Wondering how to get closer to God spiritually?

Let’s talk about how to get closer to God spiritually. It is a beautiful thing to desire intimacy with God. But what is even more beautiful is the fact that He desires intimacy with us. That is a fantastic thought. The very Creator of the universe desires closeness with such frail, mistake-prone, arrogant people. I’m so grateful He wants and allows us to draw near to Him. However, what is the first step?

Prayer is how to get closer to God spiritually.

Establishing a consistent prayer life is paramount to developing a closer relationship with God.

There is no way around it. You must engage in regular, sincere conversations with God, expressing your joys, concerns, and gratitude. Prayer is not only about making requests but also about cultivating a genuine connection with Him.

Wondering how to get closer to God spiritually?

I don’t believe there is any one way to pray. I do, on the other hand, believe prayer has six key components.

Prayer is personal and spiritual. People connect with Jesus in different ways. Here are some suggestions to guide your prayers.

  1. Relationship with Jesus: Approach prayer to foster a personal relationship with Jesus. Reflect on His teachings, life, and sacrifice as you pray, seeking to deepen your connection with Him.

  2. Honesty and Sincerity: Prayer is an opportunity to pour out your heart to Jesus, so be sincere and honest in expressing your thoughts, emotions, and desires. Share your joys, concerns, struggles, and give thanks for His blessings.

  3. Adoration and Praise: Start your prayer by acknowledging and praising Jesus for who He is, His love, and His sacrifice. Express gratitude for His presence in your life and His transformative power.

  4. Confession and Forgiveness: Recognize your shortcomings and confess any sins or mistakes to Jesus. Seek His forgiveness and ask for strength and guidance to overcome challenges and grow in faith.

  5. Supplication and Intercession: Present your needs, desires, and concerns to Jesus. Ask for His guidance, wisdom, and provision for yourself and others. Pray for healing, peace, justice, and the well-being of the world.

  6. Listening and Meditation: As part of your prayer, take time to be still and listen for any promptings or guidance from Jesus. Meditate on His words and teachings, allowing them to shape your thoughts and actions.

Remember that there is no fixed formula for praying to Jesus. It is a personal and individual experience.

how to get closer to God spiritually?

The Bible is the key to how to get closer to God spiritually.

There is nothing like seeing God reflected in the exciting and drama-filled words of the scripture.

Reading the Bible is like a soul-nourishing journey for me. I love using various translations!

It’s not just flipping through pages; it’s an encounter with timeless wisdom, a source of comfort, and a guiding light in my Christian walk.

The scriptures reveal the character of God, His promises, and the transformative power of His love. That is how you get to know Him. Knowing Him is how to you get closer to Him.

Each verse becomes a roadmap for navigating life’s twists and turns, offering solace in times of trial and encouragement in moments of joy. As I delve into the pages, I find strength, clarity, and a deepened understanding of my faith.

The Bible isn’t just a book; it’s a living, breathing testament that shapes my perspective, fuels my prayers, and anchors me in the unchanging truth of God’s Word.

worship is how to get closer to God spiritually

Want to know how to get closer to God spiritually?

You worship Him.

Embrace a spirit of worship and you will develop a deep connection with the Lord.

Worship is not confined to a church setting but can be incorporated into your daily life.

Find moments of awe and gratitude for the beauty of creation, and acknowledge God’s presence in both the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of your life.

Engaging in worship through music, prayerful reflection, or even acts of kindness can elevate your spiritual connection and create a sense of intimacy with the divine. Ultimately, the key to drawing closer to God is a sincere and open-hearted pursuit, inviting His presence into every aspect of your existence.

Proof Positive: God wants to get closer to you, too!

I have proof that God wants to fellowship with you and me. Want to know what it is? It’s His Holy Spirit! One of the Holy Spirit’s chief purposes is to reveal God’s heart so we can learn His ways first-hand.

He speaks the words of God in ways we can understand. He helps us comprehend Scripture.

In John Bevere’s book “Drawing Near,” he explains it so well. He says God wants a dialogue with us and not just a monologue. Here are the chapters of the book:

how to get closer to God spiritually

Very often, we come to God with a long list of things we need, want, and desire.

It’s rare for us to wait quietly and listen for His responses during prayer. I believe God often speaks to us through others because we don’t listen attentively during our own prayer time. The listening is how to get closer to God spiritually.

Furthermore, I love Bevere’s revelation about Israel’s extravagance with God’s grace. As I read the words on his page, they seemed almost three-dimensional to me. They spoke to me and they rebuked me – all at once!

Check it out. Have you ever noticed how the children of Israel got into such trouble in the desert while Moses did not? They fell into recurrent disbelief, lived in rebellion, and consistently complained about everything! I often wondered what was up with them. Not long after, I would wonder “what’s up with me?” I do the same thing sometimes!

Honestly, I never caught on until Bevere explained it so wittingly. The answer lies in the burning bush and the mountain in which Moses went to pray.

Do you remember the burning bush? In Exodus 3, Moses went about his usual work day when he noticed the burning bush.

The bush burned but wasn’t consumed. Moses was puzzled. He went over to investigate this strange phenomenon.

Little did he know he was walking into a life-changing encounter with the living God! He would never be the same after hearing the beautiful voice of our God. He cultivated a closeness to God at that moment that propelled him into His destiny!

The children of Israel did not have such a personal encounter with God. Their relationship with Him was second-hand.

As a result, they didn’t know Him the way Moses did, they didn’t love Him the way Moses did, and they couldn’t trust Him the way Moses did.

How many of us [needlessly] live our lives with a second-hand experience with Jesus? We rely on grandma’s faith, mama’s faith, or daddy’s experience with Jesus. Not good. We need our own to trust Him as we should.

Jesus’ death on the cross gave you unlimited access to God. Because of that sacrifice, we needn’t wonder how to get closer to God spiritually. We can boldly access His throne of grace.

He made a personal encounter with God possible and available. Genuine encounters with God change your life. After an encounter, it’s easier to behave in alignment with His word and trust Him with your destiny-it’s all in the fellowship and the personal encounter.

Encounter God in prayer, Christian woman.

Learn to respond when He calls you as He did Moses in the manner of Exodus 19:3. When He beckons, go to Him.

When He doesn’t, go to Him.

The key to the question “how to get closer to God spiritually.” is to spend regular time with the Living God and experience for yourself the mighty One who mends broken hearts, repairs marriages, calms wayward children, brings resources when times are tight, and heals the sick.

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