Is Life Better After Marriage?

life better after marriage

Is life better after marriage? This is a question that has been pondered by many throughout the ages. Marriage is a significant milestone that brings about numerous life changes and transformations. The answer to this question is subjective and varies greatly depending on individual circumstances and personal experiences.

For some, marriage is an incredibly fulfilling and enriching experience. It can bring a deep sense of companionship, love, and support. Building a life together with someone can provide a strong foundation for personal growth and happiness. Sharing life’s joys and challenges with a partner can bring a profound sense of belonging and emotional security.

Then there are the “couple” outings.

Marriage also often brings about an expansion of one’s social circle. Through your spouse, you may develop new friendships and create connections with your family and friends. This can lead to a wider support network and opportunities for shared experiences and celebrations.

Marriage Challenges

On the other hand, marriage can also present challenges and adjustments. It requires compromise, communication, and the ability to navigate conflicts effectively. Balancing individual desires and needs with your partner’s can sometimes be a delicate dance. It is important to acknowledge that not every marriage is perfect, and there can be moments of difficulty and hardship.

Ultimately, whether life is better after marriage or not is a deeply personal perspective. It is influenced by a multitude of factors, such as the quality of the relationship, individual expectations, and how both partners navigate the journey together. The key to a successful and fulfilling marriage lies in open communication, mutual respect, and a willingness to embrace growth and change.

How about me?

Is my life better after marriage?

I’ve been asked numerous times: “Is your life better now that you’re married?” 

As the story goes, I was a single mom for almost fourteen years when I met my husband. Tying the knot for the second time unquestionably reshuffled my world, but did it make it better?

Right after I got married, people always seemed to inquire whether my new life was as “dreamy” as I’d expected.

Sometimes, yes, other times, no. Some days, he looked like the Prince Charming dude (chocolate version) in Cinderella.  Other times, he annoyed me to no end.

Such is life.

Many single women fantasize about meeting “Boaz” and living the “princess” fairy tale.

You know, the older I get, I see the complexity of what I used to think was simple. For instance, as with many things in life, “good” or “bad” is overly simplistic.

Few things in life fit neatly into a “box” of good or bad – better or worse. It’s complicated. Marriage is no different. Is life better after marriage? It is a hard question with no simple answer.

life better after marriage

In reality, ‘just add man and stir’ doesn’t necessarily make life better or worse.

I guess it can if you marry a ‘nut;’ then it is definitely worse, but we’re not talking about that right now.

My life before him.

My life was good as a single woman. I faced challenges, but it wasn’t all bad. I had experienced hardships and built strength and resilience. By the time I met my husband, I had healed from many of life’s scars. I was achieving my goals and my career was thriving. I was learning to trust Jesus for my needs, and He provided for my finances, friendships, and spiritual growth. Life, with all its challenges, was pretty good.

Back to the Question…

Is my life better now that I’m married? I would say “yes” on some levels. It’s better because I know Jesus more intimately than I did before. Is that a result of marriage? Not necessarily, but I think it’s part of it.

John’s “call” to ministry regularly humbles and conforms me (squeezes me) into the image of Christ – that’s a good thing. However, my ‘better’ life is a direct result of me still relying on Jesus to be my Rock and Sustainer just as much as I did before. I need Him just as much.

Challenging then…same now…

Hardships come now that I’m a wife; they came when I was single. Bottom line: struggle is certain, but somehow God keeps getting better and better!

Honestly, I attribute the escalating happiness in my life to being exactly where I’m supposed to be in this season  – trials and all.

My husband was the cherry on the pie of my life, but not the pie, not even half of the pie.

I don’t think my husband would have married me had I thought he was the pie. The pie is my destiny in Christ and allowing Him to prepare me for His best use of me. He’s doing that each day as He molds me into who He wants me to become. The fact that I’m excited about that makes my life better that it was before. So, yeah…I guess my life is better since I’ve gotten married – but not for the reasons most would think.

Does marriage make life better?