Kill Santa – Keeping Jesus First

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Is it me or is Santa getting too much attention this year? Now, I’m not terribly fanatical about the Christmas holiday- hey, I hang a tree, I buy gifts just like most folks.

But it seems to me that Jesus (the Original reason for the season) is getting a bit lost in “X-mas” this year, don’t you think?

This is an old argument, I know, but this is a conversation that should never die. We, as Christians, should keep squawking until some things change around this time of year.

This year, take advantage of traditions and other opportunities to remind your family of Christ and His magnificent sacrifice for man.

Here’s a few ideas:

1. When you trim the tree, sing a Christmas carol that focuses on Jesus. Playing a cd will do as well.

2. Before you open your gifts, have a prayer of thanks. Encourage each family member to participate.

3. Remind your children why we give gifts on Christmas (aka Christ’s gift to mankind). They may not “get” it.

Keep Him the focal point of the Christmas season and you may not kill Santa, but you’ll keep him in his place. Chump.

1 thought on “Kill Santa – Keeping Jesus First”

  1. I’ve certainly see it go both ways, some people are gung-ho Santa and others are anti-santa….personally, we don’t “do santa” in our house, and I’m not particularly offended by people who do, although I think they are missing out on what celebrating this time of year can be about for them. Honestly, we don’t even exchange gifts, although we do have a tree. It’s a whole lot like thanksgiving, a time of year when we get together, cook and bake our hearts out, share lots of love and laughter, silly games and stories, and most importantly celebrate the birth of our Saviour. Talk about no pressure, this time of year is always super chill for us. Instead of exchanging gifts, we try to do whatever we can for others in need, like the local homeless shelter and communities that are struggling here or overseas. Places like world vision have a catalog where you can buy mosquito nets, a cow, goats and chickens, farming kits, medicines, things like that – I just wanted to teach my kids that this time of year we try to do a little more for others than we already do. Granted my kids are REALLY young (2 1/2 and 9 months) but hopefully this tradition will continue to grow. Now my parents can’t seem to resist buying my kids something, and a few of the aunts/uncles do the same, and that’s ok by me too – ultimately, I just want there to be no pressure or stress when it comes to stuff like that and just to be together, to celebrate the One who came to redeem us, the Love of Our Father who sent Him, and a chance to do a little more for others around us….in any case, God Bless you now and always and Merry Christmas to you, may you have a sacred and beautiful time of worship and celebration of our Saviour!

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