Forgiveness makes life easier


Yesterday, my sister in Christ blessed me. She really did. We were in Sunday school and somehow we happened upon the topic of forgiveness. Of course as Christian, we all know we should forgive others. Duh, right? That being so, as we dug a bit into the concept, something beautiful happened. Her following words confirmed forgiveness makes life easier.

Worship “TNT” followed!
My sister (I love you, Angie!) shared a testimony of how forgiveness ushered her into a place of spiritual liberty and freedom. It was beautifully obvious because she was telling the truth because she began worshiping and praising God without abandon! She praised Him for His mighty hand in her life and the move of the Holy Spirit in her situation.

She had that uncontainable sort of praise that resides deep, deep down in one’s spirit. She went on to say with a tear-stained face: “I asked God to renew a right spirit in me” she exclaimed, “He’ll do it!”

forgiveness makes life easier

You ain’t free walking in unforgiveness.

That encounter blessed me because it reminded me of a very important fact. In order to be truly free of the oppression of bitterness, we have to walk in God’s type of forgiveness. I will make our lives so much easier.

Now, it may look different for different folks, but in the end, it’s all about keeping your heart pure (free of offense, indignation, and hate) before the eyes of God. His eyes are the ones that matter most. Pleasing God gives us such freedom. We get the freedom to praise God with unabandon.

Freedoms makes you less inhibited.

Freedom to hear His voice in fellowship (prayer) and freedom to love others without the fear of rejection.

You won’t have that with unforgiveness darkening your heart. You won’t!

At times, you may not be able to tell people you forgive them because they have passed on or moved away.

They may never know you “blotted out their offense”. But God will know. He’ll know you released them in your heart, and He’ll bless you with fresh blessings because you did.

“Obedience brings a blessing. Disobedience brings a curse.

forgiveness makes life easier

Back together? Maybe not.

His Holy Spirit will counsel you on how to proceed in a relationship with them, if necessary. Sometimes fellowship must cease, BUT your Christian love for them cannot ever cease.

Why not let it go so you can be free like my Christian sister and so many others who discovered the emancipation of forgiveness?

Your anger will not erase the act. It will not even make you feel better. All it will do is leave you burdened day after day…in bondage to the act that wounded you.

A nasty example of unforgiveness

It’s like stepping in doggie doo and never wiping your feet or cleaning your shoes. You’ll stink and you’ll just drag “stink” around with you wherever you go.

People in your life do not deserve that.

You don’t deserve that.

It’s spiritually immature to harbor unforgiveness. After all, the Bible is clear about forgiveness and that we have no choice in the matter, right?

forgiveness makes life easier and the decision is yours

Time for “Big Girl” Drawers!

Mature Christian strive to please God. They understand they are “crucified with Christ” and their wants no longer matter.

A baby christian is different. They focus on themselves, their comfort and what they want. In the context of forgiveness, they won’t forgive. They think the minute they forgive, their own needs, wants or comforts are forfeited.

That’s not what forgiveness does.

Forgiveness is simply wiping the slate clean and releasing the offender mentally and emotionally.

I do not believe that means the relationship is necessarily restored. Relationships are too complicated for a “one size fits all” approach to fellowship.

What forgiveness looks like…

Instead, forgiveness just means “I am not going to spend my life hating you.” It also means “I’m not going to walk around with the funk of what you did on me forever and ever.

Instead, it’s your intentional (and often redundant) act of releasing the person [who hurt you] from the offense.

Can you do that? I think you can. The Holy Spirit will help you. He has helped me, and in some cases, still helping me with forgiveness. Why? Because we have memories. Which means we often have to forgive more than once! It’s good to do it. Will you?

Let it go, Christian woman. Forgiveness makes life easier now and for your future.

Release that mother.
Release that father.
Release that child.
Release that husband.
Release that family member.
Release that sibling.
Release that “ex”.
Release that co-worker.
Release that pastor.
Release that church member.
Release that boyfriend.
Release that in-law.
Release that driver.
Release that woman.
Release that man.
Release that neighbor.
Release the Lord.

Last word on forgiveness

One last plea…

Whomever you feel hurt you or let you down – release them now in Jesus’ name! Be whole. Be free! I promise forgiveness makes life easier. I’m proof of it and I’m learning more about it every day!

Keep your heart clean before your Father. Forgive as He forgave you and your worship will be pure, free and contagious… just like Angie’s.

It's true.  Forgiveness makes life easier.

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