Gift ideas for Christian woman

gift ideas for christian woman

Looking for gift ideas for Christian woman you love?

This post is a little different. I am so passionate about encouraging sisters that most of my blog posts are more instructional and inspiration. Now, for a fun one!

I’m going to share my last several purchases from Amazon and I want you to do the same in the comments.

You don’t have to come up with as many as six, but share what you most recently ordered. I may find out about a cool product I don’t know about and so may you. 🙂

I love shopping on Amazon. I buy everything from food to cool Christian items for myself (and people I care about). When I need gifts for Christian women in my life, I like to check out Amazon.

Be sure to check out my GodsyGirl store too as well was my post about gifts for your pastor’s wife.

Shopping is totally “my thing” (maybe that’s why I have an e-store) and I love helping other find just the “right” present by suggesting gift ideas for Christian woman in their lives.

Sometimes, you can find cool makeup products too. Let’s jump in. Here are my most recent Amazon purchases. Don’t judge me! Ha!

OK. The first item on this list is my own book. I know, right? Yes, I purchased my own book.

Here’s an item I’m wearing like crazy! I actually got it for my future daughter-in-law (Sorry, Ashli) for Christmas, but I forgot to give it to her. So, I kept it (yes, I’m hanging my head in shame).

It’s really good fabric and washes very well. I’m impressed … I spend less than $20 bucks! Note: Ashli if you read this and want it, holla. Your new mama had you covered. hehehe

This was an unusual buy for me. I usually have to try clothes (like dresses) on, but this seemed like a “safe” buy and it was.

I does make me look shorter than I am, but it is a decent casual look. It doesn’t look as dressy as it does in the pic. Think a t-shirt dress.

I really just wear it around the house these days. It’s warm and comfy. Plus, I think a maxi dress should make me look taller…and thinner! LOL

I’m such a Keto flop. I tried it and it didn’t work for me at all.

Being a middle-aged woman, my hormones are going cuckoo-cuckoo on a daily basis. Having a diet throw off my T hormones is a bad idea. So, I bailed. However, I love these snacks! I crack them over soup and in salad for a crunch.

Along the lines of being a middle-aged chick, I need my readers. Girl, I can’t live without ’em!

Sure, I usually opt for cute ones with a stylish flair, but sometimes I’m in a lurch and need something FAST (usually at a restaurant)! That’s where these come in very handy. They are tiny reading glasses that affix to your key chain. I love ’em!

My son’s school had a new coach. I don’t know him well yet, but I love the impact the coach has on the boys. When the season ended, I wanted to bless him with something. This seemed like a good idea. Super cute, right?

Tag. You’re it! What are your most recent purchases?

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Looking for gift ideas for Christian woman in your life. Great Amazon buys for Christian women!

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