Kirk Cameron on Anderson 360

Have you ever been watching network news or some mainstream show on tv when the announcer says: “Stay tuned. Next, we’ll hear from [fill in the blank] to share a Christian perspective.” Usually, you can hear the eyes rolls across the country. Well, not really, but you get my point. Kirk Cameron was the guest and I just had to watch!

Like you, I have grown frustrated by people (nutmos) spouting crazed faith-based ideologies claiming to speak for all Christians everywhere! Ugh! Rarely do they speak for me – especially when they are spouting separatist high-minded ideologies that forget about the sinner entirely and focus on the “perfect” church. A church that does not exist.

Well, last night, Anderson Cooper featured a segment about the thousands of birds falling dead from the sky all around the country. As you may know, some believe this is a ‘sign from God.

Enter stage left is 80’s television star Kirk Cameron with the “Christian perspective”. My stomach sunk before he even opened his mouth. I didn’t know much about him. I gritted my teeth and thought: “here we go”.

My trepidation was completely unfounded!

Cameron did an amazing job communicating the folly of these apocalyptic theorists and very astutely displayed a light, accessible, and human side of the Christian community.
Kirk Cameron in the eighties
He was well…normal and didn’t come across as the bright tie-wearing, stiff-haired type of Chrisitan few can relate to – he was so relatable.

In my opinion, he was great PR for us all.

Good job, Mike Seaver, I mean Kirk Cameron!

Kirk Cameron – Way of the Master

Still Growing: An Auto Biography

My church’s marriage ministry watched Kirk in “Fireproof” not long ago. Very good Christian movie and worth the watch.

Don’t forget “Left Behind”! The closest to post-rapture I want to get!

Yeah, I’m a fan. So glad he’s also a Christian brother.

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  1. you know, the first time I saw Kirk Cameron speak on a “way of the master” episode, I was edified to the max. He has grown into a wonderful man of God, just awesome!

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