How to walk by faith

How to have faith in God

How to walk by faith.

As I write this, I’m home with my little “peanut” (my little boy).

His double ear infection and a little fluid in his lungs has us both running on fumes.

During these times, a mom’s body is tired, her mind is blurred and she’s just stretched toward the end of her natural resources.

Throw in a consulting business, part-time gig and a couple writing deadlines and you can imagine where I am right now. But, I praise God for it all.

Even in this, He’s ordering my steps

Anyhoo, exhausted or not, it’s important to remember that God orders every one of our steps AS we trust Him for direction.

All we simply need to do is trust Him and obey His word 100%.

Faith in Him is all we need.

We’re growing to the next level of maturity.

Today, my cousin and I talked about a variety of topics, but mostly some of my future plans.

Well, tired me went on and on with my “what abouts” and “what ifs” as I pondered my next professional steps.

Then, she said something that made so-o-o-o much sense. I have been guilty of this very thing and I bet you have too.

She said: “you know we’re supposed to walk by faith and not by sight. Instead, we go around walking by sight and bumping into doors.

Do you see it?

Bumping into things is not often associated with “sighted” people, is it?

In the natural world, walking by sight makes perfect sense, and for all intensive purposes, works quite well.

But, for the mature Christian, walking by sight is detrimental.

Maneuvering by what we see is the exact opposite (or opponent) to faith.

Let me say it this way: living your life with your eyes wide open, renders you “blinder” (if you will) than living your life by 100% faith in God.

When you walk by your own vision, your sight is limited. When you close your eyes and trust God, you’re in better, no, the best possible shape.

So, in faith, I want you to …

– start that business, ministry or program
– write that book
– build that church
– step into ministry
– write that fundraising letter
– pursue that degree
– love without that ugly fear of rejection
– record that cd
– contact that tv station
– pay those tithes
– leave those adult children (and their grown-up drama) to God
– trust God to save that mate
– apply for that job
– pray for that healing
– set that alarm and just do it

Hey, without faith, you can’t please God and you’re operating in sin!* God’s favor can never rest on such a life.

How do you walk in faith?

First, you place your faith in the One who is dependable. Jesus Christ is alive and is real, regardless of what you may think, saw, heard or witnessed.

Your faith is only as good as Who or what you put it in.

Never ever rely on what you see to guide your faith. It won’t work. Faith is what you cannot see and makes us the hope for.

So, close your eyes; trust your God. You’ll “see” more than you ever dreamed! Can the church say “amen”?

*Read Hebrews 11:6 and Romans 14:23

Check out my cousin’s site and ministry. She’s doing big things for Jesus Christ!

How to trust in God

5 thoughts on “How to walk by faith”

  1. I’m so sorry, MB. I hope you feel back to yourself very soon. Prayers and love coming your way.

  2. I’m feelin’ this post big time, in more ways than one (we’ve been recovering from quite a bout of sickness on this end too! I’m exhausted!) – will check out your cousin’s site!!

  3. Hey Godsy Girl, “Walk By Faith” was so inspiring. Blindness,(vis-a-vis),walking by sight, is something that we need to constantly remind fellow believers of . We are so busy waiting for “all the information” and “the right time” when God has already provided everything we need. But as you stated so eloquently, it is a matter of faith–the substance of things HOPED for. I’m convicted and promise to do more “walking” and less “bumping”

  4. Godsy Girl, Thank you for this great reminder and for posting it in such an inspiring/encouraging way! AMEN!

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