Planning a women’s prayer breakfast: Steps and Tips

Planning a womens prayer breakfast

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Are you planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfasts?

Are you planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfasts?

One of the cornerstones of project management is being able to manage the risks and contingencies that threaten your desired outcome (or what you hope to accomplish). I hope I help you think through a few of those here.

Step 1: “Be Negative”

When planning your next women’s prayer breakfast, think of all the reasons women will NOT come.   That’s right, start from the negative (pessimistic) and work your way toward the positive (solutions). 

Here’s how:  during your first planning session, brainstorm a list of all the reasons (and excuses) some women won’t attend your event. Display them on a whiteboard or chart paper for the entire group to see.

Then, one by one, brainstorm solutions to each excuse.

For instance, maybe the lack of transportation shows up on the list? You can create a solution, such as offering transportation or carpooling.

Continue to problem-solve attendance barriers and categorically think of ways to remedy each one. This really works and helps in the planning process.

Step 2: Create a plan for the breakfast – complete with tasks and goals.

For example, list all the things that need to be done. Do a fast brain dump.

Some “to do’ items include:

– Selecting the place

– Selecting the date

– Deciding what food will be served

– Deciding the program/agenda

What will it be called (what is the theme)?

After you make this list, prioritize what needs to priority attention and work from there.

Breakfast and fellowship for women's ministry

Step 3: Now you have a list of priorities, your planning is taking shape. Great job!

Under each item, create the “jobs” or tasks needed to complete it.

Begin with selecting the date. You need to do this before you can do much else.

A sample task could be to ask the church if the date is ok?

If so, next, you’ll want to check (and ask around) to see if any community events conflict with your date. Sometimes, I’ll look at online community calendars for things that might conflict with my event.

I also will ask church staff. They always know – especially the pastor’s secretary or the office manager.

Step 4: Who is doing what?

I pray you have lots of help.

If you do, it’s time to assign tasks and deadlines.

Be sure to check in often with one another. You want to ensure folks are progressing toward their goals.

Consider using Google Docs or some other collaborative tool so everyone can see one another’s work and progress. GroupMe app is another great resource. However, you won’t be able to upload documents. You can with Dropbox.

The final step is pulling it all together. Meet monthly until your event is a month away. You can meet or tele-conference more frequently.

Outlining the event moment by moment…that’s the key to a successful event.

Steps to a women's prayer breakfast

Step 5: Find your speaker and music.

You know, identifying the speaker can sometimes be tricky. Be sure to check out my blog post on questions to ask a potential speaker. It will give you some great tips.

As for music, you may be tempted to invite a soloist from your church.

I recommend you think twice.

The reason is you’ll run the risk that most of the participants have already heard them minister in song…time and time again.

If possible, add some “freshness” and ask around. You could ask your friends, family or even members of the choir to suggest someone.

Beware. Your choir member may want to use this opportunity as an “American Idol” moment to sing (I’m being silly). 🙂

If so, you can tell the choir member you really want them to be able to come, relax and enjoy the event. You could also say, you would like to give another soloist and opportunity to serve.

On another thought, you may have a soloist or musician who is underutilized in your church. This would be a great opportunity to invite them to minister at the event!

For instance, we have an amazing keyboard player at our church. I’m talking super talented! I invited him to one of our women’s events to play because we don’t really get to hear him play much outside of the context of a Sunday service.

He actually opted to play Christian classical music and it was amazing! It was creative, jazzy, and beautiful.

Best case scenario: you get someone from outside. An alternate scenario is utilizing someone in-house who hasn’t had many opportunities.

planning a women's prayer breakfast for women and young ladies

Step 6: Plan food and other attendees

Decide on what type of refreshments you want to offer and start working on your budget. Brainstorm places to contact and who will do it.

Step 7: Solidify your Agenda

I won’t say much here because I have an entire blog post on this topic. Click here to check it out.

Step 8: How will people register?

Will you register them via a registration table after church or use an online resource life WuFoo or Google Docs? Will you use Cash App for payment? Paypal? Will you accept cash on the day of the event? These are some really good things to consider and plan for.

Be sure to talk to your church office. The funds will need to comply with church financial protocols.

planning a women's prayer breakfast

Step 9: Marketing is Key!

With social media, you have tons of ways to market your event! I list many in my book.

You can also utilize “influencers” in the church. Talk to young people with huge social media followers. Ask them to promote your event on their pages and profiles. In fact, ask everyone you know!

Of course, utilize pedestrian marketing such as flyers, save the date cards and the church bulletin.

I hope these steps help you! Blessings on your event!

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Planning a women's prayer breakfast

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