Tips for a Women’s Prayer Breakfast

Planning a Women's Prayer Breakfast
How to plan a women's ministry event
I’ve written a book on planning women’s ministry events
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Planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfast –  Sample Agenda

What’s more fun than women coming together to fellowship with one another and to worship the Lord? Nothing! Of all the events I attend and plan, I love prayer breakfasts. They are usually on a Saturday morning. The breakfast is usually something light, pretty and girly. That’s why so many GodsyGirl posts are about or titled Planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfast Sample Agenda for a Women’s Prayer. I have so many ideas!

You can make it a perfect escape!

Women’s prayer breakfasts are amazing fellowship opportunities. They are also a great time to grow in the Lord.

No kids, no hubbies, just a “me” moment with other wonderful Christian women. Each time I attend or organize one, I meet someone new.  I also  leave a bit better off than when I arrived. 

Make it memorable excellent and memorable for them. A well-organized agenda is the first step.

I’m providing two ideas here for you!

Women's Prayer breakfast agenda
If you have this sort of prayer breakfast, please INVITE ME! 🙂

Agenda – Option #1

I. Opening Introduction

II. Prayer
(Corporate or everyone at the same time.)

III. Praise and Worship
(Tip: don’t rush this portion, but don’t let it go on forever either.)

IV. Solo (Optional)

V. Food and table at the networking
(Consider some low-risk-not too personal- icebreakers and activities to get people acquainted).VI. Speaker (Not too long. It’s okay to leave people wanting more)

VI. Speaker
(Tip: don’t let them go too long. It’s okay to leave people wanting more)

VII. Call to Action: (What will ladies do with information received from speaker or for the ministry?)

VIII. Prayer Time
(I.e.individual time to ponder, pray and reflect on the call to action)

IX. Evaluation of the breakfast
(Tip: a simple one answer assessment would be great to get feedback on your effectiveness)

X. Give-a-ways

XI. Ending Prayer

Hey, don’t feel “married” to this agenda. You be sure to let god lead you.

I simply mapped out few tips and a sample “flow” to stimulate your creativity. Feel free to trim or merge functions.

Check out my YouTube full class
video on planning Christian women workshops.

Yeah, “basic” agenda is fine…

Want to know the truth?

I wouldn’t use this agenda as it is. I’m a pretty non-traditional person. So, I like to more “out of the box” with my events.

Being the “jeans and tennis shoes kinda gal” I am, I find many women’s prayer breakfasts a weird combination of “boring” and “busy”. That’s just me.

If your audience is more of the traditional sort, the one above is perfect.

However, if you’re like me and want to get this poppin’ consider my second example of an agenda.

Option #2: A Jazzier Agenda for You!

If I were going less traditional, I’d have it flow something like this:

I. Skit from the audience (to set the mood and surprise the ladies)

II. Super high-energy praise and worship or up tempo worship

III. Welcome

IV. Food service

V. Brief speaker on a single topic or scripture

VI. Small group activity to be done in groups of three or in tables

VII. Prayer in small groups

VIII. Report out to entire group, testimonies or sharing out from tables

IX. Networking
(or activity where people go and encourage at least two people. OR Quiet time to journal (with slow music in background)

X. Closing prayer

Vision, Goals and Plans…

Make sure you have clear objectives for your women’s prayer breakfast before you create the agenda.

The vision and goals really shape the agenda.  They are the starting place – the launching pad!

Planning a Women's Prayer Breakfast
Steps to Planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfast

Just getting people together isn’t really a goal or vision; if it is your goal, it’s a weak one. Go deeper. Define the underlying reason why you’re bringing the women together for the prayer breakfast.

Define other goals/objectives

Here are some outcome ideas for a women’s prayer breakfast:

– Networking and getting acquainted with other women in the church

– Making new friends or prayer partners

– Tools to add depth to one’s prayer life

– Recruiting women to other ministries in the church

– Building your women’s ministry mailing list

Further, make sure everyone involved (on the agenda) KNOWS the objective(s) too. If they know the goals, they will be more likely to stick to your plan and not go rogue.

Don’t forget to pray for direction!

Pray and ask God what He wants the women’s prayer breakfast to accomplish. He has a way of nudging us toward His plans, so I’ll bet the objectives He wants are already on your heart. If He leads you toward corporate prayer being the only objective, then you follow Him succinctly.

Your Women’s Ministry
Planning Team

Defining The Purpose

Keep your women’s prayer breakfast agenda simple, focused and strategic.

Few things are worse than attending an event so “busy” it leaves you mentally exhausted. Don’t do that to your ladies.

I’m becoming a fan of different types of prayer breakfasts formats.

I like including panels discussing prayer, doing work in small groups at the tables and other types of group activities.

I even like giving the women a chance to just re-focus on their own relationship with the Lord. Everything doesn’t always have to be reaching out. Sometimes, busy women need a break to reach upward and inward.

Your Planning Team

You can benefit from having several “voices” and points-of-view involved planning your women’s prayer breakfast. If possible, seek out women of various ages, ethnicities and skills. Their varying perspectives will add wonderful dimension to your event.

The team will help you define the purpose.

If you have a formal team, ask them to work together to define the goal/objective(s). This could take a couple of meetings,

A great team discussion could begin with:

“What 5 competencies or benefits do we want the ladies to leave with?”

“What do we want them to say to their friends after the event?”

What should they have experienced [during the event] before they left? What should they do after?

Record the answers for each one, determine what steps your team needs to do to make sure each goal is accomplished during the breakfast.

For instance, if one of your objectives is to help women commit to a prayer life, then brainstorm the barriers to prayer, the solutions to the barriers and a means toward removing those barriers. Maybe you can present the solutions during the event.

Maybe your speaker can address them.

Are you a pastor’s wife planning this event? Check out my pastor’s wives blog called Married to a!

Great tips for planning a women's prayer breakfast plus a sample agenda.
Planning a womens prayer breakfast

See an excerpt from my book, “Planning an Amazing Women’s Prayer Breakfast”

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Cool guide to planning a women's prayer breakfast.

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