How much does God love us?

As we meander through our lives, I think it’s easy to forget how much God loves us. After being a Christian for a long time, I have to remind myself just how much He cares about me and my daily experiences. My entire life I’ve heard teaching about His love, but sometimes I lose sight of it and feel just like one of many in the Christian experience. Can you relate or am I a total heathen?

How much does God love us? He loves us too much to allow us to pay the penalty for our sins. He loves us too much to leave us to our own devices. He knows we will make decisions based on our wants and not on what is best for us. He loves us enough to live inside us, to speak to us, and be with us every step of our day-to-day walk through life. God loves us enough to give us free will and free choice to choose him and decide to fellowship with Him.

Wonderful encounters are an example of God’s love for us.

Anyway, one day while at the airport, I met a rather pleasant stranger.

I didn’t mean to. In fact, it was a trying day (i.e. my husband got on my nerves) and my only hope was to endure my disappointing flight delays in frustration and silence.  

Yes, flight delays at the end of a vacation are the worst! At this particular time, my heart was heavy, my feelings were hurt and I was just “tired” in every sense of the word. I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired, I tend to just withdraw. I don’t want to cause tension.

Arguing and fighting are not in my nature, so I just get quiet. Sometimes this is best when everyone is tired and bothered. No point in adding to the problems with a whole bunch of lip flapping. I never want to perpetuate the drama, so in moments like that, I just take the “be still and know that I am God” scripture very literally.

I will just be still.

Well, as I sat about two seats from my husband (because he got on my nerves:), I met the kind stranger.

God often appears by way of nice people.

She looked to be just a bit older than me and was casually dressed. She had a wide smile and skin the color of a beautiful mocha. She was very pretty.

Personality-wise, we just “clicked”.

Before I knew it, about an hour and a half passed and I felt like I had known her forever.

We giggled, laughed, and shared secrets we knew the other could never share with anyone else. It was cathartic. It was healing and it was a reminder.

At that moment, I needed a reminder.

God knew that and He sent her. She reminded me God is always at work and can deposit just what you need when you need it.

She had loot and a FANTASTIC faith-building story!

While we chatted, she shared her recent blessings.

She went on to tell me how she had received a back payment of retirement benefits (totaling over $40,0000) from the government. Then, she shared how God had added $23,000 to the blessing.

My heart was beating so fast as she shared her wonderful story.

I was excited and so happy that she has received such good fortune. Tears welled in my eyes and I said something like: “I’m so happy for you”. I really was! I loved her story and saw God’s hand all in it!

She said “thank you” and looked a little puzzled. She explained why.

She went on to share how not everyone had been so happy about her prosperity.

She mentioned how people she had known for years and thought were friends proved not to be after her financial blessing. Instead of being happy for her, some were jealous and others tried to use her for their own financial benefit.

I felt bad for that part of her story.

I just don’t understand that.

Question: How much does God love us? Answer: A LOT!

Another reminder: God can bless us all! So be happy for others!

Years ago, God taught me the blessings of others take absolutely nothing from me. As a result, jealousy hasn’t been a challenge for me in a very long, long time.

God has been so faithful in my life – how could I ever covet someone else’s stuff?

Sure the temptation to do so may arise, but we can’t entertain it. I know for me, I squash it and remember how good He’s been to me! He always gave me more in my life than I ever could have imagined. If you wonder just how much does God love us, let me tell you enough to bless you and blow your mind with those blessings!

I have a history with God and I bet you do too!

Way back when I was a single mother, I enjoyed a job that actually required much more education than I had earned.

I lived in a great house and always had nice cars and wonderful friends.

In fact, I can’t remember ever wanting much that God didn’t deliver.

I enjoyed travel, a wonderfully obedient son, and a completely free educational experience (yes, free and I was making way too much money for Pell grants). God just made it free though favor! NOT STUDENT LOANS! That’s something only God can do!

My career was shaped by happenstance encounters that brought me prosperity and success time and time again.

He did more than meet my needs, He blew my mind. Consistently He did. Nope, I rarely felt the need for jealousy.

He blessed me spiritually too!

Don’t let me get started on the spiritual blessings God delivered.

He gave me peace when I should have gone crazy.

He gave me joy when I would fall into depression.

He also helped me stay hopeful when I was tempted to lose hope, God as, is, and will forever be faithful.

God used that woman to help me remember how much God loves us!

Meeting this lady reminded me that God loved me enough to allow our paths to cross. He knew I needed that “reminder” so desperately. He knew I need a light and bright moment that day.

I needed support, fellowship, and chuckles we shared.

Before seeing her, I felt a little like Hagar in the desert (Genesis 21:8-21). I felt alone and hurt. Meeting her was like God saying “I see you and I’ve got you“. Does that make sense?

What happened with Hagar?

I’m sure Hagar had to ask how much does God love us? “Hagar was Abraham’s concubine and things got a little rocky for her. Since Sarah was old and had weak faith, she gave Hagar to Abraham to produce the heir God had promised. No one told her to do it, but she did.

Life happened and Hagar (and her son) started to get on Sarah’s nerves. She told her husband something like “you better get rid of that chick because I ain’t having it!” Saddened, Abraham sent her away.

After a while, the mom and child were running low on water and Hagar began to cry.

Imagine how she must have felt. She didn’t ask to have that son. She had no rights and now she was on her own with no husband and no tribe to which to belong. So sad. Rejected and on your own. I can imagine many single moms feel that way. I know I did when I was parenting alone.

The angel of the Lord asked Hager:

“God heard the boy crying, and the angel of God called to Hagar from heaven and said to her, “What is the matter, Hagar? Do not be afraid; God has heard the boy crying as he lies there. 18 Lift the boy up and take him by the hand, for I will make him into a great nation.” (Verse 17,18)

See! God met her right where she was. Besides that, my favorite part of the story was this: not only did the angel encourage her with an amazing promise, but when Hagar opened her eyes a well of water was before her! Now, He didn’t supply a bottle of water or a case of water but a well! This, in my opinion, represents more water than they can drink. God is the God of MORE than enough!

Well, I was reminded in that story what a loving God we serve, and whenever I ask “how much does God love us?” I can think of Hagar as a brilliant example. She saw God’s love up close and very personally!

Now, I want to remind you.

God has not forgotten you. I don’t care what has transpired. Nor do I care what’s going on. I want you to know you are still on His radar and you are the apple of His eye.

He doesn’t see you as some dirty, filthy sinner. He sees you as a child and joint-heir with Jesus Christ.

Your favor hasn’t tarnished or lessened.

In fact, God still has blessings, provisions and peace reserved just for you.

Nothing you do affects it. Your past sins won’t change it.

You marrying that idiot didn’t change it either. Your bad decisions with money could never affect that. Your low image of yourself won’t diminish it in the least.

Your Source is intact. God will never leave you begging for bread.

He promised He will supply all your needs according to His riches and glory, Christian Woman.

He promised that He will allow you to be the lender and not the borrower. He wants you to be a blessing to others. He promised and I’m proof.

If this goes against your church’s teaching, I’m sorry. Some of the “frozen chosen” will tell you these scriptures are not for you or are taken out of context. I say hooey! I lived them, stood on them, and watched God deliver them time and time again in my own life.

It’s official. You are now reminded. God still loves you and will take care of you. You trust Him totally and do things His way. Watch Him work in your favor as your Father/Husband/God!

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