Planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfast

Are you in charge of planning the women’s prayer breakfast?

I love planning women’s ministry events!

Some of the most popular pages on GodsyGirl.Com are my random tools for ministry leaders and Christian event planners. Women’s ministry is one of my foremost passions.

I’ve worked in various areas of church ministry, but my favorite has been women’s ministry events in church settings for sure!

Planning a women’s prayer breakfast blesses so many ladies and impacts their lives in real, meaningful ways. Prayer, fellowship, and food – what’s not to love?

It’s an atmosphere for terrific, magical things to happen. Women can make new friends, join your women’s ministry mailing list, grow in the Lord, or even enjoy a special time with their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and more. I tell you, women’s ministry events can really enrich lives in both the long and short term!

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Anyway, whatever your women’s ministry effort, the following are a few tips for your next Christian women’s workshop or women’s prayer breakfast.

1. Where I start when planning women’s prayer breakfasts

Never plan an event without creating at least 3 outcomes (or goals).

Outcomes are the ideal “end result” of your women’s ministry event.

Pray and ask God what He wants to accomplish through your Christian women’s event, then organize and plan it well.

You’ve got to consistently keep that “end result” in mind throughout the entire planning process so you don’t get off track.

A sample outcome:

The ______ will host a women’s prayer breakfast on _______ date to help 100 women make new friends, create a prayer box and learn the 3 most important parts of prayer.

If growing spiritually is your outcome, try having workshops on something like “Studying the Bible in 1 hour or less”.  You could also do a Bible journaling workshop! Fun! I’d likely come to that one! 🙂

Is your event educational?
If so, what exactly will women learn? What will they leave with (i.e. handout, notes, access to a private video, etc?) How will you KNOW they learned it? How can you “prove it”?

How will the ladies benefit from attending?
Stronger prayer lives, a fun time with other Christian women, enjoying a beautiful environment as well as a chance to get away “from it all”, the list can be endless. What will women “get” from your event? Write it out.

How will your ministry benefit?
It’s ok for there to be a mutual benefit as a result of your event! I usually want my events to grow my email lists so I can invite ladies to future things I plan. Sometimes, events are purely fundraising. Nothing wrong with that either.

If you want women to build relationships with one another, then research (or delegate finding) activities, energizers, or fun games to help women get acquainted. 

Feel free to use some of the ones I have often use.  Click here to view them. I like to create intentional games and learning activities.

In case you didn’t know, professionally, I’m a training consultant. If you need an hour of support or one activity created, I’m happy to contract with you to do just that!

Complete the form below and let me know how I can help you.

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These are so fun for me.
I feel like I’m chatting with girlfriends most of the time. 🙂

Women's tea breakfast special event

2. Have a Master Document.

Always use an event planning document to keep you on track.

You can use your computer or tablet, but I like good old-fashioned paper for my events.

You’re going to need something … in the form of a planning document …to help you coordinate the process and manage those details that can easily be overlooked. This doc will organize tasks, room assignments (if applicable), and everything in between!

Your document should include:

a timeline,

your budget

registration processes

technology plans

milestones and crucial deadlines

pictures of the venue from various angles, centerpieces and place settings

list of who is doing what

Contact information for your venue

Think of this as a “working” document that changes over time.

planning women's ministry events like prayer breakfasts
My docs are usually 5 – 7 pages and are both printed and in a Google doc.

Think of your document as your “brain” on paper. Anyone should be able to pick it up at any time and know what should be occurring and who is responsible for doing it.

God forbid anything emergent happens on the day of your event. Should it happen, someone must be able to execute the event in your absence. Be sure to plan for it.

3. Organize tasks for your women’s prayer breakfast…

Organize all the stuff that will go in your planning document: tasks, the layout of the room, who is doing what, etc.

Detailed lists and task management systems ensure everything gets done (as much as possible with an event). Every now and again, something last minute will pop up, and off to Dollar Tree you go! I think this happens with every event, don’t you?

Regardless, plan, think through the event a million times prior to the day. Refer to your planning document often!

Organizing women’s prayer breakfasts and workshops is a lot of work, but you can do it! Your key is to plan and think through every, single, minute detail, and plan for any contingency.

4. You need a good Christian speaker for your special day!

Don’t ask someone to speak simply because they are popular or “connected” to the “in” group or because their husband is a popular pastor.

You really gotta pray about it.

Personally, I like meeting potential speakers in-person. There is something about a face-to-face meeting you can’t beat. I always bring my tablet or laptop to reinforce it’s a business meeting. During the meeting, my “gut” helps me assess them as a potential speaker at my women’s event.

You need a women's prayer breakfast team.
You will have many details to think through. Find help. 🙂

As you know, prayer is important too. A few times, I’ve prayed and asked God to lead me to the right person and, BOOM!, someone just “landed” in my lap. Wild.

Specifically, I remember, years ago, praying for a speaker for my women’s retreat. I asked around, but never got a referral I wanted to use. So, I prayed and waited.

About a week later, my own cousin popped up on my Facebook timeline. She was speaking at a massive women’s conference in another city. I was like “duh!” There I had a popular, dynamic, and anointed speaker in my own family and totally forgot! Crazy, right?

Yeah, ask God for suggestions and then pray about the selection.

Do not settle for someone just because they are available, you like them as a friend or they are inexpensive. You want a speaker who is anointed, equipped, and able to communicate God’s vision to the ladies at your prayer breakfast, tea, or women’s conference.  

This is so important. After all, what’s worse than attending an event with a speaker who shouldn’t be …well …speaking?

Trust me, the women will remember a terrible speaker and may not attend your next ministry event. Plus, you and your team will look like chumps. 🙂

Seriously, interview potential speakers over coffee or lunch when they are relaxed and more authentic than on the telephone.

Maybe, bring someone with you too! Another opinion is always good, right? Phone conversations won’t give you an accurate assessment and email certainly will not.

Let God lead you.

Once you identify someone, read this list of questions you should ask them.

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A Sample Agenda for Women’s Prayer Breakfast

Once you decide on a speaker, give them a copy of your agenda prior to the event, so she/he knows where they fit into the big picture.

Here is a sample agenda for your review.

I. Opening Introduction

II. Prayer
(Corporate- praying as a group)

III. Praise and Worship
(Don’t rush this portion, but don’t let it go on forever either. 🙂

IV. Solo
(You could also have a praise and worship group. Worship is so important.)

V. Food
(Consider a low-risk, not too personal- icebreaker or activity to get people acquainted during this time).

VI. Speaker
(Not too long. It’s okay to leave people wanting more).

VII. Call to Action
(What is the outcome? What was the end result? What will ladies do with the information received from the speaker?)

VIII. Prayer Time
(Individual time to ponder, pray and reflect on the call to action).

IX. Evaluation of the breakfast
(You need a simple assessment to get feedback on how it all went. This will be how you know the women learned or accomplished the goal of the event.)

X. Give-a-ways
(This could be something very simple. People love getting just about anything free)

XI. Ending Prayer
(Be sure to include the “call to action” in the ending prayer).

I’ve created another agenda too!  You can click here to view it.

Planning a women's prayer breakfast
Praise dancing adds such a wonderful touch to praising God.

5. Find the perfect scripture for your women’s prayer breakfast.

“In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” Psalm 5:3

I have other scriptures on  Click here to view them.

Hey, you can also check out Bible Study Tools and find several scriptures on prayer. Click here to see those.

6. A great outline for your planning.

Maybe, use this high-level checklist to begin conceptualizing the event:

Set goals/objectives for the event.

Talk to your husband to garner support. He can help in some way!

Choose a date for the event. Ideally summer or spring.

Find a place to host it.

Choose a theme.

Research for the best scripture(s).

Decide what your budget is. Remember, some things can be donated!

Seek out a dynamic speaker.

Figure out how people will RSVP (Google Docs or Wufoo may be good resources).

Decide on what will be served.

Market. Market. Market everywhere and often.

If you have a team, decide who will do what (i.e. divvy tasks).

Plan a walk-thru at least 2 days before your event.

Relax and have an amazing time planning!

More Resources for planning the prayer breakfast are:

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More to come!  Be blessed in ministry, GodsyGirl!

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