Planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfast

Planning a Women’s Prayer Breakfast or Christian Event

Plan a fantastic Christian women’s event in a snap!

Here are seven (7) of my best tips for your women’s prayer breakfast or Christian ladies’ event. Be sure to check out my book too for innovative tips you’ve likely never thought of before!

  1. Plan to have a team if you can. I don’t care if your husband is your team. You need help.
  2. Pick a free venue, if possible. Your church is a great (and likely the best option).
  3. Get on Facebook and social media and ask your friends about available places. Someone may know a person who owns a space or can help.
  4. Decide what your prayer breakfast will accomplish. Do this step first. What is your one-sentence goal?
  5. How much of a “breakfast” is it? Pastries and coffee? Eggs, bacon, pancakes – define breakfast. Maybe hubbies and kids can prepare to cut the budget.
  6. Define a budget and cut corners where you can. Utilize Dollar Tree, Walmart, and your mom’s attic. 🙂
  7. Invite surrounding churches. Invite the pastor’s wife or first lady personally.

Again, this workshop has passed, but I wanted to share some of my tips.

I have planned several AMAZING conferences and Christian women’s events and I’m going to share all my tips, secrets, shortcuts, and technology resources in this live, 90-minute training class!

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Plan a women's prayer breakfst
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  1. Oh thanks soooo much! Please keep me in your prayers as I try this new media. I also pray God richly blesses you as well in all that you do!

  2. Brava!!! As a woman of faith, I know these are needed skills and wish you great success! Brenda

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