Planning A Women’s Prayer Breakfast Manual

Planning Prayer Breakfast
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I have had the pleasure of planning some amazing Christian women events! Ironically, I planned most of them before I married my husband. He’s a pastor of a larger church and the church really runs like a well-oiled machine so I’ve never felt the need to interfere much with it.

But, in my lifetime, I’ve planned  dynamic women’s conferences, prayer breakfasts,  and many more events for both business and ministry!

Because so many people struggle with event planning, I compiled so many of my ideas in my book.

It is light-hearted, informational with lots of examples!

You’re going to love it -whether you’re planning women’s events or some other kind of event – because I walk you through the basic principles of event management from A to Z!

By the same token, I also share some of the pitfalls I wish I could have avoided along the way.

You can purchase the book in either Kindle format (and read it straight from your iPad) or a hard copy.

If you’re a women’s ministry leader, get the book and pass it down to the next leader. Encourage her to do the same!

I was not stingy with the information!   Be sure to grab your copy from!

You may have either an eBook or a paperback. 🙂

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