in small groups

VIII. Report out to the entire group, testimonies or sharing out from tables

IX. Networking
(or activity where people go and encourage at least two people. OR Quiet time to journal (with slow music in the background)

X. Closing prayer

Women's Prayer Breakfast Agenda

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    Thank you again for sharing! <3


  2. My program idea: mothers and daughters, all church women attend a potluck brunch at church on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Each person participates by bringing a family heirloom for show and tell. Girls can take turns reading Christian poetry – Bible passages or singing, or playing an instrument. I bought a photo backdrop, everyone can use it for phone photos.
    Each family will receive a six inch white paper lantern with battery operated light.
    Table settings include flowered placemats with a six foot rose floral garland down the center of each of seven tables

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